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All Of The Things That I've Done

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Another part for Call Me,Mister Benzedrine,But Don't Let The Doctor In.Peterick mostly in this one.

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My eyes snap open,but this isn't the bedroom I fell asleep in last night.This looks and smells like a hospital room,but why? "Benzedrine?" I manage out,my throat becoming as dry as the sahara."Oh god,Patrick you're awake!" Suddenly arms wrap around me,the figure that they're attached to blurry without my glasses,but I have an idea on who it is."Pete? How did you get here? Where are we?" He hands me my glasses and everything becomes clearer.I look at him and see dark circles under his eyes,"You had another episode Patrick,but this one was different.I took you to the hospital and they said that you had went into a coma,you've been out for more than a few weeks now,Patrick.We didn't know if..if you were going to wake up."

He breaks down and burries his face into my neck,I hug him rubbing his back and make soothing noises."It's okay,Pete I'm here now." Even though I have no clue how,I mean,I know that he had said that I had been in a coma,but that had just felt so real.But it hadn't been real,had it? Pete pulls back and looks at me,"But,what did you mean by 'how did you get here'?" He sits down and looks at me once more,"You'd think that I was crazy if I told you." He shakes his head,then bekons for me to go on."While I was in that coma,I had thought that I had went into some fucked-up world.There was this crazy guy,Benzedrine,Doctor Benzedrine.He was this scientist that experimented on people,he even experimented on me.It felt so real,and then there was this other guy,Sandman,he was his partner,and he looked just like you.It was insane."

I look up from fiddling with the blanket to see his eyes wide."Patrick,that does sound crazy,but it wasn't real.I know that it might have felt like it was,but it wasn't.Now I'm going to go and get the doctor,will you be okay for just a moment alone?" I nod,he smiles as he gets up and kisses my forehead."Alright,I'll be right back,'Trick." And with that he walks out of the room,I occupy my mind with the tv in the corner.The door opens and a doctor comes in,I look at him and notice something.There perched ontop of his head was a (canary) yellow top hat with a yellow feather attached to it.Just like Benzedrine,my eyes widen as I see the blood splatters on his lab coat.I watch him put gloves on and turn around,this isn't the Benzedrine that I know,this is a monster.

His eyes are jet black and curled upwards,his mouth dripping with blood,teeth all jagged and sharp."Hello Patrick!" He exclaims as he walks towards me,I scoot back as far as I can as he gets closer to me."You-You're not real!" I scream at him as he reaches out towards me with his blood soaked,glove covered hands."Oh,but I am." He disappears into thin air as Pete comes in followed by the Doctor."Patrick,baby,are you okay?!" Pete sees me shaking and curled up at the head of the bed."N-no,he was here! I saw him! He was right there.." My voice trails off into a whisper,the Doctor checks my vitals."Who was here,Patrick?" The Doctor asks me as he sits down.

"Benzedrine.While I was unconscious I went into this world,at the time I didn't know that it wasn't real because of how it felt.I fell through this blackhole and ended up in a cellar,no clue how I had gotten there.Then Benzedrine walks in,he introduces himself and everything.Then I fall asleep,and when I wake up I'm strapped to this table,he then explains what it is he plans on doing to me.I was his guinea pig,then afterwards Sandman walks in,he's the one who had gotten me there.Benzedrine had told me that they were monsters,and now I believe that.." "So,you were just hallucinating him then.You've suffered from PSTD,or Post Tramatic Stress Disorder,for years now,Mister Stump,and also many other disorders.I can promise you that he wasn't here and he never fully will be." I scoffed,"So what? I still saw him,cant you do something about that?" He looked at Pete,"Well there is something I can do.."

A few months later...

"So Patrick,are you going to cooperate with me today?" The Psychologist looked up from his clipboard,hoping to get Patrick to communicate for once."Yes." Patrick opens his eyes and darts them around the room,his hands clenching and unclenching.Doctor Hurst looks up,astounded by hearing his voice,"Alright,so how are we today Patrick? It isn't everyday that you get an almost mute patient to talk,now is it?" "No,no it isn't.And how am I? Well,I'm depressed and alone.I'm becoming bitter and distrustful of people because one person betrayed me.My mind is in ruins,and I just don't know what to do anymore." I look up at Dr.Hurst,at him writing things down even though I've barely said a thing.

"Who betrayed you,Patrick?" "Pete,he let them take me away and lock me up here.He knows that leaving me alone is the worst thing to do,but I guess that doesn't matter anymore.." He looks down,picking at the seams on the brown leather couch.Dr.Hurst frowns,his glasses slipping down his nose as he bends his head down and writes more."Well,let's say we stop there,yeah? Tomorrow we can go deeper into that and your Dissociative Identity Disorder and Paranoid Schizophrenia.Are you willing to talk about those tomorrow?" Dr.Hurst stands,looking down at Patrick as he fidgets in his seat,contemplating the question."Yeah,I..I guess so." Hurst smiles and holds out his hand for Patrick.Patrick looks at it,horror flickering in his eyes before that slips away and he manages a small grin,taking his hand as he stands."Good,come on I'll walk you back to your room." He clasps his hand on Patrick's left shoulderblade as they exit the room and head east to the dorms where they keep Patrick.
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