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“I unno. He’s, uh, easy to do.” For super hero day! Hell yes, it's short!

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I turned to look at the one who mentioned my name and brought me out of my coffee and sun vibe. A smile greeted me. “Yeah?” I said quietly, raising an eyebrow at Frank. It wasn’t normal to see him happy on vacation in the sun at the beach. This man like the shade.

Frank grinned when I responded and kicked his feet back and forth from the lounger on the sand. “What are you going to be for Halloween?” he asked excitedly while leaning forward on his elbows. “I’m going to be Nacho Libre.”

My other eyebrow shot up and I looked at Frank as if he had just proposed we should have an orgy with our wives and two cows. “You’re dressing up for Halloween?” I asked in a high pitched squeak, worried for him. Dressing up, aside from our Black Parade jackets, wasn’t normal for the band. Frank nodded and leaned his head to the side, still smiling at me. “You are?”

“What’s wrong with dressing up, Gee?” he asked, pouting a little and getting defensively cute. “Is it bad that I wanna dress up?”

“Uhh…” I bit my cheek and ran a hand through my hair while turning to the sea. The water was a glorious blue that I didn’t want in. “Well, you’re not a dad or anything, so you’re not dressing up for your kid…” I heard a lip quiver and turned to Frank, sitting up so out knees touched in between the loungers. “I’m just saying I’ve never seen a married man with no kids actually dress up for Halloween, unless you and Jamia are into that kind of stuff.”

Frank raised his eyebrows, a quirk of his that he can’t raise just one, and smirked a little. “You don’t have Lindsey dress up for you?” I nervously laughed while Frank chuckled and kicked sand onto my feet. “I just wanna dress up, y’know? It makes me miss the Three Cheers days. I quite liked that vest.”

I nodded and looked back at the ocean, watching the water sparkle. Still didn’t want in. I was not a fan of going to the beach and getting soaked the same day. “I loved the boa.” I smiled a little. “I knew the fans did too. I’d walk out on stage and everyone’d be screaming…”


I jolted a tiny bit and chuckled. “Sorry. Getting carried away. It’s just weird being off tour after travelling for two years. Even after four months…”


“What?” I looked at Frank.

Frank rolled his eyes and whacked my knee, smiling again. “You’re dodging my question! What are you going as for Halloween?”

I sighed and flopped back down on the lounger, thinking for the first thing to come to my mind. “Hancock,” was what left my mouth.

Hancock? Really, man? You chose Hancock?” Frank asked, jumping from his lounger to mine. “Why?”

I shrugged. “I unno. He’s, uh, easy to do.” I thought for a moment and, yes, he was in fact easy to do. I just had to dress like a hobo. Should be easy.

“Where the hell are you going to get a rubber suit?”

I shot up from my seat so fast I almost knocked Frank’s nose with my forehead. “The fuck, man? There’s no rubber suit involved,” I said, taken aback. “He looks like a hobo!”

Frank leaned back, hands in the air in a defeated pose. “Hey, he also wears a rubber suit from the middle of the movie.” A devilish gleam shined in Frank’s eyes. “And I’d love to see you in that rubber suit.”

I smirked and fell backwards again, shutting my eyes and pulling my sunglasses on. “I bet you would,” I mumbled, smiling at the warm shade. “But I can’t talk.”

“You know who else has a rubber suit, Gee?” I head Frank say, and I felt him lay beside me and put his head on my shoulder.

My mind went a million different places. “Batman,” I said quickly, trying to stop a blush from forming because of all the thoughts going all over the place. Oh fuck they were everywhere…

Frank chuckled and shrugged. “I was thinking the Flash, but whatever.” I opened my eyes and looked down at Frank, who was smirking at me. “I’m sure we could both find a rubber suit for you somewhere, Gerard. I bet eBay has something.”

I rolled my eyes and kissed Frank’s forehead, chuckling a little. “I bet that’s where you got those shitty condoms that one time, eh?” I asked, smiling at the memory. “The one time you bottomed in a month and the condom breaks…”

“Hey, how was I supposed to know they weren’t as structurally sound as they were supposed to be?” Frank whined, and I kissed him quiet. “They were purple. You have to admit, that’s pretty cool.”

I looked out at the sea and shook my head. “Rubber suits and super heroes are better, Frank. Sorry to burst your bubble, but they are.”

“Oh shut up,” he said, poking my chest. “You’re the one who wants to wear one. You might as well go to a gay bar and tell everyone the drinks are on the house.”

I chuckled again and shook my head. “Didn’t work the first time, Frank.”

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