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You Remember

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You loved her, you broke her.

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A/N: Again, this is a poem written by my boyfriend. All work is copyrighted. Thoughts are appreciated. I love his work very much. Thanks for reading!

You Remember

You remember the first time you saw her face
Radiant, angelic, unlike anything you've ever seen before
You made it your mission you wanted her
You had her

You remember how her smile would shine bright
How she'd look at you with such happiness, almost surreal
You both almost believed it was nothing but a dream
You loved her

You remember when things began to change
You found yourself wanting her all the time
After all she was yours, she belonged to no one else
You owned her

You remember the anger that burned inside
It seemed every little thing was taken out of context
You felt the need to control her, to the point your touch went too far
You hurt her

You remember the marks you didn't mean to leave
Especially the tears stains on her face
You promised her it wouldn't happen again, that you would change
You lied to her

You know deep down you ruined it all
The love she once had, is now nothing but fear
She loves you, but she absolutely loathes you
You broke her.

® Written by Caden R.
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