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Story Auditions

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Still open! Please have a quick look? x

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So you should all know the drill by now. I got the idea for this story from a short book series called the Secret Circle by L.J smith. I really like these books because they involve witches and magic and stuff like that. I love magic. Love it Love it Love it! The parts I need are a girlfriend or a boyfriend (as you can probably tell I ain`t no fucking homophobe) for the lovely Gerard Way. He or she has to be a g[ood witch/warlock. I also need a few of his friends who are Good witches/warlocks and a few that are still in the group but are not so good. Pretty, pretty please with a naked Frankiekins on top can I have at least one or two guys? Seriously if you want to audition a guy and a girl please feel free. It will eventually be a Frerard just so ya know. Just because I have attempted to write a Frikey and lyn-z/Gerard fic before and I just feel I write Frerards better.]
Here is the audition sheet, sorry for rambling on and on. I really don`t mean to. Its just a gift.
Looks is split for detail
Hair colour and how it is usually worn:
Skin tone:
body type:
any tattoos or piercings:
clothes you normally wear:
clothes for a special occasion (like a school dance) :
clothes for a special witch ceremony type thing (include any changes to hair or makeup):
Favourite colour:
Lucky number:
Favourite gem stone:
a few interesting, random facts about yourself:
music taste:
why did you chose to be a good or a bad witch?
What is your favourite spell?
Do you enjoy having your powers?
Thoughts on humans that have no powers:
Anything else:
That is it I think. Sorry that it is quite long and some of the questions are quite random it will all make sense.
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