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I Blame The Skittle

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March 25, Random Day in Spirit Week. Frerard... And Ray's fro. AU.

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"Fuck you all to Hell!" Frank shouts.

"Can you really fuck someone that hard?" Gerard muses absentmindedly, shading in the cape of the mushroom he's drawing. Never seen a mushroom with a cape before? That's just sad. A crime. 

Not that Gerard has ever seen a mushroom with a cape before, either. 

"Gerard! I'm having a s crisis here and that's all you can fucking say?!"

Gerard sighs. "Your boobs look fine, Frankie."

"That's not what I was-- they do look nice, don't they-- wait! I'm a guy! I don't fucking have boobs!" Frank defends.

"Keep telling  yourself that, Frankie. Keep telling yourself that." 

"Uh... Guys? Are you okay?" Ray asks, looking at his friends like they're crazy. It's certainly a possibility. 

"No!" Frank snaps. "I'm not o-fucking-Kay! We're out of skittles!" Frank wails.

Ray sighs. "Frank, as long as I'm around, we're NEVER out of skittles." 

And with those words, Ray reaches into his 'fro and pulls out a two-pound bag of sour skittles.

Frank looks at Ray like he is a god. Which he totally is: God of the Fro. Oh, beat that mother fuckers! What's that? You can't? Well, you just got PWNED!

Ray hands the bag to Frank, who bounces up and down excitedly. "Yay! Yay yay!" He squeals.

Mikey sighs. "You just had to give him more sugar, didn't you?"

Ray shrugs. 

Frank pulls on the resisting bag, and it breaks, showering everyone in the sour treat.

"Fraaaank!" Everyone complains.

Frank giggles. "Skiiiiiiiiitttttllllllleees!"

Mikey sighs, plucking skittles out of Ray's hair. "It's all your fault, Raymond. If you hadn't given him any skittles in the first place he wouldn't be on such a sugar high. I mean, Gee managed to convince him he had breasts for a moment."

"HOLY SWEET JEZUS AND PURPLE PANDAS!!" Frank yells, staring at Gerard.

Gerard glances up at Frank from his skittle-covered sketch. "What?" He inquires, raising an eyebrow.

"Gee, you look really good covered in skittles!" 

Gerard blushes. "Um, thanks, I guess..."

"No, really, I could just eat you up!" And to prove his point, Frank launches himself on Gerard, eating up the skittles that stuck in Gerard's hair. It must be warm in the 'fro, to make the skittles so sticky.

"Frank, get off me!" Gerard yells, blushing bright red as Frank steals the skittles off his body.

Gerard can't help but let a small moan escape his lips as Frank sucks a skittle off his collarbone.

"Eeew! Gerard's got a skittle fetish!!" Frank yells, jumping off of Gerard, who is blushing eight different shades of red.

Mikey sighs, shaking his head. "No, Gerard's got a Frank fetish."

Frank's eyes widen. "Ooooooh."

"Mikey!" Gerard hisses.

Mikey shrugs. "It's better than him thinking you have a skittle fetish."

Gerard frowns. "No, I think--"

Gerard is cut off by Franks mouth covering his, and he gasps. Frank slides his skittle flavored tongue into Gerard, and Gerard feels something else there with it. Skittles.

Gerard breaks out of the kiss. "I do NOT have a fucking skittle fetish, Frank!"

"Sure ya don't!" Frank  giggles.

Gerard frowns, mumbles something and goes back to his drawing. 

"Whatcha drawin'?" Asks Frank, wide eyes all falsely innocent. 

"Mushrooms with capes eating you, Frank." Gerard answers. It is what he's drawing, after all.

"Do I taste good?" Frank asks.

Gerard shrugs. "I dunno, Frank. I'm not the one eating you."

"I didn't mean in the picture." Frank giggles.

Gerard freezes. "You tasted like skittles."

Frank giggles. "Skittlez, Skittleyz, Skittluhs... Skettles..."

"Anyone want to eat some fried banana?" Ray asks, pulling some fried bananas out of his hair.

Gerard shrugs. "Sure." 

And that is that.
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