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The reunion

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The remaining memebrs of Dir en grey meet back up..

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"Kyo, please calm down!", Angie was trying to calm down the hysterical vocalist. "Why should I calm down?! I haven't seen the other all night and I have a really bad feel- He was interupted by the sound of his phone ringing. "It's Shinya!"

"Woahhh Kyo- calm down...there's soemthing I've got to uhh say" Shinya's voice trailed off
"Shinya! Shinya! What is it?!"
"Kao's gone, Kyo. He's dea-" He burst into tears and Kyo heard Die trying to comfort Shinya through the phone.
"Where are you?" Kyo got to his feet and raced out of the room.
"Ou-outside by the l-l-lake"
"Okay, Shin. I'm coming"

"Kyo! What's going on?" Angie asked, frustration rising in her voice. "I-Come with me, we have to find the others".

"What's going on Shin- who was that?", Toshiya asked, getting panicked. "Kyo's on his way now". Die hugged his lover tighter, "I missed you, Shinya" his lips traced Shinya's and then they linked tongues for a long, passionate kiss. Shinya moaned softly as Die tongue moved slowly inside of his mouth. "I love you, Die. I love you so much, you mean more than breathing to me and if you ever..well...if anything happened to you, I'd have to kill myself". Die pulled Shinya closer to him and wrapped his arms around his small body tightly. "Don't say things like that, Shinya. If anything happened to me, I'd want you to keep on living a long and happy life". Shinya started crying. "I can't live withought you, Die, you are my life", he curled firther into him and then let out a yelp as his arm started hurting again. "How bad does it hurt, baby?" Die asked him, kneeling down in front of him and gently taking his fragile arm. "A-a lot", Shinya winced as his lover's fingers traced a thin line across his arm. Toshiya jumped as he head a voice behind him. Kyo. "Oh Kyo-chan! I missed you! We all missed you! Where have you been all night?!" Toshiya began hugging him in his motherly way before he noticed the American behind them. "Hi, I'm Angie, I'm Kyo's....Girlfriend". "Woo! Kyo got laid!" Die joked before wrapping his arms back around Shinya. The Princess felt like the only safe place was in the knight's arms. Die moved his hand down to Shinya's small ass and he gasped before blushing. A feeling of lust suddenly flowed through Die. "Can we...go somewhere in privet for a moment?" Die whispered into the drummer's ear. Shinya grinned and held Die's hand as they walked away.
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