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Never trust a beautiful person underwater. They're the ones with the ugly personalities.

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I'm not sure about this fic, as I wrote it in about half an hour after the idea popped into my head. I've not had much time to edit it, other than spell checking and reading through, so please review with your thoughts :D
By the way, I will be deleting all my chaptered stories in a minute, and from now on I'm only writing oneshots.

The first time he had so much as glanced at the boy was when he sat on the edge of the pool watching as children screamed and adults swam leisurely along the less crowded areas. His toes were dipped into the slightly cool, clear water while the rest of his body baked under the heat of the sun. It was at the height of summer, and he and his family were on a well earned break after his year of final exams.

It had been a long day of strolling along promenades, eating ice cream and sitting on the many beaches that stretched around the edge of this island, but now Gerard was ready for a relaxing swim in the hotel’s pool. His brother was already in there, somewhere amongst the sea of young children and water slides. He’d probably been most excited out of the whole family, as they had never before been able to afford a holiday on such a scale as this (though Gerard knew his parents had already stretched their money extremely thin to get the family out here, but Mikey needn’t know that), so Gerard had not complained when the younger teen had thrown himself straight into the pool with an enormous grin on his face.

Gerard was just about ready to lower himself into the water, when something, or rather someone, caught his eye. It was a boy, probably around his own age, swimming along a deserted section of the pool. His face was buried beneath the water, so Gerard was not given a chance to see what his features looked like. His body however told the boy all he needed to know. He was very pale, or at least his back was anyway. His arms, which were rising and falling at a slow and steady front crawl pace, were littered with the first few signs of tattoos, and his short black hair was faintly dyed a dark red.

He was the sort of boy that Gerard would have died to make friends with during his miserable high school years; punk looking and able to avoid all the people around him just to be on his own. The kind of person Gerard wished he could be.

But now wasn’t too late, was it? If he’d never found a boy like this in high school, why shouldn’t he find one afterwards? Maybe his life was finally starting to get back on track in regards to luck and friendship.

Very slowly he lowered himself into the water, which was a rather unpleasant shock after the boiling heat of the sun, and let his body gradually get used to the freezing sensation creeping through his bones. He was soon ready to swim, and so began to drift through the hoards of young holiday goers.

When he passed one small girl throwing a mini tantrum in the middle of the kiddie pool over the water sprayers going off, he had the strongest urge to just stop and tell the girl to pull herself together, as she was more lucky then he or his brother had ever been, and should just have been glad to actually be where she was. But he didn’t. Because as true as this felt to him, he knew it was unreasonable to throw such a fit in public. He could leave that to the girl.

When he finally came close to the quiet, secluded area where the boy still swam, he felt the swooping sensation of butterflies rising in his stomach, and all of a sudden the prospect of talking to a complete stranger who he’d only seen from a distance made him feel slightly sick. Deciding it was probably better not to just stop him from swimming and creep him out, Gerard took a deep breath and dived down below the surface.

The boy noticed him almost immediately, having been looking down at the time when Gerard sank down. He stopped half way through his stroke, taking a deep breath on the surface before diving down also.

Gerard’s heart skipped a beat when he saw the boy moving towards him, however cliche it sounded. Porcelain skin on a perfect face drifted down towards him, silky black hair billowing out around his face. Hazel eyes danced in the turquoise light of the underwater world, and tattoos looked even more prominent with all the light directed onto them. He was a picture of beauty, and Gerard couldn’t help feeling like a young teen with his first crush. Because first crushes were always on the ones who didn’t know you existed, they were always irrational, and they certainly always affected you far too much when it was just a simple stomach flutter when you looked at them. But Gerard was not a young teen. He’d graduated high school and his first crush was long gone. So why the hell did he feel like such a foolish young kid again?

But maybe Gerard was about to realise that his beautiful underwater boy was only beautiful

Suddenly aware of his desperate need for oxygen, he pushed off from the tiled floor to rise to the surface. After taking a few deep breaths, he noticed that the boy had also risen and was staring at him.

But no. That couldn’t be the same boy. His hair was now a plain dark brown rather than the mysterious midnight black, and plastered against his head. The red streaks he’d noticed earlier had completely disappeared. His beautiful hazel eyes had lost all traces of glittering green, turning back to the same murky brown of his hair. His skin was less porcelain, more unhealthily pale, and those prominent tattoos were faded and grey.

“What the fuck are you doing?” He snarled harshly, his eyes flashing. Gerard was stunned. Something so beautiful had suddenly become a monster, and it was frightening him to see the boy change in such an instant. Caught off guard, he had no idea what to reply with other than stutters.

“I was trying to swim, what do you want?” He asked again, looking extremely pissed off at Gerard for interrupting him. But he hadn’t really, the other boy had the choice to just ignore him. He didn’t dare say this though, as the boy certainly had harsh words, but he did not want to find out if he had harsh actions to match.

“I, er- I just wanted to speak to you,” Gerard stammered, realising immediately after the words left his mouth that it was the wrong thing to say. The other boy spluttered, looking even more pissed and annoyed.

“Well that’s okay then! Go ahead, chat all you like. We’re best buddies and it’s been such a long time since we last met,” He replied sarcastically, making a bright blush paint Gerard’s cheeks. “And I suppose by that fucking blush that you were gonna ask me out or something, you faggot.” Gerard winced. No, he had no intentions of asking out the boy, he merely wanted to become friends. It wasn’t his fault that the water had altered the boy to make him into a cool, good looking punk kid. And yes, Gerard was gay. But the word faggot made him wince every time, as he’d grown to associate the word with his face making hard contact with a locker, or being thrown to the floor where he would curl up in agony.

His next action affected Gerard similarly.

“You know what, freaks like you aren’t my problem. You’re obviously gay, hoping to just swim up and get a date outta me. But let me tell you something, faggot.” The other boy leaned right into Gerard’s face, menace glinting in his eyes as a scowl formed over his lips. “I’m not that stupid.” He shoved Gerard hard, causing him to lose his balance in the water, toppling backwards with a splash. By the time he’d resurfaced, the boy was out of the pool and approaching one of the poolside sun beds. A girl was lay there in a very revealing hot pink bikini, one ear plug hanging from her right ear. A huge pair of sunglasses dominated her face, and to Gerard she just screamed slut.

The boy sat down on the edge of the sunbed, turning back to Gerard one last time to flash him a grin. Then he turned back around to the girl, tapping her gently on the arm. She fished the ear plug from her ear, turning towards the boy with a huge smile on her face. She launched forward, capturing his lips, her arms winding around his body. The kiss was extremely violent and messy, with teeth and tongues on far too much of a display, and before long Gerard found himself unable to watch any longer. He turned away, swimming towards where his brother was sat on the side of the pool.

Today’s pool session was over, and Gerard had learned one extremely important lesson.

Never trust a beautiful person underwater. They’re the ones with the most ugly personalities.
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