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Attack of the Fangirls

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Oneshot: Mikey's fans are a bit more passionate than he expected.

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Mikey adjusted his sunglasses to a higher position than their usual perch on the tip of his nose. His other hand reached up to the rim of his hood and tugged it down lower over his face. With one more glance behind him towards the concert venue's side door, he made his way down the alley to the street and to the relatively open air it brought.

He breathed a sigh of relief as he stepped out from the shade of the alley into the sunlight. He cracked his neck by moving his head side to side and looked forward to the few hours he'd have to himself before the night's show. He smiled brightly and headed down the sidewalk. Before he was far from the alley, however, a trash can crashed behind him and he turned just in time to see a shadow shift behind a dumpster and out of view.

With a raised eyebrow he proceeded to shrug off the distraction and continued on his way. He knew there was a coffee shop nearby and at the moment it sounded like a good idea. If only he had chosen an alternative.

He walked on down the sidewalk and passed every type of store but a coffee shop. He was just considering turning back when he passed another dark alley. Just as he was crossing, he found his path suddenly blocked. “Hello Mikey!” He brought himself to an abrupt stop to keep from running into the blonde girl that popped up in front of him. “Uh hi...” Damn, he was just thinking how his disguise was working so well, too.

“Can I have your autograph?” She handed him a cd and he signed it. “Thank you!” He nodded and turned to leave before he felt a hand grab his arm to stop him. He turned back to face the girl in surprise. “Where are you going?”

He hoped his sunglasses hid his eyes enough to prevent her from seeing him think of an excuse, “Oh! I uh, I have a sound check to get to! Gotta go or I'll be late, you know!” He jerked his thumb back in the direction of venue. “Thanks for being a great fan!” He hurried away before she could stop him again. He was usually patient with his fans, but there was just something off about the girl. Like the way the whites of her eyes shown all the way around her irises. Or maybe it was the way she grabbed his arm, her long fingernails digging through even the thick fabric of his hoodie. He shuddered and increased his speed.

Behind him, the girl took a cell phone out of her pocket and spoke into it, her eyes never leaving the bassist, “He's heading back your way.”

Mikey glanced back nervously behind him, not slowing down, to see if she was following. To his relief, she was not. He let out a sigh and turned back to watch where he was going only to walk smack into yet another girl who exited the same alley he had heard the noise in earlier. “Crap! I'm so sorry!” He leant down and helped the now toppled girl back onto her feet.

She brushed her dyed black and purple hair out of her eyes and looked up at him. He jumped back a bit in surprise when he saw her eyes. What's with it with all the crazy girls today? He thought to himself. She smirked at him, “No problem.” She placed a hand on his shoulder and he gulped. “I'm just glad you were there to pick me back up,” her hand started rubbing up and down his arm.

He looked down at her hand and back up at her and took a couple steps back. He shoved his hands into the pockets of his pants and nodded slowly, “OK well now that I know you're ok, I'm gonna leave now...” He moved to walk by her but she placed herself in his path. “But I'm not ok, Mikey!”

He tried again to step around her but she moved in his way every time. “I'm... I'm really sorry to hear that but I need to get back to the venue... sound check and stuff...” His words trailed off as he saw her shaking her head at him. “Oh Mikey...” Her voice took a condescending tone, “You don't have to be at sound check for another two hours!”

“How do you know that?” He was starting to get seriously freaked out now. Especially when he noticed there were other girls gathering around him, all with the same creepy gleam in their eyes. He vaguely noticed that the other girl he ran into was among them. He was trapped now in a circle of emo and scene girls and this was not a calming fact that he was at all fond of.

“Oh that doesn't matter!” The black haired girl waved her hand dismissively. “Besides, two hours is more than enough time for what we're going to do!” She smirked at him and stepped closer, the rest of the crazy-girl circle doing the same.

“Um...” Mikey looked desperately around him for a way out, “We're not going to be doing anything!” He took in a deep breath and then started running as fast as he could. He shoved through the circle of girls, knocking a few over in the process and ran for his life... Or something like his life. He had no idea what they intended to do with him but he did not want to stay around to find out.

“Get him!” He heard screamed behind him in a voice very much like a baboon mixed with a banshee. He increased his speed, but to his horror he soon heard many footsteps behind him. And girlish shrieks. Oh the girlish shrieks! Every scream was a horrifying experience for him.

In the confusion and chaos, Mikey soon found himself lost and had no choice but to keep running forward. Getting back to the venue had never been more important in his life, but he could not remember how to get there. He was lost yet he still had not been able to lose the horde behind him.

In one last desperate attempt he turned down a series of alleys trying his best to confuse his trail. He nocked over trash cans on the way, tipped towers of crates and boxes, ducked behind dumpsters and tried any door the looked hopeful. But he still could not lose them.

He rounded one last corner and came to a stop. His shoulders sagged in despair as he stared at the chain link fence before him. He was so exhausted that he didn't know if he could make the climb, but when he heard the girls coming ever closer he knew he must at least try.

Just as they rounded the corner he began his ascent. His fingers clung to the rusty wire as it dug into his flesh. The toes of his converse only barely just fit into the links, his feet constantly slipping as he struggled for purchase.

Just as his hand closed around the top of the fence, hands wrapped around his jean-clad ankles and tugged hard on him. One hand slipped while the other struggled to maintain its grasp. His face was red with the effort but he knew he could not hold on much longer.

With a roar of triumph and a scream of terror, he was yanked down from the fence and landed in a crumpled heap amidst the crowd of girls. He brought himself up to his now scraped knees as the crazed fans jeered down at him. They tugged him upwards onto his feet and he could feel so many hands tugging at his clothes and limbs, his sweatshirt was slowly being torn off of him. He now knew he had one last hope to make it out of this alive.

“RAPE!” He screamed, his voice cracking from the effort. “RAPE! HELP!” The girls looked at him in shock and started to back away from him. The terrified man's calls for help were loud and sure to be heard. His screams were getting louder and louder till the horde was mostly gone now. Only the first two girls he had encountered remained now and they stared at him in shock. “Holy crap, dude!” The blonde shouted when he was finally quiet, “We just wanted a freakin' picture!” They turned on their heels and left a disheveled and exhausted bassist behind them.

As the two girls rounded the corner and were out of earshot of him, the black haired girl leaned into the blonde, “Pictures? Speak for yourself!” The two looked at each other and grinned in mischievous glee. Their plans had been foiled this time, but this specific branch of the Mikey Way Fan Club was determined not to fail in their future plans.


Two hours later, a slightly beaten and very traumatized Mikey staggered into the venue and collapsed on one of the couches in the dressing room. His brother, Gerard, turned from his suitcase and raised his eyebrows in surprise, “What the hell happened to you?”

Mikey groaned into the seat cushion beneath him and mumbled, “Fans, Gerard. It was the fans.”

His brother looked confused for a moment but then smiled and shrugged, mistaking his brother's explanation for something like their usual fan meet and greets, “Yeah they're really something else, aren't they?”

“Something else entirely...”
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