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1- Kill

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She's in the business of killing and she's gonna kill you. (Collab w/xxperfecttomorrowxx)

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Serious concentration. Knock Knock Knock. Huh? Okay, that didn't really help me concentrate. I dropped the Wii remote and sighed. So much for some morning yoga. I yawned as I opened the front door, yawn instantly dying on my lips as I stared out in shock at my former boss. "I-." I swallowed hard, not prepared for this. How could I be caught off guard? I used to be on top of everything in my life. I used to be prepared given any situation. Now I was an average 21 year old. Well, kind of average. I worked at some shitty fast food place part time while taking care of my ill mother. I woke up every morning and worked out on the wii because I was too fucking lazy to get an actual gym membership and I didn't enjoy socialization. "I told you I was done." I said slowly, staring in to his eyes.

Josh's eyes softened and he looked amused. Amused! Was I really amusing now? I suddenly wished I wasn't wearing the Scooby Doo pajamas my mother bought me for my last birthday. I suddenly didn't feel as tough as I wanted to. I felt like a little girl attempting to play at life. "Aw, Parker! You didn't expect me not to come check on you, did you?" He asked.

I shrugged, "Come in." I mumbled, bitterly. I was over this day. Could it just be tomorrow already? Please? My life had gone fairly down hill over the last six months. When I found out my mother had been diagnosed with lung cancer I had stopped my entire life in hopes of being able to help her. She was going through treatment and I refused to be anywhere but by her side. I was once a powerful 'assassin' but I gave it all up. I got a part time job so as not to arouse suspicion. My money was going towards my mothers bills and her treatment. Nothing frivolous. Nothing violent. Just every day average life. Josh hadn't stopped by once. The company I worked for hadn't attempted to contact me. They had allowed me to quit in peace. Or so I thought.

I brushed my dark brown hair behind my ear, yawning once again. God, it was sad how fast normal human weakness overcame your entire body when you let your guard down. "How's your mother?" Josh asked, sounding somewhat concerned. He was a decent actor. That was about all I'd give him.

"Alive." I replied, numbly shoving my emotions behind closed doors. I was good at shutting down. It was the one thing that I had going for me in the business of murder. Maybe that's why I had to stop killing when I learned of my mothers illness. It was bad when you felt as if you couldn't feel a thing. Very bad. Family was where I drew the line. She was all I had and she deserved to have someone to feel something when it came to her misery. I would do everything in my power to feel once again. And so now, here I was on the rocky path of redemption. It turned out it was filled with a lot of yoga and ice cream, one never quite outweighing the other.

"That's great to hear." Josh said, "I have a job for you." Straight to the point, as always.

"I told you: I quit."

"Think of it as your last job ever. If you succeed you won't need to work again. You'll be able to protect your mother financially." Protect her financially? Beautifully put. I needed to do more than that for her. Could my soul survive another job? I was already so close to the edge of not caring...

Josh kept pushing, "All of those hours you spend at that greasy fast food company can be spent with your mother instead. We can set up a reason for your wealth quite easily. Police will not bother you, ever. You know the kind of power our company has. That power... a piece of it can be yours. We are looking for others to assist our other assassins. You'd make a great trainer. Part time of course. Set your own hours. It will be a job. The pay out for this job will give you everything you desire." The whispered amount I would recieve was enough to send me in to partial shock.

"One more job?" I asked, thinking through the possibility. Could I do it? I could. I would. I was stronger than the dark depths I hid myself from. Sometimes it was a struggle to keep parts of yourself separated but I had done this for so long... one more job couldn't hurt but wait, why? "Why me?" I asked, glancing at Josh. They had plenty of other able bodied assassins. Why promise me such money along with an easy job afterwards?

Josh sighed, looking legitimately concerned. "It's dangerous. The mark... He's different. It wouldn't be an ordinary kill. He won't be easy. You could get hurt. You could... die."

I shrugged, "Not worried about it." I replied. If fear was the only thing stopping others from taking the job then of course I'd do it. Fear had never held me back. As long as the fear didn't have strings attached. I didn't want something to haunt me forever.

I didn't realize that I was getting in over my head. I didn't realize that it would be more than my soul at risk..
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