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In The Best Damn Dress I Own

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FOR SPIRIT WEEK: Funny Day; "Think happy thoughts, Think happy thoughts" I quietly sing to myself.

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"Mikey" I whine standing in a ballroom wearing a fluffy lilac Dress with black high heels. Mikey forced me in this insane idea "Mikey James Way!" I shout, He comes in and my mouth drops; He's wearing a bright hot pink dress with prancing Unicorns on it, With sparkly pink heels.
"Yes?" He asks innocently, Just then Bob, Ray and Frank walk in

Bob; Who looks very pissed is wearing a bubble gum pink dress and purple heels with little pink sparkly bows on Them.

Ray; Who looks, well high, Is wearing a midnight blue dress with pink Guitars on them and He's barefoot. Oh god.

Frank; Who looks amused is wearing a midnight black tux with worn out Converse.

"Fucker" I mumble angry

"Okay, Ladies and gent-" Mikey's cut off by Bob throwing his heel at him, Which hits Him on his forehead. He yelps falling on his ass "Do not call Me a ladie, You unicorn violator" Bob growls, Mikey jumps up with a large bumb on His forehead
"I do not violate unicorns, You- you- You angry drummer!" Mikey yells, All of a sudden Ray squeaks and falls to the floor twicthing like a dying cat who snorted Cocaine, His eyes are huge and his pupils are quite small "What's wrong with Ray?" I ask, Frank shrugs "He decided to try weed" He replies, I blink 'Oh god, That isn't good' I think to myself "Okay time for some Dancing!" Mikey shouts soon Pride by SOiL comes on and Mikey starts dancing in a Horrible scary way.

Arms going every which way
Feet practically trying to run away
Hips making very strange shapes

"Think happy thoughts, Think happy thoughts" I sing quietly to myself

Finally Mikey stops dancing, Partly out of breathe " Sit down my Lovelies" He yells, Giving me a headache

I sit next to Frank, Bob has to drag Ray and sit him next to Me, Ray grabs my arm and holds /on to it for dear Life. I hear Frank chuckling quietly, Soon a rope drops down and Mikey wraps his hands around it Smirking evilly " Mikey, Wha-" I'm cut off by warm cheese raining down on Us, Ray screams letting go of my arm and falls out the chair still screaming, Bob hisses and attacks Mikey, Frank starts eating the cheese as I sit there doing nothing.
All too soon a group of formal dressed People walk in and gasp at the sight

I look at my friends and fellow Band mates; Ray is still on the floor screaming, Bob is still attacking Mikey and Frank sits there with his mouth full of cheese smiling and waving at Them. They run out the door leaving Me with my insane friends.

Ah, How i love these insane people I call my friends and band mates.

So, This is for Spirt Week
Its actually my first time writing something funny, well if even is funny
Please review?

Xo Dangerous Amber
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