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A story about my character that I wrote a long time ago.

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So class lets start talking more about ourselves good , good. Gothamaru why don’t you start! My name is Gothamaru , I’m thirteen and no one likes me. I don’t know why but they wont talk to me. I was born with a demon inside me my mother discovered this out and killed herself. By the age eight my mother had been dead for a year and I was left on my own with no help from anyone. Everyone hates me and I hate everyone that’s how its going to stay forever. I joined the ninja academy so I wouldn’t be hopeless later on but I only did it to protect myself. What was I going to say I obviously was not going to tell them the truth plus why should they know! “uhm kakashi cant I just sit here?” “No you cant Gothamaru you have to say at least one thing.” “I cant don’t you get that I don’t want you guys to know the truth about me and I don’t want to make up a lie!” I got up to leave but Naruto got in front of me. “your not allowed to move or leave this place unless you want to get kicked out.” Said Naruto. “I don’t care if I get kicked out cant you see that , just leave me be.!” I punched Naruto and ran for the woods where no one could find me and found a stream. Suddenly I was very tired and felt like crying. Me I dint cry much and when I do it last forever. I felt a presence behind me. I lifted my head looked at my reflection and say Gaara of the desert. I put my head back down and started to breath normal. That’s when I heard him sigh and decided to move over knowing that’s what he would want. So I move over and he sits next to me. We sit there in silence for a long time until he ask “Are you afraid of me?” “No.” I reply. He looked at me shocked. I couldn’t tell if he wanted to kill me or leave me be so I get up. “Just like usual no one want to be near me and when I speak they look like I come from another planet.” I mumble. As soon as I was on my feet I started to run , run as fast as I can farther into the woods farther than anyone has ever gone before. Then I jump as high as possible reaching a branch more than fifty feet above me. “How did I what just happened?” I stood there in stock. I just jumped to the middle branches without getting hurt. That’s when I feel a tingling sensation in me. “What is wrong with me.” I get out the tree and everything suddenly makes perfect sense. “I’m , I’m a mage!” I say to myself. Gaara suddenly appeared and I just looked at him with a huge smile on my face. “What?” he ask. I still just look at him. “Hold a sec Gaara.” I started walking forwards but something kept me back. I stood still and looked around me. “what are you doing?” “Nothing Gaara.” That’s when it came. A huge beast with a drooling mouth and stinking flesh. A wave of terror came over me as I watched it come closer to me. Then suddenly I was angry , remembering the time when my mother said I couldn’t hurt a fly. Down came the aurora hitting the beast and stunning it. The next move just came to me. Telling myself to keep calm I balance my chakra to my hands then to my finger tips. When I feel like I’m about to explode I let it all go out in a wave of aurora. Brilliant shades of green and blue changing to red and purple the angrier I get. When I was done I feel so exhausted. “woah what did you just do?” “I don’t know I just felt so , so angry.” I say. Then pass out.
When I awake I don’t know where I am. I get up really fast knocking into Gaara and hitting him hard. “Ow that didn’t feel good.” “I don’t even know your name yet.” “Oh sorry names Gothamaru.” I tell him. “So Gothamaru aren’t you supsto be training? “I don’t want to train plus they don’t even like me , no one likes me Gaara.” As to signal that I don’t want to talk anymore I get up and start walking back towards training. “If you don’t want to train them why are you going back Gothamaru.” Then I hear someone scream in pain. I run until I find the person but I never find the person. “What I just heard someone scream and I am positive they were here!” “Gothamaru oh Gothamaru were are you?!” When I hear the people calling my name I turn to walk away but Gaara turns me the other direction and forces me to go meet the people. “Gothamaru there you are. See Sauske , Saukra and Naruto she’s perfectly normal! Now lets go back to class come on Gothamaru.” “No kakashi I’m not going.” I turned and walked around into the forest. Why should I they don’t even like me. the teacher kakashi doesn’t care about me Saukra dosen’t care about me only about Sauske and he dosen’t seem to be listening. Gaara , kakashi , Naruto , Sauske and Saukra watched as I left. Then it hit Gaara. She’s like me. He thinks to himself. As Gaara thinks he dosen’t realize that he’s being stared at. “What did I do something wrong?” “Do you know what’s wrong with her Gaara?” “Of course I do its kinda obvious!” As I watch they just look at him confused. Is it really obvious? I was hoping he didn’t know or at least would think he didn’t know so I could live a normal life around someone. The whole time I was thinking to myself they were pestering Gaara with questions. “Stop bothering him.” Naruto looked at me and started laughing. “Oh lookie she thinks she can take me on even when she wasn’t there for the lesson yesterday!” then kakashi looked at me real hard and saw it. He saw that I was a mage with a demon stuck inside me at birth not put into me but born with me and that I held a tailed beast as well. “Hey uhm Naruto I don’t think you should be doing that.” “Why kakashi she dosen’t have any special abilities plus couldn’t even touch me!” said Naruto. “fine you want to prove that your stronger then lets fight right here right now!” as Gaara backed up Sauske , kakashi and Saukra were stunned. Gaara never backed up unless the person was really dangerous. That’s when they looked at me. Gaara couldn’t believe it I just changed how I looked like. “Oh don’t worry this is the least I could do!” In a sudden rage I put up my hands calling down the snow , water and rain. But by doing that I turned myself blue. The reason it’s auctly quite clear. I didn’t sleep all day and I was not feeling good at all! Naruto was my target and I was going to hit him , hit him hard. Then I looked in his eyes and saw fear. Without hitting my opponent I stopped. He lived a hard enough life as it is and he had a dream. “What’s wrong Gothamaru cant fight or are you such a girlie who hasn’t been hurt at all?” “I don’t think you should of said that Naruto.” Said Gaara. “Why not she cant feel anything because she’s being such a brat. Dosen’t she realize how we feel. Her life is all prim and proper and I bet she still has both her parents plus how are you to know Gaara its not like she talks to you?!” “Your wrong Naruto even if you realize it or not she’s had a huge loss in her life. She’s kinda like you. No parents , family , friends nothing. She recently just figured out who she was and she’s trying to get a hold on that. Out of all of us she has had the most tragic life.”
What did he just say , I had the most tragic life. How would he know I didn’t talk to him. “How do you know so much about me Gaara I haven’t talked to you that much?” “It’s the silence your in. you don’t know it but your easy to read. In fact easier to read when your silent. If your group paid attention they would feel your emotions. Read your emotions in your eyes but Sakura is to busy looking at Sauske , Sauske is to busy trying to think about something that’s extremely obvious and kakashi is to busy seeing the flaws that are in everyone.” We stood in silence. Of course it was true but I didn’t want it to be true. I sat down on the ground and put my head in between my legs. “So what has happened to you Gothamaru?” asked Naruto. “I don’t think you want to know plus I’m just a girlie who hasn’t gotten hurt before so why should you care?” I said. “Look I’m sorry about that I didn’t mean it. Here if you tell me wont judge you anymore.” I had to think about what Naruto said. “FINE ill tell you. When I was seven my mother figured out that I was born with a demon inside me. My mother was a great mage. In fact the best one. I came home on day from school and saw my mother. She was drunk and tired. A combination that didn’t go well with her. I asked her if she wanted me to do anything. She told me to sit in the chair. When I turned around to sit in the chair she attempted to kill me. I woke up later when she tough I was dead and she figured out that if she cant kill me then she was gona have to kill herself. She didn’t even let me out the chair I was strapped to. She pulled out her knife and slit her throat. I screamed and screamed until someone got me but of course they though that I did it. So to punish me they grabbed everyone that I loved and slit there wrist bleeding them to death. Like normal none of my family members cared about me so they took this as a blessing to get away from me and never see me again. Since they didn’t think that was enough they cursed me. You cant see the mark until the moons out but its there. I later found out that I had siblings but when I found them they didn’t want to go near me. in an attempt to get away from me they were caught in a trap that tore there heads off. I fled the country and found this place. By the age eight a year after my mothers death and all those killings I didn’t know who I was. I decided to stay here until I went to the school. They I went to the school and became what I am today. Ever since that day no one has understood me or even talked to me. they all run away like I’m a kind of monster which I kind of am. They didn’t even give me a chance. Then I met you guys and though you would be different. I was wrong when I didn’t open up you though I was girlie and nothing had happened to me. So I ran into the woods where no one would find me. I was also wrong about that. Gaara found me. he sat down by me then gave me this look. Assuming that he didn’t want me there I ran. Jumped abut fifty feet or higher into a tree then came back down. I found out that I was like my mother. That I’m a mage as well but my powers stronger.” I stopped there and stood up. They all looked at me surprised even Gaara. Then the moon came out. It showed my cursed markings. Vines with flowers all over me but inside the flower were a tiny part of the aurora. The ability I was able to control. The last or good part of my mother that loved me. the one who wouldn’t care who I was just liked me for who I was. I looked at the group. They were looking at my markings. Stepping into the shadows so my marks would go away I fled into the forest. Now that they knew the real me they would hate me even more. What I didn’t know was that the group was following me. without knowing it we were in a trap.
People came out by the hundreds and in order to protect me I used what little ability I had control over and started making shapes like my mother had. My outfit changed to protect me more and show how much power I had. When I was done making the shape I smiled looked at my enemy and threw the shape at them. That caught them off guard. I continued making stuff with my hands to throw at them. Slowly they backed off. When they were gone I was gasping for breath. “Wow your strong , very strong” I stiffened. “What are you doing here?” I asked Sauske but before he could answer the rest of the Group came out. “We were following you so we could talk to you but you got up all of a sudden and started running. Then we decided to follow you. While you were running you walked into a trap and those people came out, since we couldn’t turn around we were going to help until Gaara told us not to. He said that you need to get all your emotions out. We didn’t get it until you started drawing the shape. Once again we were confused until we saw what the shape was and how you threw it out at the people…” of course the kind of thing kakashi would say. “Is that all you care about? How people do. Why don’t you go back to reading your disgusting book and leave me alone. Cant you see I’ve had a bad enough day as it is!” I stood up to run away from them but instead I passed out. “Gaara how do you think she’s going to be?” “Why are you asking me Naruto I’m not a healer like she is.” “Wait what she can heal people?” said kakashi. “Well duh , don’t you see. You know your really ticking me off and I want to kill you.” “Why do you want to kill kakashi?” Sakura and Sauske said in unison. “Why do you want to know?” That’s when I decided to sit up. Where was I. “Uhm where am I.” I asked. “Oh lookie she woke up. Come on students lets leave and go back to training.” “I don’t want to go back to training kakashi I think ill live on my own in the woods where I cant hurt anyone and wont be asked questions. I think that would be best. Plus I can learn my new abilities and see how they work. Ooh also study on my own and make books so I remember stuff.” They all looked at me like they were surprised. “Why do you want to leave Gothamaru?” “I want to leave because I now the group will be better of without me , no one wants me there , I’m useless and I wouldn’t make it anyway. That good enough Sauske?” not really wanting a reply I got up and left. But I managed to be close enough to here Gaara mumble something. I think it was about not having a chance a promise and good bye. I just kept on going.
“Bright sunny day and time for breakfast! Lets see should I have rabbit or egg? Rabbit seems less cruel.” As I set up the traps I couldn’t believe how happy I was. I was never this happy. “I should live on my own more often seem to make me happy.” As the day went by I occasionally hear someone behind me but when I turned to look I didn’t find anybody. By noon time I had collected enough food for the day that I decided o take a walk. When I was walking I found the perfect tree to sleep in. what I didn’t know was that Gaara was under that tree. I circled the tree trying to find the perfect place to jump up when I found Gaara. I sat down by him and woke him up. He got up quickly and we butted heads. “Ow hat hurt” he said. “Well we kinda just butted heads.” “He looked at me puzzled and I returned it back. “Your not afraid of me are you Gothamaru?” “No why would I be afraid of you?” “Well I could possibly kill you or go berserk and strangle you.” “I know.” I said to Gaara. I reached my hand out and he took it. “So what are you doing over here Gothamaru , though you would of went back to the school or something?” “Nope I refuse to go back to the school , well at least for a week so I can figure out who I am.” “So basically you don’t know who you are. Maybe your overlooking things. Here ill take you back to the school I have to go there anyways.” As we came closer to the school the more people looked at him weird. I didn’t know what’s wrong with the crowd but they didn’t like Gaara. “Hey lookie my friends thanks Gaara.” “No problem Gothamaru,” for the rest of the day I talked to my friends. Planned for my birthday and who I was going to invite. Then my teacher came. “Gothamaru where have you been. We have been studying and working without you.” I didn’t say anything kakashi looked pretty mad at me. when I got there I had to train harder than everyone has ever done. “Ok kids time to go home and sleep! Be back tomorrow before twelve…” I left before he could finish. During the walk to the tree I couldn’t shake off something. “Well I’m going to have to sleep on it if I’m going to figure it out.” With that said I went to sleep.
When I woke up the next morning I felt extremely odd. Kinda how you know something major is going to happen but you don’t know what. “No time to be tired must wake up for exam test… oh crappie we got a test today!” I ran through the woods and met my friends in the woods. “Hey Gothamaru what’s up? “Nothing really you?” before they answered my question they saw Gaara. I looked at them weird and then realized they were going to throw rocks at him. Before the rock could hit him a wave of sand came up. I ran to his side. “Stop throwing rocks at Gaara! Don’t you got something better to do then torment someone.” My friends looked at me weird then started laughing. I turned around to talk to Gaara when on of the people threw a rock at me. without knowing it Gaara was holding me tightly so his wall of sand could protect me. “Fine if your going to be friends with him then we’ll hate you both!” they walked off laughing. I was still in Gaara’s arm when he stood up. “You ok Gothamaru?” “Why did those people want to hurt you , you didn’t do anything to them?” “They don’t like me Gothamaru there not like you.” “What do you mean there not like me Gaara?” it took a few minutes before he could answer. “You I don’t know how to put this. Normally when I see people I want to kill them but you I don’t feel like killing. You make me feel happy even if your not talking. Just the sight of you makes me happy.” I smiled. Even though he knew who I really was what had happened to me he didn’t feel the need to run or kill me. He liked the real me. “Did that sound stupid Gothamaru” “No it didn’t Gaara it sounded…” I trailed off not saying the rest of it so he didn’t know how I felt. But by doing that I was respecting his space. “Gothamaru get over here right now!” that broke the stare between me and Gaara. “Hey why don’t you take your friend along with you sure he could use a little help.” Right then and there I caught kakashi off guard. “He dosen’t need help he’s just like me and if you got a problem you can deal with it.” Kakashi looked at me stunned. “So the little ladies running her mouth now is she?” “Yep and your about to get a fistful of my…” then Gaara came up. “Uhm kakashi cam she join my team. I think she will feel more welcome and not be treated like a piece of crap like you are doing to her right now.” “Knock yourself out but beware she dosen’t listen at all and she can be quite fierce.” Me and Gaara left not caring what they said about me. “So Gothamaru why don’t you hate me?” “I don’t know but I can tell you one thing for sure I have no reason to hate you.” He simply smiled and kept walking. After about 5 hours of walking I had no clue where we were. An hour after that I started to sleep while walking. At some point I must of collapsed on the ground asleep because I woke up in a room that was cozy. I looked around saw that it was a nice room and since I was still extremely tired I fell back asleep. Two hours later I woke up and saw Gaara in the room. “Hi how long have I been here?” I asked Gaara. “You’ve been here for quite a while. You fell asleep while walking and I carried you to my house.” “oh sorry didn’t mean to do that.” “Its ok Gothamaru you were tired.” “Yeah but if I slept here then were did you sleep?” “I don’t sleep that much.” With that he left the room.
“Well might as well get up and do my daily walk don’t want to become lazy.” It took about thirty minutes for me to get ready. “Ah fresh air great way to start the day!” when I was walking through the village a lot of people were giving me weird looks. “Ok stay away from the main street so I don’t get stared at and walk in the forest. That sounds like a plan I can follow.” So I followed a little path until I was in the woods then I went into a tree. I climbed to the top of the tree and started jumping from tree to tree. While I was jumping I found some monkeys. One of them was really hurt so I went to it first. The other monkeys backed away so I could heal it. While I was talking to the monkey(I had no clue kinda like how you talk to a dog) it replied back. I remained calm and stated a conversation with it. When I was done healing the monkey it thanked me. “No problem.” I said to the monkey. I started to jump from tree to tree again when I realized it was getting dark. “Ok so don’t go on the main road and go to Gaara’s house. Must avoid the road unless I want to draw attention to myself.” By the time I got to Gaara’s house I had a lot of monkeys and butterfly’s following. While I was talking to one of the monkeys Gaara gave me a confused look. “Oh sorry I figured out I can talk to animals. Isn’t that cool!” his eyes lit up and had an amused look. He also had a tiny bit of a smile but I didn’t point that out because I didn’t know if he wanted me to know or not.” “Night monkeys!” I went inside and sat at the table. “Hold a sec!” before Gaara could ask me what I was talking about I ran outside at full speed. “Where is it , where is it , where is it. Think concentrate of course under the tree. Ah come on I know I brought it with me.” That’s when a monkey came out holding the bag I brought with me. when the monkey came I crouched down and started petting it. “Thank you.” I whispered to the monkey. That whole entire time Gaara was smiling at me. “She’s beautiful and kind but fierce if needed.” Thought Gaara. ‘LOOKIE WHAT I GOT!!!!! I got some ,nuts roots and leaves. Oh hey tea cool.” I yelled for no apparent reason. I went inside again and looked at my hands. “How am I going to protect myself?” I thought. This time I quietly walked out the house to find a long piece of wood. When I found it I walked back to the house but stayed outside. “Hey Gaara can you hand me my bag!” A few moments later Gaara came outside with my bag. “Thanks.” “No problem.” Very carefully I made a fire and took out the rabbit I had. When I had the rabbit I skinned it and hung up the skin to dry so I could do something with it.
After hanging up the skin I skewered the rabbit and put it over the fire. “You need help Gothamaru?” “Yes please Gaara can you turn the rabbit.” After the rabbit was turned and the skin was hanging we sat in silence. About three hours later the rabbit was done and we divided it in half. While I was searching my bag for something I felt eyes on me. Then I found it. The gem my father gave me. the only person in my family who loved me while they knew the truth. Gaara didn’t ask me what it was or what value it had to me. when we were done eating I offered to take the stuff out to the river so it could be washed. Gaara agreed as long as he was allowed to come. “Ok you can come Gaara.” “You don’t mind me coming?” “No it would auctly be better because the other person can watch for danger.” He just looked at me and shrugged. While we were walking to the river we passed a lot of monkeys. “Hey Gothamaru look behind you.” The monkeys voice was the last thing I heard. “Who ever did this id going to pay. No one should touch her unless they want to die. I will personally kill them myself if they touch her now tell me who in the world did this!” “Jeesh brother you don’t have to yell at us plus why do you care for her its not like she’s anything special.” Said Temari. “Wait if she’s special to Gaara then we should at least see what she can do.” “Good point Kankurou. Lets see what she can do.” At that moment I got up and dressed myself. “Where do I go , the hospital is so confusing.” I had to get out of there I could not take crowed places and I didn’t like hospitals. When I turned the corner I saw Gaara gave him a look that said id be outside and jumped out the window into the tree. I silently went down the tree all the way down to the sand and met Gaara. “Wow you jumped over eighty feet out a window into the tree silently?” Temari said. I looked at Gaara and he looked at me. “Yes I did that why?” Temari looked at Gaara and smiled. “I like her a lot. Welcome to the club.” “Uhm thanks? Ok what happened while I was gone?” “Gaara said that he…” At that moment Gaara gave kankurou a look that made him stop speaking. “So what’s your full name?” “I don’t or don’t use my last name Temari it brings back to many bad memories.” “Ok I can deal with that. What are your abilities and what are you?” “Uhm I’m good with bows and arrows plus throwing knives , and I can control lightning , light , mist , water , snow , frost , ice and wind and I’m a ninja mage.” They all looked at me shocked well everyone except Gaara. “You’re a ma… ,ma mage.” Kankurou and Temari said at the same time. “Here ill leave and let you guys catch up.” I jumped into the nearest tree and kept on going until I found a stream. When I found the stream I took my shoes off and put my feet into the water. “Relaxing after a hard day.” I sat there for the rest of the day. When the moon came out my whole outfit changed. “Hey at least I have a bow and some arrows. Hey this is the outfit I get for being a mage.” “Gothamaru you have been granted the ability to talk to animals. Every animal that you walk by or talk to will help you in battle. They will give up there life in order to protect you.” Without another word my outfit was changed and I instantly heard everything , even if I didn’t want to. Without knowing it my feet were taking me to Gaara’s place. I burst through the door and fell to the floor. “What happened to you Gothamaru? Do you feel ok , your head hurt?” “I its what but why no why me. what did I ever do to deserve this?” for the next hour I cried to myself. Gaara sat next to me holding me tightly and making sure I felt safe. I cried for my mother , family all my relatives. I just cried for being me. I didn’t know it but I fell asleep. When I woke up I found Gaara at his desk looking at something. He must of known I was looking at him because he told me that I could still sleep and he would always be there. He would never leave me.
I woke up again to find that Gaara was gone. Deciding that I was to forget about last night I got up and took a shower. When I got out of the shower I changed into my mages outfit and took my bows and arrows with me. “Now where is that lake I found yesterday.” When I got to the lake I noticed a white deer with gold antlers. The deer looked at me and bowed then left. “That was odd?” when I sat down the water was surprisingly warm. “Hey Gothamaru can I talk to you?” “Of course you can Gaara.” As I got up to talk to him he attacked me. then I saw that it was a different person. The person who watched me and executed all my family members. Before I could think about it he cut off my win pipe so I couldn’t scream. Once again I woke up in the hospital. “Why do I always wake up in the hospital?” “Huh your awake I’m so sorry I shouldn’t of left you.” “Its not your fault Gaara its mine for not looking closely.” “Still you could of died.” “Its ok I’m fine.” “I believe you by the way who was that person?” “I think no… that’s impossible… that person you saw is the person who captured and executed all my family members.” I say in a very hushed voice. That’s when I look at Gaara. He had this look in his face , one that you haven’t seen before. After a day in the hospital they let me go. But that’s only if I’m watched over which I don’t agree with but its part of the deal so I couldn’t complain. When we reach Gaara’s house he pulls me to sit down next to him. “Gothamaru I don’t know how to put this but… would you like to stay with me. When your with me I’m calm and my powers under control. I don’t know how I would live with ought you. Your beautiful and calm. Your also not a fan girl and you don’t hate me. Your not scared of me and you never were. I can act like myself when I’m around you because you don’t judge me. I , I love you Gothamaru. Please don’t leave me.” “I love you to and I never was going to leave you. I don’t think id be able to and yes ill stay with you. Who’s gona keep an eye on you.” I looked deep in his eyes and really did find love. A love that couldn’t be penetrated by anything. A love stronger than life its self. A love that would protect me until the worlds end. We sat in silence for a long time until I asked a question. “Hey how would you like to meet some friends of mine?” “Sure when do we leave?” “Tomorrow before the suns up.” After saying that you went to bed.
“Good morning ready for the walk?” “As ready as ready gets Gothamaru.” With that said we left for the trip. Then we heard some music. “Hey lookie we got here in time!” the closer I got the more the people started to sing. Finally one of the people recognized me and gave me a huge hug. Gaara seeing that this was a friend allowed it for a little while. “What is my beautiful Gothamaru doing out here and who did she bring with her.” “Big chief id like you to meet Gaara. He’s saved my life more than once.” “Uhm hello.” Big chief gave him the most serious look I’ve ever seen. “Can I talk with you privately Gaara?” “Sure.” “You see Gothamaru she’s a fierce strong person. There are some things deep down that can tear her to pieces. Right now she’s loveable , calm , nice and collected but if someone gets her angry she will rip them to pieces. But if someone goes on saying that they love her and end up breaking her heart all of what I told you before leaves. She will be so angry with herself for not seeing the truth that she will borough deeper into herself. She’s like a flower. Give the flower water , love and attention she will protect you with her life and love you more than anything but if neglected she will wither and become nothing. Just another walking person who dosen’t care about anything.” After that Gaara looked at me and found that it was true. Beautiful like a flower fierce as a cobra and delicate as silk. All those things made up me but he forgot one thing. “Hey big chief I think you forgot one thing.” “What that.” “She’s as confident as the north wind going north and protective as a bear with her cubs.” With those words he left to go find me. “Hey what’s your name?” “My names Lilly. What’s your name?” “My names Gothamaru. How old are you?” “I’m seven. Ill be eight tomorrow. Whens your birth day Gothamaru?” “September eleventh.” Lilly looked behind me and saw Gaara. “Oh who’s he?” “Oh Lilly id like you to Gaara. Gaara id like you to meet Lilly.” They looked at each other and shook hands. Then Lilly smiled at Gaara and ran away. “Well she’s full of fun isn’t she Gothamaru?” “Yes reminds me of me before my mother died.” Then we sat in silence. When the moon came up I got up to move so my markings wouldn’t show. “What are you doing Gothamaru?” “I’m moving because I don’t want my marks to show. They make me look different. It also reminds me of the…” “Here just stay here for a while and look at the constellations. Ill be right next to you and wont look at your marks.” While we were looking at the constellations he spotted the white deer with golden antlers. Then I spotted it. After I spotted it I looked at myself I looked normal. “Gothamaru when your with the person you love you will always look the same in his eyes. You will never look different so you see yourself as he sees you. The marks of the curse were to keep people from liking you. But when Gaara came he liked you from the beginning. You always looked the same to him even after you told him the story about your life. Then when he asked you if you were afraid of him and you replied no he knew he could trust you with everything. Since that day he has been extremely protective of you. Many time when someone gave you the wrong look he would of loved to kill then but then figured out that these people were your friends. He will always love you for who you are. Nothing less , nothing more.” With that the deer walked away. “You can speak to animals.” “Yes a few days ago I was sitting at a stream when the moon hit me. my outfit changed into this and I figured it was my mage outfit. But it came with a twist. Certain mages have certain abilities. My mother had fire and healing. She could have been a war mage but she refused to. With that came the ability of seeing on the wind. My father had ice and illusion. He to could have been a war mage but also refu/Users/16stepbarn/Desktop/the folder that holds folders/my story/gothamaru .txtsed. He was able to see what happened I a certain place by touching a rock. I have the ability of the aurora and talking to animals. I don’t use my aurora much I use the little ninja skills I know. But then I don’t even use those. If someone makes me angry ill fight them but I would rather be a medical ninja. Someone who doesn’t cause pain but relieves it. The animals help me. the first day it was hard because I was hearing all these conversations but then I got use to it. Now I can block them out entirely. That deer you saw is my guide. Every mage has there guide weather it’s a animal or a spirit.” With that I looked up in the sky and knowing I was safe in Gaara’s arms soon fell asleep.
Warm and soft. Arms… what arms. You wake up very slowly not disturbing the person next to you and try not to be tense. “Morning.” “Don’t you get tired I haven’t seen you sleep once?” “I cant sleep the tailed beast or I should say demon inside of me will start to eat me alive.” “Oh sorry Gaara.” “Its ok you sleep ok?” “Yeah I slept good nice and comfortable. Did you carry me again Gaara?” “Yeah didn’t want to wake you up you seemed so at piece.” “Wow I have to stop falling asleep. So what’s on the schedule Gaara?”

So class lets start talking more about ourselves good , good. Gothamaru why don
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