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Animal I Have Become

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The Demons never left Gerard alone, and who's this new one? (Frerard)

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There was a time at night, a time when the monsters wouldn't go away that I always hid. I hid in the trees, I hid in the bushes but they always found me, the demons were always out to get me. They wouldn't leave me alone, they wouldn't let me be. They just wouldn't give up, no matter how hard I tried to keep them away.

They said they'd leave me alone!

But they didn't, they didn't leave me alone and I was half convinced they never would. Maybe They'd never leave me alone, but I could promise you I'd never let them take me alive. I promised Mikey on my sixth birthday that I would never let them get me.

They could hunt all they wanted, screech for me to chase them but I would never go back to greet them. I hid, I would hide all night if I had to. I just couldn't let them find me, couldn't let them get to me and tear me apart like they sometimes threatened. They wanted to pull me apart, they wanted to choke me and hold me underwater until I couldn't breathe, couldn't scream for help as they slashed into my skin with sharp nails and deadly claws. They wanted me, they wanted me so much that I could smell it on their breath every time they got close.

They got so coleus to taking me, too. They pawed at me, my skin was under their nails as they left once the hour of their domain was up. I just had to stay alive until they were gone, I just had to run and run and run. I couldn't do anything else, I couldn't disappear. Thy would always find me, I could never be safe. I hid under my blanket, waiting for them to pass. As long as my eyes were covered, I couldn't see them. As long as I held my ears I couldn't hear them calling me. As long as I kept my legs tucked in under the blankets they couldn't leave bloody scratches, just the mild ones.

I thought it was awful, I thought it would never stop, never go away. I thought they'd never flea, never leave me alone. I thought they were going to haunt me forever, come after me every night. I was just seven years old, tired of the screeching the demons caused in the night. I never slept, I couldn't. Then they stopped, for a week. I was astounded, so amazed and I was so happy. But I was used to the sleepless nights, it was unnatural to be without the constant torment I had grown used to and was scared of at the same time.

The monsters came back, though, and I hated them all over again. Nothing changed until I was fifteen. The monsters kept away one night, but at the end of the usual hour of horror instead of the usual demons or two there was a boy sitting on me, with little wings sprouting out of his back and a crooked grin. He was pretty, with dark hair and hazel eyes. I stared at him for about a minute, I was completely creeped out by his presence and captivated all at once. He held out his hand to me, whispering "Come with me." And I did.

I do regret that I would never see my brother again.

There was a castle, a gothic castle he took me to, still wearing that trade marked grin of his. I shouldn't have followed him, but he took me by surprise. All the other monsters never asked, they threatened or called in overly sweet voices that scared me more than anything else ever could. But his approach was blunt and to the point, and I was shocked into obedience.

It wasn't that bad of a thing to agree with, as I soon found out.

I was given a new attire, black, not much different from what I already had, and lead to meet the queen of the castle. She sat in a stiff posture, grace almost rolling off her in waves. SHe greeted me with a slight nod, as to not disrupt her raven locks so similar to mine and her crimson-red beaded headdress that could only be a crown. She was stunning with her pale skin, and i noticed large, black wings curtained across the back of the room that connected to her and her regal mood.

"Frank." She addressed the grinning winged-boy next to me. "Are you sure you want him? Of all the people you could choose, him?"

The teen, Frank, nodded. "Yes, mother. I want him."

The woman raises her eyebrows. "You chose this man as your mate, the one to keep our legacy?"

Frank nodded. "He has known of demons and monsters his entire life, and on top of it all he's good to look at."

The woman sighs. "Tell me you asked if he's homo or heterosexual?"

I was really quite confused by this time, and Frank turned to me expectantly. "Well, which is it?" He asked.

I was shocked by their crude behavior, so my tongue slipped and the answer just rolled out. "Homo."

Frank grinned. "See, mother?"

The woman sighed. "fine, fine." She stood up, dragging her long curtain-like wings behind her as she approached me. She slowly brought her pointed finger to rest on my forehead, and a dull white-blue light emanated from her finger tip. "It is done."

Frank's grin widened. "Hello, mate." He said to me.

I frowned, and i felt something foreign on my back. "Oh hell.." I whispered, realizing I had wings on my back.

Frank grinned. "Come on, let's go procreate."

That was how I managed to become a demon prince, if you were perhaps wondering.

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