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The Symbol of the Birds.

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Its the beginning of a Naruto story that I never got to finish.

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War the worst thing I could ever think of happened. Why was it always war when there are ways of peace , ways to not fight. Ever since that war I have been left by myself to live alone , no where to hide no where to go. Now there looking for me and four others. You see we have an ability , we can turn to one type of bird and talk to them in normal form as well. I can turn into the hawk and I am on a journey to find the others. Eagle the only female with this ability lives in the white mountains , Owl lives in the forbidden forest , Blue jay lives in the clouded forest and r0bin lives in the clear mountain. It is my duty to find the others and keep myself alive on the journey.
They were spotted in a village near the lake were they saw a little girl in a white dress looking at them. They just started to run up to her like she was the enemy or something. The little girl was asked a lot of questions about who she saw and what they did that day. She did speak to them because her mother showed up in front of them before they where able to ask any more. Hawk continued to ask questions and asked the mother if he could talk to her daughter. The mother of course asked him a lot of questions before he was allowed to talk to sally. He asked sally if he knew where the white mountains were. She said no but did tell him that she did see a weird robin with a symbol on its head. Then watched the robin change into a human. She then went up to the robin and asked some questions the closer she got the more she realized that it was the towns god. Hawk asked if she could take him to the robin and she did. It was going to be a very long journey so they needed to pack some supplies. Before they left they had to once again ask permission so sally could take hawk to the clear mountain. This was going to be a long journey so it gave hawk a lot of time to think. Why was I chosen , why do I have all the bad things happen to me , why cant there be someone besides me and why am I so different. A day into the journey they met the oracle. This was hawks moment to ask why it was him and not someone besides him. You were chosen because of you can control the hawk , the powers that come with it can only be controlled by you. If anyone tries to control you they will be seriously injured and or killed. There is only one more person stronger than you and you are to go find her. Hawk had to think for a second and realized that eagle was the strongest because she was a woman , had the strongest bird and was the one the gem the warrior goddess.
Peace and quiet that’s all I have ever wanted and I have never got it. Why do they want me did they figure out my secret why must they chase me. I have always been on the run my parents told me I was special but I don’t know how. I am a regular kid just like every other person that I know of but I just have a different mark. People have birth marks and they look like blobs but for some reason mine looks like an owl. Ever since the war I have been in the forbidden forest where all the weird people and things go.
The one day I left the forest I met this girl in a white dress. She said her name was sally and offered me help so I took it. Thing was she was taking me to an oracle. On the journey we met the bear wh9 taught me to not be afraid of my fears , the snake who taught me to be as deadly as my enemy’s and on the last day of the journey we met the mountain lion who taught me how to survive. When we met the oracle she told me about the prophecy. There will be four of the same to guard the warrior goddess. I looked at her confused. Goddess the four what was she talking about. That’s when everything started to make sense. The mark my life why I was taught what I was taught. You are to protect the warrior goddess. After that day I went back to the forbidden forest to live my life the way it was before but it was impossible. After I knew what the mark meant life wasn’t the same. I always had a feeling that I was to do something important and that my life was not going to be useless that I was going to make something of it but I didn’t think it would be this big. All I had to do was pretend like nothing happened and life would be back to normal. So I went back to the oracle.
PROLOG blue jay and robin
Cant wait for the academy to be over. My village knows what I am and I keep nothing a secret. That’s why I have no friends. They all like to keep secrets but I don’t understand why? Why make life complicated when you can just tell the truth and get it over with. Sure I may beat around the bush and not tell other people but as long as I only know what I think then life should be great. That was until I had a dream that my life was going to change greatly and all because of one person. You see she’s this beautiful goddess who has the same ability as us , the other three and added with that they all know what there responsibility is but only one of them wants to own up to it.
Imagine your turning into a bird a specific bird that’s going to do something big. People either hate you or like you there’s no in between. Now your in a dream and you meet this oracle. She tells you something you already know assuming that you don’t know. You tell her what you know and she shows you were the one is and how to get there. Thing is you don’t know how to get there. The oracle wont help you and refuses to show you anything more. Now your angry no furious that she wont tell you stuff. There’s also a war going on , a war that you cant do anything about besides watch. Why is there always war , you don’t know but you want it to stop so people stop blaming you. You meet this girl named sally she offers to help you and bring you to a special person so you can understand more. You agree thing is it’s a very long trip and you are not prepared to travel nothing close to being prepared to travel. Sally tells you that you really need to go and that its urgent extremely urgent. So you go and meet the oracle. She keeps on going about the one and how the one is going to save the world. How is that possible you think. There has to be more than one person to save the world. Its just impossible! But then you realize nothings not impossible. Your brother robin finally finds you but then was he never gone since you guys are twins. Twins with the same future and same ability. So are w staying here or not blue jay? Its ok with me but its up to the oracle. Sure ill bring you to your bedroom.
PROLOG eagle
Mother why are they staring at me. You are to be sacrificed eagle you were never meant to be born your not to be here! What where did you put my mother my mother loves me. Oh I am your mother and I don’t want you here you are powerful way to powerful and not going to live for very long. You see you’re a gem or as other people say a goddess you have abilities that you don’t know of now be a sweet darling like you were before and prepare to be sacrificed for the good. I will not be sacrificed and you are not absolutely not going to come near me you , you thing.
Three days later you see this girl. She’s average height and wearing a white dress. She comes up to you and tells you that there are people waiting for you. Why would there be people waiting for me , I’m a nothing useless cant do anything plus I don’t even know who I am. Although you don’t know who she is your gut isn’t telling you anything so you decide to go. On the way there you ask yourself who you really are. Ok I got a mark on me that looks like an eagle I did change into an eagle once oh no am I am I going crazy?! Hey don’t worry eagle your not going crazy there are other people just like you but they handled it in different ways. Only one went home and came back the other thinks that he has to find you but I did that for him so he’s going to be surprised and the other two just asked for a room. I think they were twins not sure but they did seem like they did come from the same family and they even fight the same way can you believe that! Your u are extremely talkative id you know that sally. No didn’t know that just joking yeah I knew that. Hey look were almost there and looks like everyone is there as well just don’t know that everyone’s together oh I’m so happy cant wait for you all to meet each other and I think your really going to like hawk. Hawk is pretty awesome not to mention handsome looking. Hey eagle what climate do you come from earth fire artic. I come from the artic region way up north in the middle of the north pole. Then what are you doing here eagle. I had a feeling I was needed somewhere and my mom was about to sacrifice me so I had nothing to do and was on the run. Hey look were here! Come meet the oracle. So the oracle told her about the future and what she was meant to do.
CHAPTER 1 the meeting
Good you are all here. Hawk id like you to meet Blue Jay Robin and the only female Eagle. Get to know each other but don’t kill ach other please for the journey the really big journey you all need to be in one piece no matter what you got that. Yep we all got that oracle but if were to go on this journey then who is going to be our doctor on the way I mean I can heal myself but not other people my powers don’t mix well with other what your saying eagle is that you can heal just not sure if your abilities can mix with others abilities. That’s what I’m trying to say hawk thanks for making it not as complicated hawk. Your welcome eagle. Hey what about us here we would like to get to know people. Oh sorry blue jay , is that your birth name? yes it is , is owl really your birth name. Of course my names owl and I can even tell you how I got the name. While the men were talking eagle decided to walk around the building. Though she didn’t know it hawk was following her and watching her , trying to figure out what type of person she was. Eagle walked past all the fancy rooms and all the nice expensive stuff , past the books and through the kitchen , past the washing room straight to a set of stairs.
The sight outside was beautiful , the wind hit the tree just right and the stars shined brightly but that wouldn’t shake off the feeling she had since her mother told her the truth about her. Why she was able to change into a bird and why her life was so plain. Sure she was rich but she didn’t like to be rich , the richer you were the more you were bugged. But she didn’t care she liked to help out the people , give them some money and refuse to take any m0ney back. Still she didn’t like knowing she was a goddess. How , why is it me? Why cant there be someone besides me , my life was great and know I really don’t know who I am. Most likely your who you choose to be eagle , am I right or not? How long have you been there , did you follow me? Yes I followed you because instead of getting to know people you decided to walk away into this beautiful area. There’s nothing to talk about hawk I’m sure they wont believe that I can get fifty bull’s eye’s in a row , wont believe that I can throw a dagger never the less fight using my two hands. I bet even you right now don’t believe it! Why did I come here , I mean I’m the only female. You came here because your needed eagle we all need you and if you come inside and tell us about yourself then you wont feel lonely anymore that I can bet on. Fine ill go inside but if anyone tries to touch me or feel sorry for me there going to regret it , seriously regret it. I’m sure know ones going to touch you eagle and plus you look strong enough to run through a brick wall. They quickly made there way through the house and back to the room where everyone was. As soon as she entered the room everyone got silent. Hey look the females back! Want to show us some fighting moves or are you one of the stupid ones? I am nothing close to stupid! At that moment the ceiling cracked and fell to the floor. The borealis which was flowing above suddenly hit eagle and she lifted all the pieces of the ceiling and aimed it at every person that was insulting her. Do I look stupid to you , no I’m not stupid and just think I am stronger do you really want to make me angry plus if you need me so bad then keep quiet. I can go home at any given moment but only if you make me angry you got it!? Hey I want an answer owl or do you want me to send you to another dimension. I , I’m sorry eagle please don’t hurt me. Suddenly eagle stopped was pushed backwards and was knocked out. That’s when they saw her in her goddess outfit. Saw that she was very beautiful and yet powerful. So hawk what do you think she rules over? What do you mean robin? Athena is the goddess of war so what would she be? That’s when the oracle came into the room. You didn’t see what just happened what she was controlling? Uhm she was controlling the borealis oh I get it. You better owl she is the goddess of the borealis and the artic animals the north star and the big bear or as you guys know it the big dipper. She’s the goddess of the great white north. So what your saying is that she’s a goddess of the artic lands. You are correct robin. So she controls everything in that land? No blue jay she looks over her land. During that time while the oracle was speaking eagle had woken up. Suddenly she felt really tiny. Hawk who she couldn’t see at the moment was keeping his space unlike the rest of the group. They crowded her and asked her a lot of questions finally when it became to crowded for her hawk stepped in and told the people to move put the way. She ran past the rooms to the balcony she found earlier and sat on the ledge ready to jump off a any time. She knew hawk was behind her but she didn’t want to turn around. She soon fell asleep on that balcony and hawk picked her up and moved her to a room that had a bed.I turned around and saw Kakashi?

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