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The Huckleberry Finn Controversy

by NirvanaCobain 5 reviews

Why the 'N' word should be removed

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Recently I tried to read the book "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn" but found it tough to get past the middle of the second chapter. The reason? One little six-lettered word. "Nigger". That damned word appeared several times. You all don't know this but I'm bi-racial. My mother is black and my father is white. Being half black causes that word to burn me. I'm all for a revised virsion of the book because that word offends me. Some white people and maybe even a few of you guys (I'm not saying all) don't believe that word should be removed but imagine a story like that written by a black man and he calls the white men in the story "crackers"? The white people that do approve that word "nigger" being in "Huck Finn" would be outraged if it were them being called "crackers" by black people. It's called reverse psychology. I don't approve of that word either but you get my point. Us blacks, whether we're "half-breeds" or "pure-bloods" have come a long way and deserve more respect than we're being given.
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