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Beneath a House, I Lay in Wait

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One year ago JJ was abducted. Her team can't find her. But when a case comes to them, will it lead them to her or further away?

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One year.
Thats how long Jennifer Jareau has been missing.
One year and her team had absolutely no clue as to her wear-a-bouts. They spent most their free time looking over the case files, disparately trying to find something they may have missed.
One year and JJ was beginning to doubt they would ever find her, that she would ever escape. For the past year she lived in a dungeon below the home of Peter Collins.
A man who tourched and killed 8 young women.
The man who abuducted JJ.

JJ sat in her small cell counting each crack in the ceiling. She had done this many times and even gets a tad bit excited when she discovers a new crack. This is what her life had been reduced to. She couldn't do much as she was shackled to the wall, but thankfully the chain was long enough for her to move around the cell.

Her cell considided of an old beat up mattress with a couple thin blankets and a small desk against the left wall.

There was a simple routine to her life in the cell. Every morning Peter would wake her and give her breakfast. The wake up call usually being a sharp kick to the ribs. He would then leave for work and return later that night. That was when things would get unpleasant. Peter would take out his days fustration and anger on JJ. Beating her till she was barely conscious. He would then bring her dinner. Once again leaving her alone in the dark.

"It could be worse" JJ reassured herself "I could be dead"

Emily Prentiss glanced around the ballpen to each of her colleges. They just got home after a horrific case that hid a little close to home. The victims were all young women with blonde hair and blue eyes. Every victim they saw reminded them more of what could have or be happening to JJ.

"Today its officially a year" Spencer Reid voiced what everyone was thinking. His sorrow shown in his voice. He and JJ were close friends. She would explain the things that left him clueless, usually social topics. He would recite something he'd read, and she would actually listen and take the information in. Her disappearance had hit him hard. He'd almost started using dilaudid again but although the temptation was great, he knew that JJ would disaprove of it.

"Will is coming by later with Henry" Penelope Garcia declared. Trying to lighten the darkening atmosphere. She spent a lot of time at the LaMontagne-Jareau household. Taking care of Henry while Will was at work.

"Does he still ask?" Derek Morgan asked. He didn't need to elaborate the question. Garcia knew what he meant.

"Yes. Every night apparently" Garcia replied with a small smile. Henry was now 3 years old. Although only 2 when JJ went missing, he still vaguely remembered his mother and asked when she would be coming home.

"Will still hasn't told him that she might not be coming home?" Morgan asked, his voice strained. He didn't like the idea of giving up hope of ever finding JJ alive.

"He has, multiple times but Henry refuses to believe him" Garcia explained. Nervously picking at the hem of her light pink dress.

"The little guy still has hope" David Rossi spoke "We should too"

"We do Rossi, it just gets harder as the days pass by without even the slightest clue" Morgan hastily replied.

Before anyone could say anything more, Aaron Hotchner approached them, a grim look plastered on his face "we have a case".

"Already?" Prentiss sighed "we just got back from one"

"I know, but this is a particularly ... personal one"

Each member of the BAU froze.

"Has she ..." Reid couldnt finished the sentence, tears already welling up.

"No, not exactly. But its possible that this case is related to her abduction" Hotch quickly explained, mentally kicking himself for wording his previous sentence like so.

"How?" Morgan questioned as they followed Hotch into the 'war' room.

"Over the course of 8 years, the body of a blonde, blue eyed women has been found in local parks. Each victim had been reported missing a year and 5 days before their body is found. Each with almost identical markings" Hotch grimly spoke.

"And you think that this could be the guy who took JJ?" Rossi questioned.

"Yes. She matches the victimology perfectly. It explains why we haven't found her" Hotch explains "this could be a lead or a dead end but I think I speak for all of us by saying that its too much of a chance to pass up"

"If this is the guy that took JJ then we only have 5 days to find her alive" Garcia spoke, her voice wavering.

"Shes been in the city all this time and we didn't even know" Morgan practically gasped, after reading one of the case reports.

"If this is even the guy we're after" Reid muttered. Over the year he had gotten his hopes up multiple times only to have them painfully crushed.

"Even if this is our guy or not, we have 5 days till a body shows up" Rossi said, his tone all business "lets find this son of a bitch!"
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