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Chapter 1

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The rejection

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“So, Pete,” the interviewer laughed and leaned forward in her seat, her long chestnut hair falling in soft curls around her shoulders, “you’ve just finished working on a new CD, Folie A Deux. When is it due out?”
“It was going to be next week, but it’s been postponed until early December. I’m excited about it, I think it’s our best yet.”
“Well, I’m really looking forward to hearing it! And speaking of next week, it’s approaching Halloween. Is it a holiday you look forward to?”

Pete flashed a flirtatious smile. He was relaxed; the interview was an easy one with no awkward questions. Just nice and stress-free; he was enjoying himself.

“Yeah,” he grinned. “I like to dress up and party. It’s one of the few genuinely fun holidays. Even Christmas; I mean, it’s fun, don’t get me wrong and it’s great to see friends and family but it can be stressful. Halloween? It’s all about the parties.”
“But what do you think about ghosts, goblins and witches? Don’t you think they’ll be out and about looking for mischief? Will you give them any?”
Pete laughed again. “Cerys, if there are any witches, I think I’ll see them coming a mile off.”
“Sure!” Pete shook his head. “If I see anyone green or old and warty, I’ll know what they’re up to!”
“You don’t believe in witches then?” she pressed with her lips turned up in a knowing smirk.
“I’ve seen Snow White, maybe I’ll be on the look out for an evil old woman with a basket of apples. In fact, I have a party to go to right after this interview.”
“Well, Pete, it looks as though this Halloween will be quite eventful.”
“I hope so,” he grinned.
“I’m sure you do,” she smiled in return. “Thanks for coming on the show, Pete. Everybody… Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy!”

Leaning forward, Cerys placed her hand over Pete’s; the light brush of her fingers seemed almost electric.

“Do you have a companion for the party?” she smiled meaningfully.
“I… I’m married, Cerys.”

Pete pulled his hand away slowly, awkwardly. He couldn’t deny that he had felt something, but it was not something he could act on. He was a married man, his first child was about to be born and even though Ashlee was away visiting family that week, he wasn’t about to stray.

“Does that have to stop you?” she cocked her head to one side and reached for his hand once more.

Jumping out of his seat and pulling back, almost knocking over the chair, Pete looked exactly how he felt – alarmed. He had experienced women coming on to him before. He was aware that people found him attractive, and the fame thing seemed to draw people like flies around a honeypot, but somehow this seemed different. There was a part of him almost afraid to admit it, but he felt scared by the response.

“Peter Wentz,” Cerys rose from her chair slowly and purposefully. “Before this night is through, believe me, you will be seeking me out and you had better hope that I accept you.”
“Er… no, I’m sorry, but no. I’m married and that’s it. Thanks for the interview, but that’s all I’m here for,” Pete gabbled, edging back a few steps as he spoke.

Folding her arms across her chest, Cerys smiled at his reaction.

“Tell yourself whatever you need to hear, Pete, but I’m telling you, this is out of your control.”
“Out of my control?” Pete scoffed, now growing angry at the arrogance of the woman.
“Oh, definitely,” she chuckled. “And in mine. But,” she smiled almost pityingly. “I can see you don’t believe me, but you don’t need to. Wait until midnight, then you’ll understand.”

She was crazy or at least a crazy fan; it couldn’t have been anything else. Turning sharply, Pete headed for the exit, allowing the door to swing shut in his haste to leave.

“Well, now. In you’re hurry to leave, you seemed to have left a very personal object here,” she smiled with satisfaction.

Leaning down to the floor at the side of his vacant chair, Cerys picked up a soft black hoodie.

“So, you don’t believe in witches? Or, if there are any they’re all old and warty? Oh, my dear, Peter, such a terrible mistake. I guess I’ll see you at midnight… I’ll bring a basket of apples.”

Neatly folding the hoodie and patting the soft material, Cerys turned and headed out of the studio.


Pete was shaken, there was no doubt about it. Heading down to the parking lot beneath the building and to his car, he constantly felt as if someone was watching him. Turning several times revealed no one, but that he could see nothing only seemed to make him feel increasingly anxious.

Finally reaching his car, he placed his hand on the door only to reel back in shock as he heard laughing and could clearly see Cerys sitting in the passenger seat. Eyes widening and gasping in shock, Pete threw open the door and bent to look in, ready to order her out of the car. The words died on his lips as he saw the passenger seat completely empty. Pulling back up, he looked around, edgy and nervous, but there was no one to be seen anywhere in the whole parking lot.

“Calm down, you idiot!” he muttered quietly to himself as his heart thumped in his chest. “She freaked you out, that’s all. There’s no one there, you’re just imagining things.”

Slowly bending down once more, he peered inside again his heart finally slowing as he saw again that the car was definitely empty. Climbing into the driver’s seat, Pete took a deep breath before closing the door and pushing his key into the ignition. As he did, he heard the same laugh as earlier and the locking mechanism dropped sharply with a soft clunk. Seeing the door lock suddenly sink caused his barely recovered heart to race once more, and in moments it was thumping in his chest almost as fast as he was tugging on the interior handle. Sweat formed on his brow and the laughter continued to ring in his ears as he fought with the door.

“What is this? How are you doing this?” he cried out, certain that someone was playing a frightening trick on him.

If his situation wasn’t terrifying enough, his head turned sharply as the radio suddenly blared out. Drawn to the dashboard, his eyes now looked beyond the windscreen, out into the parking lot. Some distance, perhaps fifty feet away, he could see the outline of a woman with long hair. Even though he couldn’t see her face, he knew, somehow, that it was Cerys, simply staring at him. As the radio suddenly silenced again he heard another soft clunk and glancing quickly to his left he watched, now breathing in short gasps, as the door unlocked and clicked open without him even touching it. Scrambling out, Pete was pale, sweating, on the verge of passing out. Turning, terror-misted eyes in the direction he had seen the woman, his shoulders dropped in relief as he realised he was alone again. Whatever was happening to him was, he hoped, over.

Fumbling for his phone, he sank to his knees as he managed a quick text. Patrick was giving another interview only two blocks away. If ever he needed a friend it was now.

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