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Hiding Something Special

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Oneshot. Noone caould accept him and her's relationship

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Hello, this is my first original piece. Usually i write My Chemical Romance fanfiction. But i wanted to try something new

Please R&R and let me know what you think about this little oneshot :)

The ballgown's flowed on the palace ballroom floor. Laughter, giggles, chatting and music filled the large room. Friendships were being developed. Maybe even love was accomplishing another mission, making another 2 see that they want to spend the rest of their life with them and noone else. They just want to know that they will be there for them. But for her love was something that took over her life. Without it she wouldn't understand what life was about. He showed her what love was and how to succeed in life. You may think that they are a perfect couple but they have to hide it especially when their is parties like this happening. It saddens them both that their love has to be hid away from the world, sometimes its heartbreaking almost especially if her parents are introfucing her to another guy, someone more appropriate or richer than he was. He was also introduced to other girls but noone could match her beauty or the smile that just melts him into nothing. The deep green eyes filled with love, trust and care. Her hair, midlength wavy and blonde. Her figure and a heart as big as a puppy dogs. He was always compared to the people that she met. His black hair that always covered his right eye, deep hazel eyes and shy moments. She also changed him, he used to be shy and awkward around girls but she showed him that to show others who you are, you have to be yourself not what people want you to be. Her parents were throwing another party.
"How fun" She said to herself thinking about what the night had laid out infront of her. She had added a small curl to her hair and was wearing a beautiful strapless dress that flounced out below. It had mini sparkles going up it that made it look more beautiful, she was wearing a silver braclet and a locket that he had given her for her birthday. Her nails were painted black and she looked very pretty. She never found herself nice but he saw her as the most beautiful creature out there. What made her excited for tonight was that he was going to be there. The sad thing they were not allowed to express their love as her parents would just get angry, they thought that they were not suited for eachother and that he was not worthy or rich enough for her. She believed that money was not important as long as you love the person your with, that was all that really mattered. Glancing at the clock it read 8 PM, the party started an hour ago and she had onyl finsihed getting her self ready. After one more look in the mirror and putting on a brave smile she made her way out of her room and down the stairs. He had arrived about a half hour ago and was looking desperatly for her. He klnew she was somewhere in the mansion because after all it was her palace. Sighing and getting slightly impatient he took a drink keeping an eye oopen. He then looked over at the staircase and smiled widely like the chesire cat, she walked down them so elegantly. To him she looked absoulutly perfect, noone could beat the beauty that glowed out of her. Friends and family then began to speak to her, but he knew where she wanted to get to, they had arranged to meet eachother there. Excitedly he made hsi way out of the ballroom, noone noticing his absense and avoiding his parents he made it out to the balcony. The night sky gleamed with the light from the moon and stars, a small breeze then began, not that that bothered him. A few minutes later he heard the doors open and shut again. smiling instantly knowing who was there.
"You look beautiful" He said facing her and putting his arm around her waist keeping eye contact and holding her close. She was impressed by how well he looked in his suit.
"You don't look too bad either" She smiled, glad that they were alone. He then planted a soft long lasting kiss upon her full lips. Breaking apart looking into eachother's eyes with love and compassion. She then walked over to the balcony, him closely beside her.
"Its beautiful out here" She smiled.
"I know" He said standing behind her and wrapping his arms around her waist again, but leaving one arm free and entwining his fingers with hers, happy she was with him and glad that she was his.
"I hate this" She lowered her head.
"Hate what?" He said becoming concerned and protective.
"That we have to hide something so special" She said looking over her left shoulder at him, her eyes filled with sadness and sorrow.
"I know. My mother has been trying to get me together with someone for a while" He said.
"I want noone else but you" She said, her voice filled with pain.
"Your the only girl that i really love" He said connecting their lips again. They didnt pull away but she felt him smile against her lips, this is how she knew that no matter how mcuh prettier the other girls were compared to her, or how rich they are he was hers.
"I love you" He said breaking the kiss.
"I love you too" She said.
"I think we should get back inside, everyone will be wandering where we scampered off to" He said leaning on her left shoulder.
"Unfortunatly" She laughed.
"I know" He laughed too. He gave her one final squeeze and a final kiss. She smiled and walked back into the busy room. He walked in after her. They stole galnces at eachother for the rest of the night. They danced with other people and everytime she looked over at him, he was smiling right back at her.
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