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The Secret Circle(Frerard)

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A powerful seductive, all powerful coven of witches and the constant battle of Good over Evil. Story you auditioned for!

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Frank had never been so miserable in his entire, albeit short life. Not even that one, God awful time when he had missed getting tickets to see Green Day, one of his all time favourite bands.
“…And then he said like no way, and then I was like yes way and then Lyn-z was like nuh uh and I was like well what would you know…” Jamia, the girl who had been harbouring a massive, entirely creepy crush on the red and black haired guitarist since he had first arrived, kept babbling on complety unaware that the subject of her infatuation couldn`t care less.
Frank felt his hazel; red rimmed eyes glaze over once more as he slipped back into an uninterested trance of boredom. He had just suffered the worst summer holidays ever; his mother had decided to move to a nearly deserted seaside town to live with her frail mother after she had been taken ill early February. The same mother that she hadn`t spoken a single word to since she had moved out on the eve of her nineteenth birthday. All in all it had been an eventful break from school, unpacking and getting to grips with a new place and fighting off a certain girl who had been indulging in telling Frank all about her favourite thing in the world-herself.

“And then Lyn-z was like you should just say yes and I was like no fucking way and then Rick went in this total mood and then she starting bitching at me and…” the dark haired teenager stops herself mid sentence, narrowing her heavily outlined eyes at Frank.
“Are you even listening to me?!” She hisses, pulling him back to reality with a loud, unfortunate bang.
“Sure I am.” Frank lied expertly.
Jamia blinked then continued her rambling about something or other, clearly fooled. “And then Daddy was like well why don`t I just buy it for you and then I was like no, well maybe…possibly…”
Frank stared out at the icy, wild sea. It was a deep greenish blue today as opposed to the previous day when it had been a bitterly miserable, depressing murky grey colour.
Just one more year, the aspiring veterinarian tells himself. Just twelve tiny little months and I`ll be out of this shitty little pimple of a town and in college back in good old Jersey.
It wasn`t as though the sea wasn`t beautiful, because it was, magical even. And although the shops here were very limited they had a fairly decent music store that was currently selling a beautiful snowy white Les Paul he had been drooling over for the past week or so.
“Frankie!” Jamia hisses again. “You were so not listening to me that time!” she points one ringed finger at him accusingly. Frank could almost see the smoke coming out of her double pierced ears.
“Yeah I was.” HE tries to lamely defend himself as he picks a few sharp blades of sandy grass from the side of the sloping dunes the two teens were sat on that led down to the main part of the beach.
“Oh yeah?” she raises on perfectly waxed, dark eyebrow. “Well what was I saying then?”
Frank tries to remember. Something about her lame, incredibly immature friends, her cheating on and off again boyfriend Rick a new prom dress...
Jamia sighs irritated. “I was saying that they shouldn`t let people like that on the beach.” She says icily, scrunching up her nose disgustingly. “Especially with dogs.”
“I like dogs.” Frank protests, sitting up straight to get a better look at whoever Jamia didn`t approve off. Most likely there was nothing wrong with them.
She scoffs, “I mean I know this isn`t exactly paradise or whatever but at least it is a clean and respectable beach. And now look!” she wails.
Frank did look. All he could see was some guy walking a dog on the beach a near the water. He looked up at Jamia uncertainly.
“At least put that mongrel on a leash, God and look at his clothes!”
Frank didn`t see anything wrong with the guys clothes. He was dressed fairly similarity to himself, a band tee shirt and ripped jeans.
But it didn`t seem to be just Jamia who clearly had a problem with the poor crimson haired guy. Everywhere he looked girls and guys alike were ducking their heads, turning away from the pale boy as he strolled past them confidently a wide smile on his face that drooped slightly as he walked.
“Look down!” Jamia hissed warningly. The guy was walking past them now; his earlier grin completely vanished from his handsome, young face.
Frank obeyed out of instinct and watched she trailed his calloused fingers in the sand.
Suddenly a wet, slobbery nose thrust upwards into his hand.
“Kurt! Stop it!”
The black and white dog whines sadly and licks Frank`s face happily, not wanting to leave this boy, he was a friend, Kurt was certain. He was like Gerard, his crazy but lovable owner. He wags his tail excitedly and jumps all over the short, red and black haired boy, licking every available part or lightly tanned skin.
“Kurt!” The voice calls again, more sternly this time and is followed by approaching footsteps in the sand.
“I`m sorry.” The red haired teenager narrows his eyes at the disappointed dog and hurriedly clips his lead back on and walks away, flashing Frank a quick, apologetic smile as he goes. The shorter boy`s stomach flips as the stranger`s hazel green eyes meet his fro the briefest second before he turns away, gradually vanishing from sight as he continues down the beach.
“Frankie!” Jamia snaps.
“Yeah?” he was stunned to see that the dark haired girl was on her sandal clad feet, designer bag in hand and a worried look on her pretty young face. But the most surprising thing was what she said as she hurried away.
“I have to go.” She tells him hurriedly before briskly walking away, muttering under her breath.
Frank catches only one of her hushed words, but he is sure that he must have heard it wrong, she must have said bitch or rich or something. Yeah, I heard it wrong, Frank tries to reassure himself, feeling rather foolish and yet unable to shake the strange feeling in his gut. He had heard it wrong.
For gods sake, you couldn`t call a guy a witch!
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