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Round and Round It Goes

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Tour time and beyond for a new and upcoming artist. (Oh yes. Fan pairings of the like. MCR, FOB, and Odd. Panic!)

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(Gerard’s POV)
It was after a concert when it all started. Honestly, I had wanted it for some time. I followed her back to her dressing room after the concert was finished. Pete was around here somewhere, as was Brendon and Ryan. Spencer and Jon had left, going to get something to eat. She pulls me past the dressing rooms, leading me to the lobby of the hotel we were playing at. After a few minutes of silence, we end up in her hotel room. She disappears into the bathroom, and returns in a minute.

“Like it?” Scarlet asks, showing off the black thong underwear. The cute little girl on stage is gone. Her long, platinum blonde hair, hanging straight down her back is adding to the oh so enticing picture. She turns back around, and I see the rest of it. Red bra, black lace over it. The big blue eyes, tan, but not orange skin and that body all added up to any boy’s wet dream. I’m practically drooling at the sight, but I can’t let her know how bad I want it. I move when she walks over to her window, sliding the curtains closed. No prying eyes tonight. I move towards her, and lean in. We meet in the kiss, and she hooks a leg around my waist. I grind against her, and deposit her on the bed quickly afterwards. I’m on top of her now. We start making out again, grinding against each other. I enjoyed the friction quite a bit. She kept moaning into my mouth, and it was turning me on really fast. She gets my shirt and sweatshirt off quickly. Her hands slide up and down my toned chest, and she digs her nails into my back. When her hips buck against mine, I take a nice look at those big eyes. They were clouded over with lust, as I’m sure mine were. Those hips buck and grind against me, lips working on my neck easily.

“You want a good hard fucking?” I ask her, a whisper in her ear. She moans in delight.

“I’m a virgin.” She mutters, and I’m instantly even more turned on. It was always fun being someone’s first anything.

“Not for long.” I say into her ear. I breathe hot and heavy on her neck, and she moans even more. “I’m gonna lay you good.” I say, touching her affectionately. She whines her protest as I move away from her. “God I’m getting hard just thinking about how tight you’re gonna be.” I say, voice a hushed whisper. I stand up off her bed. She stands, hurriedly stripping me down to my underwear. I’m proudly sporting an erection now, and she’s staring at it hungrily. Her hands run up and down me, and I put my hands on her bra.

“Are you gonna suck me?” I whisper into her ear before I start kissing her neck tenderly. She moans breathily into my ear, making me get a bit harder. “Suck me good and hard?”

“You want me to?” She asks, sliding to her knees. Kisses land on my thighs tenderly, and a few bites end up in the mix. She tugs my boxers down, and I get them off from around my ankles.

She puts her hands on me, sliding up and down. When a few beads of pre cum leak from the tip, she puts just the tip of me in her mouth. Her breath is warm and hot on me, and now I’m pressed up against her bed, trying to not call out. She licks the beads off me, and I see her smile at the taste. “Take it all.” I coo to her, and buck my hips at her. She takes the rest down her throat, and starts a slow sucking. Her tongue traces up and down the underside delicately, sending my head into dizzying amounts of pleasure. When my eyes open again, she’s sucking at me like a maniac, and I hear a distressed moan. It’s not from me. Frank is across the room, palming himself through his tight jeans. This only turns me on more, and I beckon for him. He comes over to me immediately, stripping his shirt and sweatshirt off as quick as possible. She looks up, still sucking at me. I can feel a nice warmth, and know I’m about to blow in her mouth. She’d be scared probably, but I’m too busy having my nipples pinched and sucked by Frank to care. I’m bucking my hips, forcing it into her mouth even more. I don’t even care if I gag her anymore, I was too delirious from the pleasure. “O-oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh!” I moan out, much like I’ve been known to do on stage. I blow it into her mouth, and she swallows it down like a pro. When she stands, she looks at me, and turns to Frank.

“You down with a three way?” He asks, and instead of answering him, she kisses him. It’s so hot, him being able to taste me. He’d done what she’d just done to me many, many times (I was dominant in bed. My rules, or the highway.) but never had I seen something so hot in my life as the two of them basically dry humping. My dick, still tingling a bit, starts to harden again at the sight. Her hands are running all over the smooth skin he’s got, tracing a few tattoos lightly. She pulls back, and they start open mouth kissing, letting me see the tongue action. The door opens again, Pete walking in. “Hey there.” I say to him, pointing at the very vivid action going on in front of me. Frank is shoving his hips at Scarlet. She’s palming him now, and their mouths break.

“Hey Pete.” She says to him, winking at him easily. “Just having some post show fun.”

“Can I join?” He asks, and she nods. “Does Gerard are already have claim to that?” He asks, pointing to her underwear.

“Bidding is still open.” She purrs.

“Scarlet, is somebody being bad?” Brendon’s voice comes from the door to the adjoining room. “I’m coming in. Ryan too.” He purrs, and the heavy door opens. Ryan is making out with Brendon already, and Pete takes the chance to put Scar on the bed. He climbs on top of her, lowers his lips to hers. In a minute, I’m staring at the two of them, and Frank is staring at Ryan and Brendon. Pete’s lips are on her neck now, sucking at it. Brendon and Ryan must’ve stopped, because everybody is staring at the blonde haired girl, and the black haired Rockstar.

“So hot.” She says. “Making me so wet.”

“Oh you little slut.” Brendon growls at her, jumping on the bed. His pants are already off, down to his briefs. Ryan is in boxers, and Frank’s so hard that he may as well take them off. I move to Frank, putting my lips against his.

“Fuckin orgy.” Ryan mutters, and Scarlet laughs, then moans.

Scarlet’s POV

Pete was sucking on my neck; hand’s sliding up and down my body. He seriously has to be part vampire, the way he knew just where to grasp and nip and lick at my neck.

“Is she a virgin?” Brendon asks. Nobody answers, all too caught up in their own little fantasies. “You a virgin?” He asks me. I moan throatily as Pete bites my neck.

“Yes!” I scream out. Brendon smiles evilly.

“Oh, we are so gonna change that.” Brendon says. A low moan catches my ear, and I see Gerard and Frank making out.

“That’s so fuckin hot.” I groan. Pete rolls off me, looking on. Brendon and Ryan climb onto the bed with me, and Brendon grabs me. “You want a piece?”

“I have a request.” Brendon says, and everybody in the room stops what they’re doing. “Scarlet, as you’re going to lose your virginity several times over tonight… I want you to act like a total slut. Is that too much to ask?” he asks, and the boys all nod eagerly. “You already sucked Gerard off; the rest won’t be that hard.”

“Really?” Pete asks. “Because I’m rock fucking solid. Look at that ass.” He says, and Brendon flips me on my stomach quickly. I’m flipped back to my side, and Brendon looks at me, eyes filled with lust. “Not that you haven’t already…” he mutters quietly, making Brendon blush.

“Any requests for us?” He asks, and I look at Frank, who’s about to go down on Gerard. It’s fuckin sexy as hell, and I moan. “Ah, that’s what get’s you hot.” He mutters to me, and I nod. “Boy on boy sexy stuff?” I nod again. “How about me, talking nice and dirty into your ear, telling you all the fucked up shit I wanna do to you?” I moan heavily at the thought. “It’s like green eggs and ham, but with me instead. In a box, on a train, against a wall…” he murmurs into my ear. Another moan escapes my lips.

Ryan pushes Brendon from me, and kisses me tenderly. The kisses are sweet, soft really. Nothing like the powerful kisses from Pete or Gerard. “I have a request.” He says to me, and I smile at him. “I want to watch when you finally get fucked.” He says. “And I wanna make you moan.” He says, hand sliding past my underwear, he finds a spot on me that makes me release one breathy moan. “Oh there it is.” He says, rubbing the spot in a slow circle. More moans. When my mouth closes again, I look and see Frank sucking Gerard like mad.

“Ryan you’re such a tease.” Brendon groans, watching me get more and more wet. “Either finger her or I will.”

Ryan moves away from me, and Pete advances, as does Brendon. I sit up, propped up against some pillows. Pete moves towards Brendon, and Brendon puts his lips on the other man. They’re so close; I could reach out and touch them. Pete’s pants are off in a flash, as is his shirt. The men rub against each other, making sure I get a good view. One of them is moaning, but I can’t tell who. All I know is its making me want to fuck something, hard. Frank is finished with Gerard, and climbs up on the bed, cum dripping from the sides of his mouth. I make sure everybody in the room is watching before I lick it off him. It’s slow, painfully slow, when I lick the drips off his face, I hear Gerard moan.

“Let’s take a count.” I suggest. They all stare at me. “Gerard’s came twice, and none of the rest of us have. I think we should make Gerard watch for a bit.” I say, an impish wink shot at the black haired singer. He frowns his protest, and Pete starts furiously making out with Brendon again. I pull the both of them down, slide in between the two of them. I kiss Pete slowly, agonizingly so. He licks around my mouth, and then I turn to Brendon. He does the same.

“Damn dude. Salty.” Brendon says to Gerard, who just smirks. “Now then, our virgin needs some attention.” He turns back to me. Ryan is at the foot of the bed, watching us carefully.

“Now,” Gerard says. “I’m in charge here.” He says, and we all nod. “So, what Brendon says about you being a slut? I second. That means for ALL of us.”

“No problem.” I purr at them. I turn to Ryan. “Maybe you’ll be the lucky guy who gets to fuck me first.” I purr. Turning to Pete, I look at him. “Or maybe it’ll be you, after I suck you off.” My body turns to face Brendon. “Maybe after I watch you fuck somebody, I’ll want you inside me too.” I say. I look to Gerard and Frank. “You two have to work for it though.” I tease. Somewhere deep, deep down, I wanted it to be Frank first. Actually, not that deep. Frank had always been the one I could never quite get all hot and bothered. Brendon and Ryan, they fell easily. Pete and I had always been close, and Gerard had tried getting me into his bed and out of my pants a few times in the past week.

“One of you make her so wet it’s not even funny. She’s been bad, needs to be punished.” Gerard says to the boys. They all crowd around me. Brendon looks at my underwear. “Those need to go to. Perhaps give a lap dance for one of the lucky fellows while I go grab something?” He says, and pulls a chair up after getting off the bed. Brendon is still rubbing against me like a Siamese cat in heat; Pete is sucking at my neck. Ryan is touching my thighs, and Frank is staring on. I decide Brendon hasn’t gotten much attention, and climb on top of him.

“Am I getting a dance?” He asks, and I nod at him. “I’d much prefer you strip for us.” I look at the men, they all nod their agreement at this. I climb off the bed, and look around the room. “I know, no pole. How about you use me? I’m tallest I believe.”

He stands, goes to the foot of the bed. I sling my arms around his neck, grind my hips against him. One of the boys whistles, and I turn my head over my shoulder to wink.

“Tramp stamp?” Frank asks. I smile, knowing he liked the sun I had tattooed. “Any more tattoos?” I nod then go back to grinding on Brendon. He’s starting to sweat. I dance my way around him, and one of my bra straps comes off.

“Take it off!” Ryan calls, and I smile. I oblige his wish, whipping it off at him. I was smart, used an old stripper trick, worn another underneath. “Motherfucker!” he yells, seeing the black bra. “Fuckin tease!”

“I don’t care how much of a tease she is with an ass like that.” Frank says.

“Screw her butt; I’m looking at the rest of her.” Brendon says. “Can’t wait to get myself inside that.” He says, running a hand down my body. I slip my underwear off, chuck them at the boys. They scramble, fighting over them. Frank wins out in the end. “Oh wait… Frankie has Gerard for any ass screwing.” He says with a laugh.

“Hey,” Ryan says. “You do have your tendencies sometimes.” He teases. “Pete told me so. And you know you like it when I’m on top.” He coos. I laugh, but in my mind, I’m imagining Ryan doing Brendon.

“God damn, I can’t take this anymore.” Pete says, and he pulls me off Brendon quickly. I’m put on my back, and Pete slides a hand over my body. He finds that little spot Ryan found, and I moan loudly. “No, do it right.” He says, rubbing harder. The pleasure sets me on fire, and I scream his name out, loudly. “So wet.” He says, and slides a finger inside me. “Oh god. Guys, you know how she’s a virgin?” He asks, and they all chorus yeahs. “She’s gotta be the tightest one ever. Feels so fucking good.” He says, and Gerard walks in as he slides it in and out. I’m moaning like a total slut right now, and they’re all getting harder from it.

“I see somebody finally got around to fucking her.” He says, and then looks at Frank and Ryan. “You two,” he points to them. “Makeout. I’m going to need Brendon’s help for this.” He says, and I’m too busy groaning as another finger is added to care. Gerard is carrying a big black bag, and I can tell it’s from a sex store. He pulls a bottle of something out, and I see it’s just a can of whip cream.

“They say your first time should be sweet, well, I’m going to lick this off somebody” he gives me a pointed look. “Until she’s screaming for me to do her. Or just screaming.” Something else is taken out of the bad. “This is for you Frankie.” He says, and puts it back in the bag. The can is tossed at Brendon, who uncaps it. Some is sprayed on my midriff, and licked off. I groan, his tongue was perfect on my skin. Pete is pumping faster, a third finger in me now, and my body tightens up. A shudder goes through me as I release, all into Pete’s hands.

“Pete!” I scream loudly. “Oh god yes!” My toes curl, my hands grip at the sheets. I wasn’t sure what the hell he’d just done to me, only that I felt like my body was burning with happiness. I wanted that feeling again. I’d do anything to get it. “The hell was that?”

“Honey, that’s called an orgasm. It’s a nice feeling isn’t it?” Gee says. I smile at Brendon. He’d taught me everything I knew. Everything.

“Oh look,” Brendon teases. “She just had her first orgasm. Hopefully our little swimmer has some endurance.” He adds with a wink. More whip cream is sprayed on me as I pant out that wonderful feeling. Pete withdraws his fingers from me. Brendon, feeling devilish I suppose, draws a cross on me. He slides his underwear off, and I get a good look at him. He’s big, possibly bigger, than Gerard. “You want that inside you?” He asks. “Want me to be your first?” He whispers in my ear. I suck in a breath. He just gives me a throaty chuckle. “Hm, Gerard, wanna help me and Pete and Frank lick this off her?” he says. Frank and Ryan come up for air, and Frank sees the cross of whip cream on me. It ends at the bottom of my abdomen. Gerard climbs onto the bed, and Pete takes a side. Brendon is on my right, Pete on my left. Gerard moves to Brendon’s side, and before anybody can lick anything off my anywhere, Pete sticks his drenched fingers in his mouth, sucking them.

“Oh god,” He moans. “You taste so good.”

Ryan shows up behind Gerard. I notice he’s got no underwear on either. “I want that ass.” He whispers hoarsely into Gerard;s neck. “Can I fuck you against the desk?” He asks, and Gerard nods.

“Guys, this stuff is melting, our virgin is waiting.” Frank says. He takes the bottom line, and licks it off me. The sheer act of it makes me want to come again, but I can’t. Pete licks it off slowly, in short little strokes. Eventually, his tongue and Frank’s meet, right around the time Brendon and Gerard’s tongues do. I’m lost in a fit of hormones and happiness.

“What do you want?” Brendon asks, looking at me.

“You. Fucking him.” I point to Ryan. I look at Frank, so eager looking. “You, in my mouth. While Gerard jacks Pete off.” I say. “And then I wanna lick cum off all of you.” I add in a purr. I move so Gerard can get to work on Pete, and I stand Frank up, kneeling in front of him. He’s already dripping pre cum, deliciously wet.

“Actually, I call the shots.” Gerard says. “I think we should all get to watch. And then, I’ll finger fuck you while Ryan and Brendon do it like the pair of animals they are.”

They all sit on the bed, and Pete slips his underwear off. Every piece of clothing is gone, except for my bra. I take it off quickly, and they all stare.

“Are you 18?” Frank whispers to me. I nod. “When?”

“Today.” I say, and he smiles. “No felonies here boy.” I say, and then take him into my mouth. He moans loudly, and I look at the boys. All of them have their hands on their hardened dicks, except for Gerard. He just watches with an evil smile. “Oh god guys. It’s like a porn star.” He says as I give him the same treatment I gave Gerard. When he comes, it’s hard.

“Talk to her like she’s a dirty whore. Make her believe it. Think of it as a role play. We’re us, and she’s a whore. We’re talking the dirtiest of them all kind of whore. The fuck you in church on the altar kind of whore.” Gerard says to us, as I swallow everything down. “Come here, kiss somebody.” He demands. I pick Ryan; he hadn’t gotten much of me yet. I let him taste Frank, and then he puts me on my back. He moves to start doing me, and I’m perfectly ready to let him.

“Oh no,” Gerard says. “You will not be fucking her just yet.” He says, and then grabs the black bag. “Let’s see…. What flavor?” he asks Brendon. Brendon smiles, withdrawing a tube from the bag. “Strawberry? Nice choice. I’m more of a cherry guy, but to each his own.” He says, replacing the bag on the floor. Ryan is yanked off me, much to my dismay.

“Talk dirty.” Gerard commands. “It turns the virgin on,” He explains to Pete. “Boy on boy stuff too, apparently.”

“Oh Ryan, I’m gonna fuck you so hard.” Brendon says.

“You gonna come inside me? Thrust in and out? Make me scream your name.” Ryan asks, in a husky voice I like hearing. “Cause I want you to. I wanna have you inside me.” Brendon slides a finger into Ryan, who winces a bit. After a few minutes of this, Brendon and Ryan continue talking quite dirty, and Brendon pops the cap on the tube.

“I think Scar should help you get lubed up.” Pete mumbles, and I see Frank slowly giving him a handjob. Something metal is around Pete’s dick and Gerard smiles when I look at it.

“To keep him from blowing his load until we want him to.” Gerard explains. I nod my understanding, crawl over to Brendon. He hands me the bottle, and I squeeze the substance into my palm. I rub my hands together, and then put them on Brendon’s erection, rubbing it calmly. He moans as I slow down, and then suck the rest off my fingers slowly.

“Oh girl,” He says, lining up with Ryan but looking directly at me. “I’m gonna fuck you like the dirty whore you are in a minute.”

“No, I actually will take the privilege of taking this girl’s virginity.” Gerard says. “Unless Pete wants it. He did lay claim to her first.”

“I think I want it.” He says, winking at me. He and I had always had a sexual tension, and I was glad he was gonna finally break it. “Unless Frank wants it, I believe Iero has been crushing on our little darling for quite some time.” I blush at the thought of a guy like Frank wanting me. “You think we didn’t see how you look at her? We caught him staring at you one day, when you were dancing. Somebody has a crush!” He says as I blush. “At least, little Frankie does. He tends to pop up whenever your around.”

Frank. Beautiful, olive skinned, black haired, lip pierced, tattooed Frank. Hell yes I wanted him inside me. I wanted it right damn now, right this very second. Fuck all this teasing and messing around, I wanted Frank so bad it nearly hurt to look at him. “I want it.” He says. “More than anything.” He looks at me as he says it, and I try hard not to jump on him right then and there.

“Oh Brendon!” Ryan calls out, and I turn to watch. Gerard growls, possibly in lust, and then grabs Pete.

“You’re gonna get it the way you like it.” He growls to the shorter man. He barely prepped him, and had me lube him up, just like he had with Brenbear.

“Tell me you want it.” He growls to Pete.

Pete whimpers as Gerard strokes him. “I want it! Now!” Gerard obliges, pumping in and out of him wildly. Both pairs are moaning, and Frank moves over to me. I smile at him.

“Hey you.” He says to me, and I’m pushed onto my back. He starts looking me up and down. “Thank god there’s another bed.” He whispers into my ear.

“You know that thing Gerard does on stage?” I whisper back, sure of what I wanted now. “That moaning thing?” Frank kisses my neck, nodding before he does. “Make him do it for me at some point.”

“I’ll make sure he does.” He whispers back. “You know what to expect when I finally get around to fucking you right?” he asks, and I nod. “You gonna be a slut?” He asks, and I nod again, anything for him. He sucks at my neck, and moves to a spot near my collar bones. I moan loudly. He kept at that spot, and it was perfect. My head spun with the combined feeling of his skin against mine, and his mouth on that wonderful spot.

“Somebody found her sweet spot.” Pete says, and Gerard pumps harder, making him scream in delight. “Oh god, Gerard, take this damn thing off me, I wanna come so bad.”

“Not yet.” Gerard whispers. “Any requests from our dirty skank yet?”

“She wants to hear the geegasm.” Frank says, and I smile up at him. “I think she likes being dominated. Maybe you can fuck her mouth Pete, while she get’s fucked by me?”

“Or, let’s just hear her talk dirty.” Pete says. I’d known him the longest of the group, he’d encouraged my inner skank bag to come out of its shell. “Oh Gerard right there!” He screams loudly. Ryan is writhing and moaning under Brendon. Sweat is matting their hair to their faces. “Right fucking there! Again!” Pete calls anxiously.

“That’s so fucking hot.” I say, looking at the two of them. “Oh god, I want to fuck him so bad.” I motion to Brendon. He was doing Ryan, and I didn’t even care about the pretty boy under him, all I wanted was that beautiful boy on top.

“You like seeing this?” Brendon asks as he pumps his hips into Ryan. “You like seeing me fuck him hard? I promise to fuck you so much harder.”

“Oh god.” I moan. Frank shushes me with a kiss. Without any warning, he slips a finger in me, I moan into the kiss, just as I hear Brendon orgasm, followed by Ryan. Frank is adding another finger, pumping in and out as fast as he can. I’m ready to do him right then and there, but he won’t let me.

“She’s tight.” He mutters, and then sees me eyeing Ryan up. “Yeah, imagine it’s his fingers.” He whispers. “Where are the rest of those tattoos?” he asks, and I smile sneakily. “Tell me or I’ll stop.”

“Wrist.” I hold it up, so he can see it. “Want angel wings on my back.”

“Never have I ever?” He asks. Reading the wrist inscription, and I nod. “Naughty girl.” He teases, speeding up. I moan heavily, and just as I feel myself about to orgasm for the second time that night, I hear Gerard.

He’s moaning like he does on stage, and it turns me on. I start matching his moans in intensity and fervor. I come, and it drenches Frank’s fingers. He looks at me, and sticks them in Brendon’s mouth. Brendon sucks them clean, making me moan even louder. Brendon cups Frank’s ass, squeezing it tight. Another loud moan, from Ryan’s directions.

“You wanna come don’t you?” Gerard asks Pete. Ryan is still covered in sticky cum, and I roll on top of him, instantly making him hard again. I lick the stuff off him, and then kiss Pete, while pumping his dick. Brendon is put on his back, and Ryan and he switch roles. I watch them hungrily, wanting them both immediately. Ryan, the pretty boy of the two, would be so much fun to just drink down. Brendon had already showed me what he wanted, and I could supply it. Gerard crawls over to me. “I promised.” He says, and I’m getting yet another finger fucking. I come easily for Gee, mostly because Ryan’s moans, mixed with Brendon’s dirty talk. It may’ve helped that Gerard was moaning into my ear, hitting another wonderful spot on me, which made me scream his name every single time he so much as grazed it. Gee let’s Frank lick it off his hands, and that’s just kicking me into go mode some more. “Is it him you want?” Gerard whispers in my ear, biting my earlobe a bit. “He tells me every night how much he wants you. I have the texts to prove it. Frankie has a crush.” He sings the last sentence to me. Frank continues licking around his mouth.

“Now for the main event.” Gerard says, throwing a condom at Frank. “You get to fuck our virgin nice and hard.” He says. Frank stands, and picks me up. I’m deposited on the other bed, alone this time with just Frank. My heart starts thumping wildly when I get a good look at Frank. So perfect looking.

“Okay boys, she’s gonna give each of us a turn I think. Maybe if we’re very nice she’ll have a three way.” Gerard says. “You two do your thing.” He commands, and Frank instantly obeys. “Make it memorable, this is what she’s going to remember as her very first.” He kisses me, lips soft against mine. The kiss is slow, and his tongue sweeps across my mouth, asking for entrance. I open my mouth, allow our tongues to mingle. His hands are soft; fingers a bit callused from guitar, but still nice as they trace patterns into my skin. This was nothing like the hot sexiness we’d both just seen, and been a part of. I liked the change. Just as I was getting used to it, a command comes from Gerard.

“You will submit to each of us, do whatever we ask you.” He says, and I nod, still kissing Frank. His mouth was magical, and even though we were both sweaty, it didn’t bother me. Our hands are running all over each other, learning every inch with our eyes closed. He nearly swallows my tongue, in an attempt to push this farther. My hands bury in that fabulous black hair, and tug slightly as I bite his bottom lip, tugging oh so gently at the lip ring.

“I want you to talk really dirty.” Frank says as he breaks from the kiss. “I’ll help.” He whispers, sliding the condom on. “Oh I can’t wait to pop your cherry, watch you moan as I fuck you. I’m gonna do you right.”

“Oh god,” I say. “I want you so badly!”

“You can do better than that whore. I saw you eating the lollypop today; looking at me like you wished that thing was my dick. Such a tease, always making us think that you want it, but never spreading your legs for any of us. Well now, I’m gonna fuck you so hard, you’ll feel it tomorrow. Moan like a cheap whore.” I comply with his instruction, moaning loudly and breathily for him. “I’m going to shove it in you, make you scream in pleasure.” Frank says to me in a husky voice. He leans down, kisses my neck. “I’m sorry about Gerard. He likes sluts in the bedroom.” He whispers. “Honestly, I’m not like this. Usually because he dominates, and he gets off a bit on sadism, masochism. I’ll try to be gentle. Maybe another time it can be just me and you. I’ll give you the first time you deserve then.” He whispers. I nod.

“Oh that sounds hot.” I moan out, trying to save him from the questions Gerard was probably about to ask.

“Will you two just hop to it already?” Pete says. “Do it or I will.” He adds. Frank lines up with me, and I can feel him as he eases into me, and I groan. Brendon would kill me. He wanted to be my first so badly. He’d been begging for years, willing to do whatever it took, excluding rape me. It’s both in pain and happiness, the moan I give ever so softly into Frank’s ear.

The beautiful olive toned arms are planted, with his head near my ear. He moves a bit faster, and I wince in pain, give a small yelp to match. It just now hit me that I’m not a virgin anymore. Frank is moving faster now. Damn, this fucking hurt. Is this what it felt like all the time…? I’d stick to fingers if this is how it would always feel. Frank looks at me, and he sees I’m wincing.

“It’ll ease babe. It always hurts the first time.” He mumbles. I don’t care, all I can think about, all I can see, is Frank. He’s on top of me, moving slower now, as the pain fades to something that sends chills down my spine. Frank is breathing into my ear, hot and moist against my skin. I buck my hips just a tad. “It’s fine babe, I like going slow the first time.” He whispers. There’s a vague noise in the background, and I could swear Ryan and Brendon were whispering the lyrics to “lying” under their breath.

“Keep up your role.” Gee demands of me, and I just flip him the bird. “I’ll do that later honey. For now, keep up your act.”

“What you want me to do?” Frank asks, keeping his pace but grazing my neck with his lips. I writhe under him at his touch. A minute or two passes, filled only with our moans and labored breathing. “Harder?” He asks, slamming into me. I moan loudly, the sting having long faded to something enjoyable. “Was that it?” He asks, hitting another spot in me that makes me scream in delight.

“There.” I breathe as he speeds up. “Right there.”

“Oh you like that?” Frank asks me, and I moan instead of saying anything. “Keep doing that slut.” He demands, and I wrap my legs around him, digging my nails into his back. My hips start meeting his thrusts, and both of us are making so much noise it isn’t even funny.

“Faster!” I beg him. “Fuck me faster!” I scream it for him, and he listens. “Oh, F-Frank. So good!” I scream out. “yes! Fu-fucking yes!”

“Listen to her,” Brendon says, palming himself. “Moaning like a little slut. They always do their first time.” “How you doing Pete?” He asks, and I look at them. Pete looks strained, and I feel bad for him. “Who you gonna have next?” He asks me.

“Pete.” I whisper, and I feel myself tighten up, a now familiar feeling. “Oh God. F-Frank I’m gonna come.”

“Scream the name.” Frank says, and I start screaming his name as we both climax. “Scarlet! Oh god! YES!”

“F-fuck.” I moan out, the wave of endorphins hitting me. “Frank!” I moan out, just as he does the same with my name. We pant it out together, and he gives me a delicate kiss. It’s soft, and if I didn’t know any better, I’d say it was almost loving. There was something more behind that kiss, not just the heavy lust we’d been exhibiting that night. I stare up at him, and he looks down. I wanted to kiss him again, but he probably didn’t want me to. He pulls out, throws the condom in the trashcan across the room. I flop down on the bed next to him, ready to just curl up next to my roommate for the tour and sleep happily. Frank wouldn’t care if I snuggled him to death. He looked like the type that would cuddle me to death.

“Okay Ryan, you got to watch.” Brendon says, and Ryan’s jaw is hanging open. “I know you’ve never been with a girl before, so we’ll let you watch some more.”

I still had the endurance to keep going, but getting through four more guys was going to be hard. Pete get’s over on the bed I’m on, taking the condom he’s handed and slipping it on.

“You sure you want to right now? We can wait, let Ryan and Gerard do their thing while you build your energy back up.” Pete offers. “Besides,” he’s whispering in my ear now. “I’m nervous as hell. What if I don’t measure up to Frank?”

“You’ll do fine. You’ve got the whole ‘emo and a skater boys love child’ thing going.” I whisper back. “Anything in particular you want me to do?”

“I just want you to be happy.” He says, and I smile. Pete and I had always had this…flirtation. I doubted it’d ever been anything more. I mean, he’d signed me a few years after Panic got signed.

“How romantic.” Ryan says, sounding dreamy. He sighs, and everybody gives him a look. “What? I’m a diehard romantic at heart.”

“This is true.” I say, remembering him watching sappy movies with me the other day. “HE cried like a baby during the Notebook.”

“I did not!” He says with a laugh. “C’mon Gerard, the desk is waiting.” He says, and they’re quickly going at it.

“Who’s moaning like a whore now?” I ask Gerard when he finally finishes. It’d given me time to rest, and I was touching Pete’s chest lightly, and he was whining. “Want that thing off you?” I ask him, and he nods. “It hurt?” I ask, and he whimpers as I touch him lightly. I pull the metal off him, and he breathes a moan of relief.

“Bless you.” He whispers as I chuck the thing across the room.

“Do her! I want my turn!” Brendon says, as Gerard and Ryan kiss. Frank was staring at them, looking on with mixed longing and disgust.

“You ready?” Pete asks. I nod, and we start our heavy petting.

“OH yes!” I scream, burying my hands in his hair. I’m tugging at it, and he thrusts harder. “Harder!” I scream at him, and he listens. “Oh God yes!”

“Motherfucking slut.” He growls. “You want it so bad don’t you?”

“Oh god!” I scream as he sucks on my neck. “That feels so good!” I say, watching Brendon get himself off. Brendon crawls onto the bed with us, followed by Frank. The two of them look me directly in the eye.

“Frank,” Brendon coos. “My lips need something to do. I’m sure yours do too.” Brendon says, and put’s his mouth on Frank’s. I moan at the sight of the two of them very nearly doing it right next to us, and Pete glances at them.

“I find it exceptionally hot too.” Pete says, and it makes me smile. “C’mon, I’m gonna make you come.” He says, speeding up his thrusts. Thanking god I have some sense of rhythm, I start matching his.

“Oh, oh god.” He says, and I feel him climax. He moans for several seconds, spilling into me. “That’s it baby, oh yes.” I’m getting close, but am not quite there yet. Pete realizes this, and looks devilish for a moment. A few more thrusts, and a few more bites from him send me over the edge in a fit of emotion. I scream his name out, and he pulls out.

“I’m tired.” I say, and Brendon just smiles. Gerard and Frank are writhing against each other now. Ryan has disappeared somewhere, which worries me. He was the one that would be gentle with me, not try to just blow it and go. I’m sure that’s what Brendon was after.

He crawls on top of me, a condom already on him. Ryan is whistling the tune to Lying, and both Brendon and I smile at him. “A better kiss, a hotter touch, a better fuck.” Brendon recites in a whisper. I try not laugh at his obvious reference to one of the first songs I ever covered on stage. I kiss him quickly, biting his lip.

That bite flips a switch in him. “Oh I’m going to fuck you, you tight little whore. You want my huge cock inside you?” I’m suddenly NOT tired, turned on by his words. “You gonna be a slut for me? Scream my name out, let people know who it is that gave you the best sex you’ll ever have?”

“Oh god yes.” I say as he breathes against the shell of my ear heavily. He takes a sharp nip at my neck. “Ow!” I call. “Brendon that hurt.” I whine. He just laughs at me.

“I can be a bit of a sadist.” He says. “Can’t hurt you too bad, you have places to be tomorrow. Namely in my bed, writhing underneath me, while I do you again and again.” He says, and I smile at his flirtation. I’d gladly submit to that. “You ready for it?” He asks, slamming into me before I can answer. I didn’t have to do anything except sit there and moan like ‘the slut I knew I was’ as he said. Instead of pissing me off, it only made me want him more. I wanted to prove that I could be just as good as he was, if not better.

“Fuck me!” I scream when he stops for a minute.

“Tell me you aren’t worth it.” He demands

“Oh Brenny,” I say, using a nickname. “Do me nice and hard. Make me scream, moan, do whatever you like, I’m not worth you. I’m not worth it.” I say. Degrading myself was what he got off on? That’s a new one.

“Why can I do what I want?” He asks, and I smile evilly.

An innocent looks creeps up on my face. “Because I’m a slut.” I say, batting my eyelashes at him.

“No, you’re my slut.” He growls, thrusting wildly. “You like it?” he asks as I scream out his name. “You want to come to me?” He asks in a whisper. “I’ll make you come so hard and fast you’ll see fucking stars.”

“I’m so close.” I whisper, and we start kissing again. He tasted…different. Like strawberry and other substances I couldn’t name. It was a nice taste. Brendon, out of all the boys here, was the one I was most physically attracted to. I dunno why, but he just was. “Don’t stop!” I beg. “Oh god yes, Brendon!”

“I’m gonna cum, lil bitch.” Brendon whispers to me in my ear. I scratch up and down his back, making him groan loudly. He kisses me harshly on the mouth. He stops all movement, denying me the release I so desperately needed. “No orgasm for you. Not yet. Maybe one day, we’ll test how many I can get out of you in a night…” he entices.

The need was fading, and I start moving my hips at him.“O-oh, fuck me yes!” I say once the need had faded, and he’d started pumping into me again. “God, you’re so fucking perfect.” I say, looking at him.

“You’re so fuckin sexy.” He moans into my ear. “Do you like me pushing into you? Do you like me doing you, slut?”

“I like it when you call me that.” I purr, not lying.

“Fuckin slut, why don’t you just shut up and moan for me? You know if you’re mouth is open where it should be unless you’re moaning for me.” He says, moving harder and faster. I moan and call out his name wildly, pushed to my limit. We both are sent over the edge at nearly the same time. He screams my name, and my toes curl. Both of us have large amounts of air control, due to us both being singers. This means when we make noise, we can hold it out at a loud volume, for a long time. We prove this fact, much to Gerard’s amusement. He doesn’t even pant it out with me, just pulls out and cuddles up with Pete and Frank. I’m still riding out my orgasm, barely able to get enough air in my lungs to keep from blacking out.

I’m tired, wanting to both sleep, and do the next thing that asks. Ryan climbs over to me. “My turn?” He asks, and I look at him. “Here,” he grabs something from the bag. “Drink this.” He says, and hands me one of those monster energy drinks. He pops the top on it, and then brings out a bottle of vodka. He pops the top on the drink, pours some vodka in, and hands me it. I chug down the drink, getting half of it down in one chug. I hand the drink around, and everybody takes drinks from it. When it’s finished, it’s chucked across the room, landing near my guitar case.

“Nervous Ryan? Is that why you’re stalling?” Gerard teases. “Just be good with her like you were with me.”

Ryan blushes. “I’m not stalling. I’m going to be gentle with her. She needs to know what it feels like when somebody isn’t in it to just blow his load and go.” He mutters, and the boys all coo and make kissy faces at us.

“RyRo,” I coo at him. “I would thoroughly enjoy a change in pace.” I lean up to him, take his head in my hands and kiss him lightly on the lips. He and I lie there, kissing each other gently. I was excited just thinking about how different this was going to feel from the straight sexy I’d been getting. Ryan rubs against me, hand traveling south of my bellybutton. He teases me, and I tease right back, touching him with fluttering hands. He groans as I slide my hands around his body.

“Oh, stop the lovey dovey stuff, just fuck her Ryan. Lose that technical virginity.” Frank says, getting a bit angry. Gerard was cuddling him, and Brendon and Pete were still making out, moving close to heavy petting. “Besides, Gerard here wants a turn.”

“That I do. But I’m gonna make her last time of the night special, so let Ryan have his fun. If he wants to draw it out, it’s fine. We don’t have anywhere to be until 7:30 pm tomorrow.” Gerard says with a sly smile, stroking Frank’s chest. I won’t lie, I did feel a twang of jealousy from the look Gerard was giving Frank, that Frank was returning. “Easy Frankie, she’s not gonna suck you off again if you get riled up. After me, she’ll probably fall asleep in the middle of all of us.”

“Ryan,” I say, looking up at him. “Go ahead please.” I say, and he smiles at me. “Stop being such a tease, just do me please.” I don’t want to beg, Brendon had exhausted that, but I was willing to if it came down to it.

“Tell me you love me.” Ryan says. It stops the whole room dead. “Tell me that you love me, and I’ll have sex with you.”

“I love you.” I say to him. He shakes his head. “Ryan, I love you.”

He pushes into me softly, and a low moan escapes my throat. He pumps his hips slowly. “Am I hurting you?” he asks me carefully, and in response, I pull him down to me, kissing him slowly on the neck. It’s affectionate, and I like the way he looks at me.

“How cute.” Brendon says, sounding disgusted. “Do her right.” Brendon snaps.

“I’m not going to fuck her like she’s some cheap prostitute! Not like the girls you bring home and suddenly your wallet is a lot lighter in the morning.” Ryan spits, still fucking me. I let out a few building moans to remind him what he was doing.

“Ryan, ignore him. Remember I’m under you. I don’t care how you do it.” I mumble. “He’s just jealous that you’re gonna make me cum faster.”

“She doesn’t care.” Brendon says. “So just do it like a man. Don’t be a pussy, slam that bitch.” Brendon growls. I glare at him, and Ryan sighs. “She doesn’t mind! Do it!”

Ryan speeds up, and I hide a wince of upset feelings. I’d liked the way he was being careful with me, like he cared.

“Oh god,” I moan out. He does the same. “F-fuck. O-oh oh Ryan!” I scream his name out as I come so easy for him, probably because I was exhausted. I was also exaggerating it, to make him feel good about his first time with a chick. And to piss Brendon off, make him think he wasn’t the best so far. That title was held by Frank, tightly at that. “Ryan!” I scream and he makes a small groan as he finds his release with me. I’m dead tired, and desperately want to sleep. Pete has fallen asleep, Brendon close behind him.

“Oh babe,” Brendon says, rolling over Ryan –who’d pulled out after a minute of us kissing each other- and lays next to me. “You need a rest?”

“Yes.” I pant to him. “I’m not gonna be able to walk tomorrow am I?”

“Here, drink.” He tells me, handing me a pill that I recognize as an energy pill, and a bottle of vodka. I swallow, and feel the energy returning immediately.

“My turn. Prepare for the best orgasm you will ever have.” Gerard says. “If you’re good enough, I may moan for you. I know you love it.” He coos to me. I’m blindfolded quickly, and it sends me into survival mode. I start clawing at him, trying to get him to scream or something. Anything to tell me he wasn’t going to hurt me. My hands are suddenly bound, tied above my head. Brendon, I can tell by the way he tastes, kisses me while Gerard slides a finger in me. I’m moaning and groaning, all into B’s mouth. Another finger and Gerard’s moving faster. I rip my mouth from Brendon’s to scream for more. I hear something being sprayed on me, and can tell it’s something sweet and sticky.

Gerard’s tongue licks it off. I could hear the boys moving off the bed, and he’s pumping faster. “Oh yes.” I moan out, and he just chuckles. He pulls his fingers from me. “What?” I whimper. “Why’d you stop?”

“Because you were close, and I’m the type to make you work for it.” He says, licking more stuff off me. I hear him moaning, and somebody lifts my blindfold just a bit. I get a glimpse of Frank jacking Gee off, and I’m trying not to say anything. Gee could be stubborn, as could I.

“Oh it feels so good.” Gerard moans out. He comes, and Frank looks at his hand. Gerard motions towards me, and the blindfold is put back over my eyes. “Lick it off skank.” He says, and Frank sticks his fingers in my mouth. I lick the stuff off hungrily, getting as much as I can. “Good girl.” Gee coos, and then kisses me, grinding his hips against mine. I kiss back, tasting chocolate on his lips. I feel him get hard again, and it’s enticing. He traces a line on my hips lightly, and it makes me buck my hips at him.

“Naughty girl,” Gerard says. “Don’t you know I have to make you crazy?” he says, and I hear the whip cream can dispensing again, on my stomach. It takes nearly the whole can being licked off me before I give him any indication that I want it. One long line is made on me, ending right on that spot Ryan had found that drove me insane. He licks it off, and I scream out for Gerard to fuck me already. The agony of him not actually having sex with me was intense. My legs tighten around his head, silently begging him to keep hitting that wonderful spot. He does repeatedly, sucking at it. I scream out for him, scream for more. I was such a slut for him, he told me. He keeps sucking, swirling his tongue around the nerves that set me on fire. I’m so close to being over the edge, that I can barely take it. I wanted it so bad, and I’d do anything to get him in me. I have no use of my hands, and that’s making it worse for me. I’m partially derived of my sense of touch and completely of sight. My hearing and smell and taste are heightened, and I can hear every movement in the room. Before I can beg Gerard, he pushes into me without any warning. “Damn guys, she’s tight.” He calls. There are chuckles. I clench around him, and he moans loudly. He pushes hard against me, and then my wrists are freed. The blindfold is removed, and I find Gerard rolling onto his back.

“What are you doing?” I ask him and the black haired boy smiles at me evilly.

“You’re gonna be on top. You’re gonna do the work. You’re going to ride it.” He says, and I roll my eyes at him.

“Next time, we’re getting a chick in here.” Brendon says. “We’re all bi in here; you may as well show off for us.”

“Sounds good.” I purr.

“Now ride that dick.” Frank says, pointing to Gerard. “I’m exhausted, and sweaty as hell. We need a shower in the morning.”

“Group shower?” Pete mumbles. “I like the sound of that. But for now, let Gerard have his fun with our bitch, and then we flick on a movie and go to bed.” He mumbles.

“Ride me.” Gerard says. I’m still trying to figure out how, and he bucks his hips. I figure out the method quickly, and we take up our little “Who can be the loudest” game. He eventually wins, and as soon as I tighten, ready to come to him, he starts his moaning thing.

“No,” He moans as I slow down. “No.” He moans it out again, and I speed up. “Yes,” He groans, “Yes.” He resumes moaning, and I match it. When we’re both panting it out, I’m thrown down on my back, and he pulls out of me. “You can sleep now.” He says, striping the stained sheets from the bed, after depositing me on the other. I crawl back into bed, expecting to sleep alone. I curl up under a set of sheet Gerard puts on the bed, drifting off to sleep. Something joins me, and I open my eyes, eyelids heavy. It’s Frank, Ryan, and the rest of the group.

Frank is the closest to me, putting an arm around me, pulling me closer to him. “Frankie,” I mumble. “Frankie I’m tired. I need to sleep.” I mumble, shrugging away from him.

“Scar,” he whispers. “I just wanted to snuggle.” He says, and I’m shocked. “Do you not want to cuddle me? I’m a post-hookup cuddler. Kinda a turnoff for some girls but-” I cut off his whispered ramble.

“No,” I whisper, moving back to him immediately. I turn, so he’s facing my back. “I do wanna snuggle.” Ryan is in front of me, Pete in between he and Brendon. Frank is in between Gerard and me. I turn back around, facing Frank. He was the last thing I saw as I drifted off to sleep.
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