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Teaching Frank Iero To Be Ugly

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Um... Frerard? Is what the title suggests. FLUFF. Serious fluffy wierdness. I'm not hating on Frank, BTW.

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(A/N: this is inspired by a dream thingy I had last night. Well, I woke up and though 'Teaching Frank Iero To Be Ugly'... So yeah. I'm weird, sue me! Well, don't but you get what I mean.)

Gerard sighs. Why is Frank so delicious? Why does he have to look so goddamn edible? It's not fair. Someone.... Someone needs to teach Frank how to be ugly.

Well. Gerard could certainly do that... 

"Hey Frank! Come here!" Gerard tells through the tour bus. 

"Yeah?" Frank asks, walking into the bathroom.

"I need to teach you how to be ugly." Gerard nods his head.

Frank looks confused. "Um... What?"

"I need to teach you how to be ugly." Gerard repeats.

Frank's brow furrows. "And, um... Why?"

Gerard shrugs. He doesn't say it's because if Frank doesn't stop looking so goddamn perfect he's going to be eaten by yours truly. 

Frank sighs. "Whatever."

Gerard guides Frank in front of the mirror. "Try an ugly face."

Frank sighs, but scrunches up his face for Gerard all the same. 

Gerard shakes his head. "Still... Not ugly."

Frank shrugs, trying a new face. "Better?" 

Gerard shakes his head. "No..."

Frank frowns and tries out different "ugly" faces for Gerard. None of them are particularly ugly; unflattering, possibly, but not ugly. Why can't Frank just be ugly goddamn it? And the faces where he sticks out his tongue... Yum.

Gerard sighs as Frank pulls his lips together, scrunched up 'fish lips' style.

"Still too damn cute..." Gerard mutters.

Frank's eyes widen. "Gee? Did... Do you think I'm cute?"

Gerard's eyes are the ones that widen this time. "Oh shit you weren't supposed to hear that I--"

"Did you mean it?"

Gerard sighs. "Yeah."

Frank smiles, leaning up to kiss Gerard. "You could have said something."

"So could you." Gerard murmurs  back.

Frank shrugs. "Boyfriends?"

"Nah... Fuck buddies."

Frank shrugs. "Works for me."
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