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I'm Not Okay, I Promise

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We learn about what happened to Mikey in this chapter.. OOOH!!!

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Gerard's POV

"-crashed to the floor and I thought he dropped a glass.." As I regained some control over my consciousness, I heard my Mom's voice. Oh shit, I'd worried her. I felt horrible for doing that, I never ever want to hurt Mom. She had had enough shit to deal with, with Dad and his slutty new girlfriend and Mikey.. I blinked back the tears. Then I saw the doctor and screamed. I sort of have a fear of doctors, ever since I saw some horror movie with some doctor cutting live people up. I was 5, mind. So I just hid under the blankets and screamed. "Please don't hurt me." I whispered.
"Jesus Christ Gerard. Calm down!" Mom's flustered and angry voice boomed.
"Mom, you know how I am."
She glared at me and I felt like she had a psychotic death wish for me at that moment.

Frank's POV

I was bored shitless. There was no denying it. I just sat around on the couch up until Ma decided to send me over to her friend's house with a gift basket.
"Her son's sick." She explained to me.
"Send Tayla, she's more of a people person."
"She's out with friends."
I sighed and threw on a loose dark green T-Shirt and a pair of skinnies. I fucking lived in those things. Ma handed me the gift basket and the address and I was off.

Gerard's POV

I was lying, shirtless, in bed when I heard the doorbell ring. Ma yelled, "Come in! I'm in the basement." I sighed and didn't bother pulling the blankets up to cover my naked torso. Who fucking cared if they saw some skinny, pale thing's chest anyway? I shut my eyes, and thought for a moment. I heard the door open, and I bit my lip when I saw who entered. Oh shit. Oh shit. It was Frank. Frank Iero. Oh shit.

Frank's POV

I gasped when I saw whose kid was sick. It was that straggly, black haired kid. Gerard. And he was shirtless. Oh shit. Mega shit. Ultra shit. I looked at him. He looked at me. Then he shut his eyes for a while. I looked him over. He was pale, all over, and his hair just spread everywhere on the white pillow. He was actually kind of cute. Oh shit, I shouldnt be thinking this. I hardly knew Gerard.

Gerards POV

I felt Frank's eyes rake over me.
"Please stop." I croaked.
"Stop doing what?" He asked, genuinely startled.
"Looking at me." I felt a tear slide down my cheek.
"Gerard.. Are you okay?"
"N-no. I'm not okay."
"You swear?"
"Fuck it. I'm not okay, I promise."
"What's wrong?" Mikey always said that to me whenever I didn't smile.
"I-it's my brother, Mikey."
"Yeah? I know him."
"H-he ran away a few days ago. Said I wasn't a good enough old brother and that he didn't love me." I let the words pour out and the tears flood my eyes.
"I don't know where he is and neither does Mom and now I'm lost and you're going to judge me and..." I cried out my heart to the guy I barely knew standing in my bedroom.
"Shh.. Don't cry. It makes me feel sad..."
And that's when I fell asleep. With Frank Iero still in my bedroom, sniffling because of me tearing my heart out and almost serving it to him on a silver platter.
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