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Living In A Perfect Day

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Day Three of Spirit Week :)

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Hey again lovelies! ;) xo

Gerards POV
"I fucking love snow!" Frank squeals as we walk hand in hand to my house. School has been closed early due to the unexpected downfall of glittering white flakes and we have the rest of the afternoon to ourselves. Bliss.
"I know you do." I laugh at his blatantly obvious comment.
"It's so prett- Ouch!" He screams as he slips to the pavement and pulls me down with him into the cold blanket of soft, crisp snowflakes. "Fuck!" I curse as the jocks across the street send me a glare. They're loving this already.
"Look the fags have fell over! Aw your Mommy will put a nice plaster on your knee!" On of them calls and I already feel like digging a hole and throwing myself inside to prevent further humiliation, until i see Frank's sparkling pools of excitement. " Ignore them Gee! Let's go home for Hot chocolate and Christmas movies!" He screams pulling me and running down the street, despite us just tumbling over through careful little steps. Nothing help him down ever. I guess that was one of the reasons i loved him the way i did.

"So, it's Mean Girls or How To Lose A Guy In Ten Days." Frank states eyeing up each DVD seriously trying to make a decision as i stirred the hot chocolate in the kitchen. God, he was so cute sometimes. Such a girl at times too. I may as well have dated a chick when it came to movie days! He could be worse than my little brother sometimes. " Hey Bitches!" Oh, speak of the devil.

"Me and Ray will be upstairs......playing Resident Evil." He says obviously lying to my face. I knew what they were going to be doing up there, see although neither of them would confess, they were obviously together. The way they looked at eachother and always made excuses to touch eachother subtly, pathetically cute. "Have fun fucking his brains out, but go easy on the outside, you know how he gets about his hair!" Frank calls after him and i can't help but laugh as they both begin to glow beetroot red. They weren't playing Resident Evil, besides the console was in the living room....

Franks POV
"Wow, Regina is such a little bitch!" I am raging as i watch the alter ego of Rachel McAdams strut across my Tv screen throwing flyers across the hallways of her high school. Gerard simply laughs and shes his head slightly as we snuggle up under the extra fluffy blanket i bought Mr and Mrs Way last Christmas. Yes, we have been together almost a year now. You Jealous? Yeah well tough, he's mine bitch! And he always will be too so go suck my big toe! Yeah y'all heard me.

"Gee......." I whine, man i'm such a baby at times.
"Yes my little sweetheart?" Hehe he's so girly sometimes.
"Make me some more?" I say softly glancing at my mug that is not emptied from the chocolatey heaven that filled my mouth and ran smoothly down my throat, warming my insides.
"Okay, anything for you." He sighs before standing up.
I love him more than anything, just the way he take care of me in the littlest of ways.

I hear a cry, it sounds like pain. I bolt off the sofa and look at Gerard. " Did you hear that?" I whisper as the noise rises again, this time more distinct, louder and more petrified. Then a loud thud is heard from the ceiling. I grab Gerards hand and we dash upstairs. "There could be burglars!" I breathe shakily. And Gerard pushes in front of me and we continue on our mission.

We reach our destination. Mikeys Bedroom. I know what you're thinking, but these noises cannot have been sex, unless Mikeys a sadist pervertd motherfucker. Gerard pauses before almost tearing the door of it's hinges frying pan in hand. The sight before me intriges me something chronic. There is Ray passed out on the floor, Mikey cowering in the corner and a black cat sat in the centre of the floor looking best pleased with itself. "T-T-Tina's cat hid in the wardrobe-s-she jumped out on Ray's face." Mikey looked as though he was going to cry as we erupted into fits of giggles. "What good girl little Googles is!" Gerard praises the little cat. I simply pick hr up and take her downstairs for a nice dish of cream. I'm a dog person, but who wouldn't love a Ninja Cat named after a search engine.
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