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Hi there. This isn't a story it is about me and explaining about me being new to the site ;)

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Hi. I'm Lonelyangel. I'm new to ficwad and honestly don't know how to work half of it. I have already posted a poem (yes it is emo) And am currently working on an MCR story, about a killer who kills his victims according to urban legends. I am posting this on the MCR page because it seems to be the most poopular page on the site.
So a bit about me. I'm 14 years of age. (And look good for it) ;). I am english, and my favourite writer is stephen king. I'm not going to say everything about me. Please feel free to read, review and criticise any of my writing. Just don't be a total p*k and start mouthing off saying.
"Oh my god, your so s*t at writing. Just go crawl in a whole and kill yourself". Because i've read some stuff people like that have wrote and there writing is c*p.
But I am open to critisism and any feedback you have, I am willing to take into account.

see ya ;)

Lonely angel
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