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You Are Fucking Special

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So, I wrote this just now and it's not been edited but just read? please?

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Everything I've gone through, every twist and turn
Got me where I am today
Every soul I've met, and the very few I've saved
Caused me to take yesterday to make a better today
Everything that you are is only because of what you used to be.
If life were perfect
We'd all be a dream

And life just isn't easy
Some might call it hell
But death is never better
And hell may turn to heaven

Everything you are is only because of what you used to be
and then you take that
and you make it
Fucking Special

because you are fucking special
and you really mean the world
not only to me
but to everyone else
Every last boy, every last girl,
anyone you would have met and every soul you have
even those you barely saw as you were walking down the street,
Is affected by you
And if you were to depart from us
Where would that leave me?

You are fucking special
And you will always be
if there's nothing to live or die for
make something
because you only live forever in the lights you make
and inspiration only comes once
so make the best of it

and before you go
I've one last thing to say
find your savior
and it sure aint fucking me
look to music

music saves lives

and you are fucking special.

A/N okay, so, uh, please tell me if this is shit. seriously. I just wrote this in about 2 minutes, and I only thought of it cuz I was talking to KelseyChem and she helped inspire me on this. So, R&R because I have no idea if this is good. Like I said, I wrote it in two minutes.

OH and the "You only live forever in the lights you make" part is a lyrics from the song "The Kids From Yesterday" By My Chemical Romance from their album Danger Days: The True Lives Of The Fabulous Killjoys

okay, that's all

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