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Deus Ex Machine

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He could feel them moving inside him; as cold as an icicle, and as sharp as a scythe.

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Ryan opened his eyes, everything coming in fuzzy. There was a bright light and a pounding in his head, his body throbbing in time with the sound of beeping as steady as his heart. He closed his eyes, breathing out. The light was blinding, his body was sore all over, and he was ridiculously tired. There was the thought of going back to sleep, to just keep his eyes closed for a little bit longer before doing what he knew he had to do, but it quickly faded.
He opened his eyes once more, letting the things around him come into focus. There was the sound of quite talking past the sound of the constant beeping, the combination making his head spin. He tried to speak, to get the voices attention, but his voice was absent. He moved his arm, only to find that his wrist was tied down onto the bed he was on. He continued to try to move his limbs, finding that each one had it's own leather strap to hold it in place. His struggle made the voices notice him.
"Hello George, good to see you're awake." One of the men said, going over to stand next to Ryan. He had dark eyes and even darker hair, a devious smirk on his face.
"Peter, manners. How are you feeling kid?" Ryan stared at the dark haired man with wide eyes, forcing his voice to come.
"How do you know my name?" His voice was weak and came out much more shaky than what he would have liked. The other male sighed at his words,
making Ryan turn his head to look at him. He had light brown hair and bright blue eyes, a somewhat familiar look to him.
"We've been watching you. Listening to your conversations, your thoughts, what your friends say about you. And do you know what we've found?" The bright eyed boy spoke slowly, a smile on his face.
"You're perfect. You alone could be the greatest unstoppable force in the universe. You have the potential to burn entire cities to the ground." The dark haired boy talked animatedly, obviously loving the subject.
Ryan stayed quite, staring at them, reading their faces as he tried to understand what was happening. He didn't know what to do, what to think. They had been watching him, all of this time, just watching in the shadows. Waiting for him to be alone. And now he was, and they had him. Whoever they were, they had him right where they wanted him to be.
"Who are you?" Ryan was cautious with the words he chose, trying to not offend the people who had him tied up. "And what are you going on about." The bright eyed man beamed at him.
"I'm Patrick, this is Peter. We're two members of The Core." The dark eyed man gave a small sigh.
"You don't know what we are, do you?" Ryan shook his head, the man pulled up a chair and sat down. "Doesn't need an explanation anyway, so just ignore that."
"What's more important, is what we want to do to you." Ryan stayed silent for a moment, his eyes growing wide in fear.
"You're not going to kill me, are you?" The two laughed at his words.
"No, why would we want to do that?" the dark eyed man spoke before the other.
"You're smart, Ross. You have the ability to do great things. You kept it from your friends, your family, everyone. But we know that you can do it."
"We can unlock your potential. Make you greater than you can even imagine. You alone could end this war."
"If you let us unlock all of that ability hiding in your brain, you could take entire city's down without even trying. You're an amazing person, George. We've been watching it, and we know the talent that you hide."
"We also know that you'll do anything for those friends of yours. Spencer, Jon," The dark eyed boy smirked at Ryan. "And especially that Brendon boy."
"If you're going to do it for anyone, you should do it for that one that you love." Ryan opened his mouth to protest, but the boy named Patrick continued to talk anyway. "We know how much you like him. We know how many times you've tried to tell him just how much you care for him."
"What do you say? Let us do what we're good at, and you can keep him from harm until the end of the world." Ryan shifted at his words, closing his eyes for a few seconds. He would do anything to keep them safe, to have a chance at ending what had started not to long ago.
"Okay." The two looked at him, the one with bright eyes looking almost shocked at his words.
"Okay?" He repeated, nodding his head to the dark eyed boy, who stood and walked to the other side of the room.
"I'll do it. I don't know what it is, but if it'll protect them, I'll do it." The one with bright eyes smiled.
"All right. Peter, you know what to do." The other boy brought over a machine that had needles on movable arms, making it easy for them to move in and out of things. They brought the arms close to Ryan's face, making him realize how easy it would be to fit around his head. And then he rallied what it was for. His eyes widened as the boy spoke once more. "It'll hurt a little, but we don't have any pain medication."
The other laughed. "It'll hurt like a bitch. Just remember why you're doing it, okay?" Ryan nodded, biting his bottom lip. Soon after, all that there was, was an excruciating pain.

"He'll come back, I know it." Spencer was lying to himself, along with the other two that were in the room. Brendon wouldn't admit it, but he was more worried about Jon than he was Ryan. Jon seemed to have lost half of his mind, talking about nonsense at the oddest of times. Most of the time he just stayed silent, but every now and then he would talk; while most of the time he would talk about crazy shit that would make Spencer worry about what they had done to him, everyone now and then he would tell Spencer how sorry he was, how much he loved him.
"I'm sure you do Spencer." Brendon mumbled, hands shaking as he helped clean a mess that had been made. The kids that they rescued had something…odd about them. Each one seemed to be able to do extraordinary things, and whenever Brendon or Spencer tried to find out how they could do those things, what had happened when they were contained, they would change the subject. Or pretend they didn't know. Anything to get away from what they knew.
"Ryan will come back, trust me." Brendon looked at Spencer, who had Jon napping on his lap; his head resting on his thigh, legs pulled to his chest.
"Deus ex machine." Both of them looked at Jon, who still had his eyes closed, mouth moving as his voice whispered the words.
"What?" Brendon asked as he crossed the room to sit next to them.
"Deus ex machine." He looked at Spencer, eyes wide. "Our saviour."
Spencer and Brendon exchanged confused glances, looking back down at Jon just as he had slipped back off to dreamland. Brendon closed his eyes, rubbing his temples.
"What are we going to do?"

He could feel them moving inside him; as cold as an icicle, and as sharp scythe. They were hurting him, beyond anything, they were hurting him. There had to be five, but maybe more. He couldn't count, could hardly think. All he saw was red, dripping and dripping and dripping.
Ryan screamed, wanting nothing more than to thrash at the sudden hit of one of the needles and his organ. It hurt like nothing he could ever imagine. Worse than all of his skin melting off, his innards being ripped out, every limb being pulled apart. Anything that he used to think would be excruciating couldn't compare to the feeling that was going on within his head; the needles attacking his brain, changing it. For better or for worse, he wanted to know.
It clouded his mind, made him unable to think of why he was doing it, why he had made the awful decision. It was unlike anything, the lobotomy. It made him wish they would mess up, make the pain stop and go away forever. Because what they were doing was the worst thing in the known world.
He agreed, and they were going to make him larger than life, even if he would be in pain every step on the way there.


So, this isn't what it's supposed to be. Oh well. Hope you like it anyways.

PartyPoison: I didn't do what I said I was going to do. Are you mad? I would be. I always change my mind with things like this story at the last moment. Oh well, doesn't matter too much.
Yeah, Ryan's pretty much doomed himself, but doesn't he always?
You know the best type of prize? A SURprise. It'll be explained in no time. Well, probably a while from now, but then you'll know. Just have to wait a bit.

-xoxo Pansy.
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