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Chapter 12

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The two snapped to their feet at the sound of a twig breaking behind them.

"What now?" Alba moaned out of self-pity.

"Not into adventure anymore are we?" The Doctor teased her.

"Shut up Doctor!"

"I am, I am! Don't you even think about slapping me!" and then under his breath, "Tyler women!"

"I heard that!" Alba replied angrily.

"Why don't you just keep looking for the source of the noise?"

"That's what I am doing! You just keep on talking out of your ass, Doctor!"

" can't come up with an insult right now but know this, if I could it would be really good and you would probably cry!"

"That's nice Doctor but I think I found the source of what frightened us in the first place!"

"Oh really?" The Doctor caught up to the girl, "What did you find?"

"This." Alba replied and pointed at a strange reptile with large leathery wings and multicolored scales. It was enormous and the Doctor looked at it with an awe filled joy.

"What is it Doctor?" Alba asks the Time Lord impatiently as she tugged on one of her ear lobes.

"This," the Doctor answered, "is a Dragon."

"But Doctor," Alba scoffed, "Dragons aren't real, humans made them up in ancient times!"

"Oh really?" the Doctor raises his eyebrows, "honestly, Alba, do you truthfully believe that humans could make believe Dragons?"

"Yes." Alba replied, "Anyway, what's wrong with this...'Dragon' isn't moving."

"That is because it is wounded and in a healing coma." The Doctor replied slowly as if everyone but dumb little Alba knew this about Dragons, "When a Dragon becomes sick or hurt it goes into a healing coma in which it stays for however long it takes for them to heal completely. They might stay in it for a thousand or more years as they are incredibly slow healers. So, when they wake up, they begin to ask a lot of questions about the world as to adjust to the new time period. These are, at times, mistaken for riddles which is how that part of the Dragons myth came to be."

"Well Doctor, I am impressed," Alba said looking up at the man she had recently begun to think of as her best friend (second to Sarah Alexandria Hopkins...who was dead),"You have just completely deleted any intelligent thing you have ever said or done from my memory." and with that Alba walked off to find the TARDIS and make her room have dinosaur wallpaper.
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