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"Tomorrow Doesn't Exist."

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[*FRERARD ONESHOT!*] After Frank's untimely death, Gerard simply cannot cope anymore. His Frankie is gone forever, and he just wants it all to end...

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A/N - Heeeeeeey guys!

So a couple weeks ago, I was looking for some prompts to write a story from.
I forget who gave me the prompts (Thank you if you're the one that gave them to me by the way!), but they've all been written below and I've really enjoyed writing from them! C:

Sorry if this is a little confusing to read, it took forever to write up and I'm just about sick of all the re-reading and editing now xD
Also, the perspective changes in the story are purposeful, by the way! I don't just randomly switch to whatever perspective that I want for the sake of it. :3

Oh! And just a little warning; THIS FANFICTION CONTAINS CHARACTER DEATH! Just be warned! I've tried to make the ending happy though... I think.

Read it and see? :3

Thanks, guys! Enjoy!

PROMPTS: Gerard/Frank; Suicide, Cliff, Ocean, and a somewhat happy ending.

The sky is grey.

A steely, malicious grey that swirls with unnerving calmness and spiteful serenity overhead, looming densely over myself and my impending fate as I smile sadistically into the bitter, icy wind.

Today was the day.

After a month of seemingly endless planning and waiting, everything was drawing to an abrupt, greatly-anticipated close for Gerard Way.

All the hurt and anguish was coming to an end.

I close my gritty hazel eyes and simply listen to the sound of the wild, choppy waves battering relentlessly away at the ancient chalky cliff and the sandy shore below my feet, drawing in sharp, shaky breaths roughly in time with each vociferous collision.

Once again, I smile.

I had always loved it up here; our secret, secluded getaway that jutted furtively out of reach on the edge of our local beach.

I still remember the day we found this place, completely lost and bewildered as we stumbled, panting and frightened, out onto the crumbling edge of the dusty old cliff…


”Gerard!” Frank whines once again, tugging on my long black sleeve irksomely for about the hundredth time as we stumble, unaware of our roundabouts, through the dense shrubbery of the nearby beach, panting wearily with each hesitant step we took.
“Where are we?”

“I don’t know, Frankie,” I sigh in defeat for about the tenth time this past hour, shaking my hung head at him apologetically.
“We just have to keep walking,”

We continued to trudge grouchily through the dense greenery at a snail-like pace, scuffing our battered, over-worn Converse trainers jadedly along the dusty, shrub-riddled ground, eyes scraping every single entity of our emerald-brown surroundings for some form of sacred, golden light that would lead us out of this confusing, tiresome green maze.

“There!” Frank squeaks unexpectedly from my side after a short, comfortable silence as we ambled, seemingly aimlessly, through the endless tufts of shrubbery, pointing one of his perfectly pale, tattooed fingers towards a ribbon of golden light that shone and glittered brightly to our immediate left.

“Let’s go!” I exclaim in rash excitement, overjoyed that we would be getting out of this jade labyrinth as fast as our weary legs would carry us.

Impulsively, I grab Frank’s pale, guitar-string calloused hand, weaving his tattooed fingers through mine as I begin stumbling with rapid haste towards the shred of blessed golden light, pulling a slightly-stunned Frank along behind me as I stagger recklessly through the emerald-green foliage for hopefully the last time today.

“Thank the fucking lord,” I sigh as we finally burst through the last of the shrubs, the golden light burning our weary hazel eyes as we grin in unison.

“You can say that again,” Frank laughs quietly from beside me, his intelligent hazel eyes gleam and brim with curiosity as he looks over at me and grins, squeezing my hand gently before letting go and walking towards the edge of the cliff that we were now stood on, his worn Converse kicking up minimal amounts of dust as he ambled recklessly close to the crumbling, rocky edge.

“It’s fucking beautiful up here… It’s so peaceful and quiet; nobody can see us. It’s like a secret garden… but on a cliff instead. Way cooler!”

I murmur softly in agreement and chuckle fondly, shadowing Frankie’s footsteps as he stops a few meters short of the very edge of the pale, crumbling cliff, peering inquisitively at his surroundings before his teeming hazel gaze settles on the crashing aqua that lies below us, smiling softly.

“I’ve always loved the ocean. The way it looks so beautiful, yet it can be so surreal and dangerous at the same time; sweep people out into its strongest currents and swallow them into its dark depths just like that,” Frank murmurs, snapping his long tattooed fingers with the last word, looking up at me keenly with wide, russet-hazel eyes.
“There’s something really romantic about that, the way it can be so beautifully destructive. Don’t you love the ocean, Gerard?”

“Of course I do,” I whisper back to him, smiling down at him fondly and cupping his face in my hands, stroking his cheeks gently with my thumbs.
“It’s really romantic, yet sinister at the same time. It’s kind of beautiful that way,”

“Kind of like you then, Gee?” Frank jokes half-heartedly in a whisper, a half-smile laying gently on his rosy lips as he stands on his toes keenly and nuzzles my nose with his.
“You’re so beautiful,”

~End of flashback~

I smile half-heartedly at the fond memory as my raven hair whips furiously in the bitter wind and claws fiendishly at my eyes, sighing despondently as I remember the rest of that glorious day.

We had shared our very first kiss on that cliff top, and spent the rest of our precious day there; watching the sun set behind the roaring navy waves, fingers weaved together and heads tilted into each other’s as we smiled distantly at the darkening horizon without a care in the world.

Little did I know, the happiest day in my life would soon be ripped cruelly away from me, leaving this life with me as nothing but a thin scrap of golden light that shined meekly through my poor excuse of a body and soul, begging to be remembered so someone.

Anyone at all.

A week after discovering the beautiful cliff top hide-away, my beautiful, sweet Frankie had passed on.

It had been a pretty bad car accident; Frank had been driving his battered old Ford down a country lane to go see his mom, driving at a pretty respectable speed of around 20 miles per hour, when some asshole swerved around the oncoming blind-corner at about, oh, 90 miles per fucking hour and smashed straight into poor Frankie and his car.

Frankie had fallen into a deep coma, but the obnoxious prick that had nearly killed him walked away with only a broken arm.

The bastard.

So here I am now, a week after Frankie’s funeral.

Frank’s health had become seriously unstable within a few hours of being hospitalised, and he had passed away within 10 excruciatingly slow hours of being layed down in that pristine white, bar-rimmed hospital bed.

I had stayed with him right to the end, holding his tattoo adorned, gently calloused hands as the faltering heart rate monitor slowly stopped its monotone beeping, and I had been forced, screaming, kicking, flailing and crying hysterically, out of the room.

Since that point onwards, I saw no point in staying in this broken, corrupted world if Frank wasn’t going to be there to suffer through its foul, tainted, unexpected course with me; to hold my hand when I got scared, or to keep encouraging me to do things I would have otherwise given up so long ago.

I needed to be with my Frankie again, and it was going to happen any moment now.

I have no idea what waits for me after this life, perhaps eternal darkness, or maybe a place where the dead can feel alive as they watch protectively over the ones that they love?

Whatever kind of place it is, I just hope that Frank will be there to greet me and to hold my hand through it as we take it on.

My smile slowly slips from my salty lips as I exhale shakily, taking a small, hesitant step towards the edge of the crumbling, flaking cliff.

The wind seems to pick up as I slowly collect my scattered thoughts, releasing them prudently into the cleansingly clean ocean breeze as I sigh unsteadily, my breath visibly furling up shakily towards the gun-metal sky.

“I’m so sorry, Frankie... I’m so fucking sorry that it’s come to this,” I whisper hoarsely into the wind, my eyes stinging and raw as I hold back the tears that are threatening to come pouring out of my bleak, weary eyes with uncanny force, sending me further into the hysteria my head has become accustomed to.

Shakily, I take another hesitant step towards the ever-crumbling cliff edge.

“Don’t do it, Gerard,” a golden, honey-like voice murmurs silkily into the shell of my ear as I take another unsteady step, immediately making me whip around in pure shock as the skin of my neck erupted into goosebumps.

“You’re better than this, Gerard. You know you are and so do I. You don’t have to do this, Gerard. Don’t let them win. Fight, Gerard. Fucking fight like you and I both know you can. You’re so strong, honey…”

It couldn’t be him… he was dead.

My beautiful Frankie was dead.

He couldn’t be here…

Could he?

“…Frankie?” I half-choked into the sudden gust of bitter wind that swept across the cliff top, my gritty hazel eyes straining to see the 5’4 bundle of pure, untainted energy that I missed so dearly upon the cold, grimy cliff.

I stood alone upon the suddenly freezing cliff top, my desperate eyes scraping every surface of the crumbling cliff face for the source of the beautiful, melodic voice I could have sworn I just heard.

“You’re hallucinating, Gerard. He feels close because you’re about to join him. Get it over with,” I mutter to myself under my breath, once again ridding any thoughts from my mind and nodding once as I shuffle ever-closer to the edge of the continuously-collapsing cliff face.

I had soon reached the very edge of the crumbling, grubby cliff, small amounts of rock collapsing more noticeably away from under my trembling feet as I stare cautiously down at the churning, murky grey waters that are waiting in anticipation for me to dive into their darkest depths from under my battered black Converse.

“I’m sorry, Frankie. I can’t be without you anymore. I have to do this. I’m on my way,” I choke out as I finally stumble forwards, my arms and legs flailing manically around me as I realise that it’s almost over.

It’s all about to end.

“Gerard…” I could literally hear Frank whimper from my side, his warm breath tickling my frozen skin…

But yet again, I was alone; falling at an alarmingly fast rate towards the merciless, churning grey waves that crashed and roared below me.

My arms and legs whirled frantically around my rapidly-descending frame as strange images slowly began to flicker restlessly through my fatigued mind, everything around me becoming slightly numb and out of focus.

The images were just blurry and vivid at first, simply splodges of bright, unintelligible color as I squeezed my gritty hazel eyes securely shut, still tumbling down, down, down…

I had been falling for around 6 seconds as the pictures gradually began to make sense and come more into focus, the images bringing back the bittersweet memories of my childhood, friends, family, music…

I focused on the pictures and the memories that they brought to the forefront of my mind as I felt myself being submerged in an icy-cold substance, shivering involuntary as my body seemed to convulse and freeze.
The only warmth I could still feel within my frozen being as I watched the flickering pictures behind my lids was the warm burn that was slowly beginning to spread throughout my entire body, starting at my throat and swiftly engulfing the rest of my body.

All too soon, the pictures frazzled away to a black nothingness, leaving me stranded helplessly and pitifully at the bottom of the churning, unforgiving ocean, my gritty eyes squeezed tightly shut as if my life depended on it.

Or death, I should say. Not life.

I had no need for life anymore.

Strangely, the strong Sea currents weren’t pulling and dragging me around like a forgotten ragdoll, suffocating me inwardly as I gradually sank to the bottom of the unforgiving ocean, and the burn that had been flaming throughout my entire being a mere few seconds ago was gone.

Experimentally, I drew in a hesitant breath, expecting to gulp down gallon after gallon of sea water, to find that I was simply breathing in pure air.
Nothing more, nothing less.

Slowly and curiously, I cracked one weary eye open and gazed around hesitantly, not sure what the hell to expect.

I could definitely feel the reckless salt water gushing relentlessly around me, but I could still see as clear as day, the murky water not obstructing my vision at all.

“The fuck?” I mumbled to myself, confused as to how I was managing to breathe, speak and see perfectly underwater.

That’s when I saw it.

A gangly, black-clad figure was hurled ruthlessly into view by the vicious underwater current, his body limp and his impassive head hung lifelessly.

His skin was pallid; his fingers stained black from excessive use of charcoal, and his wild, tangled raven hair was as dark as midnight.
He had a wry, sardonic smile etched onto his lifeless features, his overly-pale face forever frozen into a mask of sadistic happiness as he was thrown around recklessly by the unforgiving ocean currents.

“You make a pretty corpse,” A velvet-like voice murmured into my ear, making me jump in shock as I wheeled around; my neck exploding into goosebumps for the second time today.

I was met by Frank’s inquisitive, bright hazel eyes glittering keenly with interest as he stared shamelessly at me, rushing straight over to me within seconds and capturing my lips with his own, kissing me passionately as I froze in complete and utter awe.

Frank bumped his nose with mine, whining when I didn’t respond to his urgent kiss.

“I’m sorry,” I murmured shyly against his lips, feeling a little more than overwhelmed by just about everything that was going on right now.

“I’m just so...” I mumbled, frustrated as I struggled to find the right words to complete the simple sentence.
“I just feel so goddamn…”

“Confused?” Frank murmured back to me huskily, gently sucking on my lower lip as I nodded once.
“Yeah. I was too at first. Don’t worry about a thing; I’ll explain everything to you once we’re there,”

“Once we’re where, Frankie?” I whimpered, completely and utterly confused as to what was going on.

“Later,” Frank sighed, brushing our lips together once again as he closed his eyes contentedly and leaned our foreheads together.
“We have forever, Gerard. We have all the time in the world for explanations. Later, I promise,”

“Later,” I confirmed almost silently against his lips, tangling my fingers in his silky black hair as our lips connected again, urgently kissing as we began our perfect little piece of forever.

It may not have been the way that I pictured myself dying, simply leaving a crudely scrawled note addressed to my mother and Mikey, explaining my actions and apologising rashly before running off into the dreary New Jersey day and tossing myself off of the top of a goddamn cliff
But right now, it feels like I did the right thing.

I’m with my Frankie again, and we have forever on our hands.

The sky is blue.

A beautiful, sapphire blue that swirls with alluring calmness and peaceful serenity overhead, hanging intricately over Frank, myself and our imminent fate as I grin optimistically into the cool, gentle breeze.

Today is our day, and it always will be.

Tomorrow doesn’t exist.
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