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Chapter 22

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The end.

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You guys are going to hate me.


"Frank?" I tried once more. His breathing seemed to stay choppy and uneven. "Baby, please wake up." When he didn't, I began to make plans in my head. I got up off the bed and looked at Frank once more, hoping he'd miraculously rise up and save me from what I was about to do. But he didn't. And it was my fault.

Gerard's Point Of View

I took Frank's hand and placed a small kiss over his scars on his arms. I pulled the blankets up to cover him and then watched him for awhile. Even though his face was covered with scratches, he still managed to look beautiful. I ran my fingers through his hair and kissed his forehead.

"I love you Frank. I'll always love you the most." I whispered to him, placing one last kiss on his mouth. I left the room, making sure not to look back in case it would make me change my mind about what I was about to do. I ignored Mikey and Ray's questions about where I was going and if Frank was okay as I made my way out of the house.

I got in my care and sped off down the street. This is it I thought to myself as I drove straight into a large tree, making sure Frank was the last thing I thought of as everything went black.

Frank's Point Of View

"I love you Frank." I heard a voice whisper. "I'll always love you the most." I thought I was dreaming, or maybe even in hell, but then I felt lips brush against mine. His lips.

"Gerard?" I whispered. I heard Mikey and Ray talking in the distance. I opened my eyes and found myself in Gerard's room, but Gerard wasn't there. I felt a tingling sensation on my arm, right about my scars and on my cheek as well.

Mikey and Ray ran into the bedroom. I stared at both of them.

"Frank!" they yelled in unison once they saw me.

"Where's Gerard?" I demanded. I had a sick feeling in my was wrong. The voice that I had heard belonged to Gerard and the way he had said 'I love you' sounded more like he was saying his 'goodbye'.

"He just left." Ray said. As if right on que, I heard tires screech as a car sped off. My eyes widened in horror. I knew exactly what he was about to do.

"Frank what's wrong?" Mikey demanded as I got out of bed and ran downstairs.

"He's going to crash it." I said. "he's trying to kill himself." I ran out of the house before either of the them could respond. There was a loud crash, and I took off running in the direction of the sound.

As I got closer, I saw his car smashed into a large tree at the park we had sex at. There was no way he could of survived that.

"No." I whispered to myself. I ran to the car and peered inside. His body wasn't there. Every window was shattered. Slowly, I looked ahead.

Laying about 20 feet away from the car was a body. I heard somebody scream, and it took me a few seconds to realize that it had been me. I forced my legs to move and ran over to the body. Gerard was laying face down. I could hear sirens getting closer and people coming to find out what the noise had been. I grabbed onto Gerard's body, letting tears stream down my face. He was covered in his own blood.

"Gee, I love you." I sobbed, hoping he's hear, but I knew it was too late. He was already gone. "Baby, please. I'm so sorry." I gave him a kiss, wishing we were in a movie or a dream and he would just magically wake up and be okay. But it wasn't like that. This wasn't a movie, and he wasn't going to wake up. This was reality.

I noticed Mikey sobbing a few fee away, and Ray trying to stay strong as he attempted to calm ikey down. I could see an ambulance and some police cars arrive. I clutched onto Gerard's lifeless body as some people with a stretcher ran towards us. I didn't want them to take Gerard away from me.

I could see their mouths moving as they tried to pry me away from Gerards, but I couldn't hear anything. I held on tighter.

"Frank, let go." I heard Ray's voice as he tried to help them by pulling me away. They yanked Gerard's body away from me and I watched, crying as they rolled his body away. Ray tried to hug me and calm me down, but I broke away from his grip and ran off back to the house. I could hear Mikey and Ray calling after me, but I didn't stop running.

As soon as I got inside the house, I ran to Gerard's bedroom. I found a sweatshirt of his and hugged it, breathing in his smell and it got wet from my tears.

Two weeks ago, I had been hiding out at that park. I stayed there for a week and a half. Some guys had jumped me there in the middle of the night. They kicked me, punched me, and threatened to kill me, saying "the world would be such a better place without fags like you."

The morning after they had jumped me, I decided to leave. So I went to the last place people would think of. The place that Gerard had once taken me. The cemetery.

I don't remember much after I go there. I must ave been passed out from sleep deprivation and starvation. That's where Gerard must have found me.

I never saw Pete again after the rape. I was thankful for that. Because of him, everything was ruined. He came back and fucked everything up, and now the man that I loved more than anything was dead. My reason to live was gone.

I stood up and headed to the bathroom to figure out how to join the man I loved.

"I love you more Gerard Arthur Way." I whispered. "And I'll be with you soon."

Unknown Point Of View

Frank Iero was found dead only and hour after the love of his life died. He had locked himself in the bathroom. Mikey and Ray found him after breaking down the door. He was laying on the ground. He had carved 'Gerard', deeply into his arm with a dull pocket knife and quickly bled out.

Both Frank's and Gerard's funeral was three days later. They had a combined funeral service and were buried next to each other at the far end of the cemetery were Gerard used to spend a lot of his time. Neither of Frank's parents showed up to the funeral. Gerard's parents came. Jamia, Lindsey, Bob, and a few others showed up. Even Pete was there, hiding out in the distance.

No one found out about what happened to Frank while he was missing. Only Pete and Frank knew about the rape, but Pete didn't consider it that. He loved Frank, but it could never compare to the love Frank and Gerard had for each other.

Nobody found out about the name carved into Frank's arm either. Only Mikey and Ray knew about that. Those two were the only ones that understood just how much Gerard and Frank loved each other. But even they didn't expect this to happen. They told themselves that the two of them were in a much better place, where they could be together forever.

Alright, well there you go. It's over. I am the horrible bitch that just killed off the two main characters. Don't hate me pleasssse!
Anyways, I hope you enjoyed the story, despite the depressing ending to it. Let me know what you thought of it!
Also, I will be posting a new Frerard story soon. I've been working on a few other one, and might start posting one soon. It might not get posted for awhile, but look out for it!
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