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Like a bed of roses, Theres a dozen reasons in this gun.

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Frank is a bounced from school to school, So when he gets to Belleville High he expects a new start, not a massacre.

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Like a bed of roses, there’s a dozen reasons in this gun

Hi there :) This is my current idea. I'm still working on IDLY, but I'm really not in the right headspace at the moment to write a love story, So I figure this will vent some of my anger. Future warning of death and Frerard, but If you cant handle that, I dont blame you. R+R, and tell me if theres anything I should change :) Thanks Kids ~Hann

I stepped off the bus and onto the campus of my new school. There was absolutely nothing special about Belleville high. The same shitty kids. The same shitty buses. The same shitty prison feeling of every other high school I've fallen into. Life wasn’t easy being a foster kid. I didn’t ever know how long I'd be somewhere. I didn’t know how to make friends, or how to act normal, so I stayed quiet. Being quiet then made me a bigger target to all the fuckwits who inhabit these hell holes. I fiddled with my lip ring and contemplated a cigarette before subjecting myself to a day of torture. There's no way I'd last here. I got taken from my last carer because she couldn’t handle me being bullied. She felt like a failure. She wasn’t the first, and most likely not the last.

I sighed and stepped inside the gates, taking in my surroundings. Kids were staring already. I could feel their eyes scrutinising my tattoos, my coloured Mo-hawk. “Faggot” one kid yelled. I brushed it off. His friends laughed. Not like they had minds of their own anyway. I've seen a hundred of these popular groups. All the same. I think watching Animal Planet had taught me a lot about high school, and the food chain. The popular kids were at the top, and I, Franklin Anthony Iero Junior, was at the bottom. I made a bee-line for the office to pick up my schedule. There was a boy walking out of the principals office with beautiful black hair.
“Fighting again Gerard?” The overweight receptionist asked. “The bastard tried to hurt Mikey. I cant let that happen. I want him to lead a normal life, not the fucked up one I have” He snarled. She raised an eyebrow at his cussing, but let him pass. On the way past the boy leant in to talk to me. “You're never gonna fit in much kid. Just don’t let them destroy you. See you around. Hopefully I wont be fishing you out of lockers too soon” He nodded at me, grimaced, and continued out the door. The receptionist scowled. “Ignore him. You'll be just fine” She gave me a hopeful toothy grin and held out her hand. “My name is Doris. I'll be leading you to your first class. We don’t give kids tours here. We let them go at it on their own. We think its the perfect solution for friend making. Asking for directions is how I met my Brian” She beamed. She handed me a stack of papers and we headed back out of the doors. The bell must have gone while we were inside the office because there were no kids to be seen.
“You have history first. This way” she directed. We walked through the large empty halls, with the occasional kid running through the hall to reach a late class. “Mrs Patroski” She stood with me outside of the door. “She's the meanest, scariest teacher of the school. I had a kid hide under my desk once because she looked at him for too long. She's also the best teacher in the school. Have fun” She rapped on the door and trotted away briskly before the teacher came. The door swung open wide to reveal a small, chubby wrinkly woman in her mid 60s with horn rimmed glasses, and a cat broach. “Well don’t stand there gaping boy” She snapped in her English accent. She pointed to me with a small pointy finger “Franklin Iero.” she pointed to the class “meet my class of Numbskull’s.” She leant up towards me “My cats are smarter than them” She whispered. I nodded quickly as not to lose any limbs, and she pointed again to the back of the room. “You'll sit next to him. He's probably the smartest of the lot” I saw the boy gaze up from his desk and I recognised him as the boy from the office. He muttered something “Mr Way, I don’t really care if you threaten your classmates. Just share the desk for Christ sakes” She shook her head and motioned towards the desk. I shuffled silently towards the boy. His ebony hair covered his pale face and he looked up at me with big hazel eyes.
“You're like me, aren’t you?” he asked quietly. My eyes brushed over him. The black eye-liner, the skinny jeans and band shirt, well worn converse and battle scarred arms. I nodded. He held out his hand and I gave him mine in return. “I'm Gerard” He smiled. “Frank” I returned. I heard screaming and turned around. A boy in the middle of the classroom had stood up. Mrs Patroski turned around just in time to see him pull out the gun. “Alan, No. Please, You have a future!” she said carefully. A loud shot rang out as a cheerleader in the front row fell to the ground. “You have 2 minutes to run” He said quietly. “and anyone who screams is dead”

Drop me a line. Tell me what you think. Thanks guys ~SummerShock
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