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I Could Until Again

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A poem about and for my mother who passed away little over a week ago. Could be a second part to "I'm Going Down With You (Eulogy For the Dying)". Please let me know what you think. :)

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I Could Until Again

Although it may sting to remember,
Just know that I will never forget,
You made me who I am today and will be tomorrow,
Two things that I will never let you regret.

I could fill this poem with sad "sorry"s,
And things that I shouldn't have done nor said,
But you taught me by your happy example,
And it is in you footsteps that I wish to tread.

I could lie and act like you're perfect,
Alas, nobody could ever be so,
You knew that and strove for kindess over perfection,
Maybe not winning, but puttin on one he'll of a show.

I could howl and weep and sob for days,
Acting like my broken heart has lost all,
But I know I'll always have the memories,
Of your short self standing tall.

I could smile and laugh and recall,
In fact I think that I will,
For you only ever wanted me to smile,
So that is what I'll do until,
We meet again.

For Vikki Sutton, 3rd January 1970 - 10th March 2012

A/N: My Nan asked me to write a poem about my mum and this is what I came up with. Please let me know if it's okay so that I know if it's alright to give to her. Thanks for reading! :)

P.S. This can be seen as a part of the same sort of collection as "I'm Going Down With You (Eulogy For the Dying)" ( ) and "Living Death/Dying Life" ( ).
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