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Run For Your Lives

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For Spirit Week :) Th boys are in Killjoy form! :)

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Hello chickas and chickos! :) xo

Party Poisons POV
"This is such fucking shit!" Jetstar curses as we stand in a high school auditorium filled with dead corpses of those white faced evil motherfuckers. There's heaps of them so we didn't do half bad if you ask me but we were kinda in deep shit ourselves.

You see, the problem with New York City was that it was always jampacked. People hogging the sidewalk, blocking the many subways and basically running riot through the world famous city. Oh and the taxi service was lethal out here. I had actually lost count of the times i had come close to an end because of some angry taxi driver exceeding the speed limit and driving in a perfectly straight line, as thought it was deliberately out to get me. Anyways the shit we were in was we had pretty much caused havoc out there. We had ran through the streets pushing and shoving anyone and everything in our way to create our own little pathway to the infamous Mandela High, right in the middle of the lights and skyscrapers. Many had fallen onto the sidewalk, we had managed to break one too many shop windows and we had caused three car collisions but thankfully they were only fatal for the cars. Oh? The best part? We still hadn't caught their ringleader and he still had Grace in his reach. And now there were sirens blaring outside. Fuck no.

Kobra Kids POV
"Come on guys! Run! Run the fuck on!" I screamed as we all stood there completely dumbfounded and paralysed in pure shock. The cops were in on us. Sure if New York was a person right now he/she was decapitated bloodied and bruised up bad but we were on a mission. Stopping that hairless bastard was our priority, couldn't anyone see that? Oh and he had decided to kidnap an eight year old girl because he's so completely normal and not at all physotic or perverted. He was one twisted fucker and now we were getting told to put our hands on our heads and drop our raguns. I told them to keep running.

Jetstars POV
This cell is far too small. Us four crammed in with our awesome leather jackets and some rather fetching accessories like halloween masks or helmets with a whole bunch of alcoholic pricks who liked to saunter about New York with bottle in hand. What a glamorous life, eh? Fabulous Killjoys. More like tremendous shit boys. One of the men we were held captive with happened to be wearing a bowler hat and that's when i got a plan. Call me crazy but this was going to be jail worthy forever. Identity theft time!

FunGhouls POV
What a freaky genius! We've swapped clothes with the men in our cell! They're all wearing some form of facial disguise so now i'm thankful we decided to lug them around the place for hours! And we each have on some form of hat and ugly tweed or fraying jackets. We make a break for it through the bars on the high up window, see poison, i told you a toolbox was an essential and we jump the ground ready to save her for good and kick some evil ass!
Keep Running.
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