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The Apprentice

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The boys from Panic! At The Disco and Fall Out Boy compete to become Lord Sugars apprentice. Contains strong launguage and sex scenes

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The Apprentice

'Tiiidal waves they 
Rip right throouugh me
Tearfuulll eyees
Coold aand saaad'
It was day one. A young entrepuner, Brendon Urie, was happily singing classic Blink 182 tunes in the shower. His voice was cut off mid note by a harsh Illonis accent, belting through the door. 
"Dude, shut the fuck up! Nobody can hear themselves think!" This was Pete Wentz, notorious bad boy in his department. He was bold and brash, up for a challenge. 
Brendon wrapped a pristine cream towel around his waist and stepped out of the bathroom. His wet locks of hair were plastered to his face, covering his doe brown eyes. He gave Pete a cheeky wink and strode past into the bedroom

Ryan Ross, a quiet character sat on the bed furthest from the door. He had a glass of milk in one hand, and a notepad in the other. But no pen. 
'You might want a pencil or something' Brendon gave a concerned look. Ryan was silent for a moment, then he jumped. 'Wise idea' He whispered. He practically faded out of the room. 
Urie shrugged and pulled a fresh shirt over his head. He checked to see if anyone was there, and removed the towel, pulled up a random pair of boxers which were lying on the floor and grabbed some pinstriped trousers from the wardrobe. Checking himself out in the mirror, he thought, he looked the part
Ryan re-apperared with a biro and sat back in the exact same spot as before. He stared vacantly at his empty jotter
'Buddy, you okay?' Brendon shot another worried glance at the older boy. 
'Fine...fine thanks'

Adjusting his trilby, has he had been doing for the past 10 minutes, Patrick Stump, an ambitious fellow, smirked at himself in the kitchen mirror. Changing up his hat round one more, he turned on his heels and headed to the lounge. But his journey was interrupted by a shaggy looking chap, who was blocking the doorway
'Er, excuse me' Patricks confidence levels lowered. He got very self consious in awkward situations. 
'Paddy right?'
'Havent seen my boxers, have you Paddy?'
Patrick rolled his eyes slightly, and twisted his hat round a fraction of an angle again. He hated being called Paddy. 
Noticing the lack of reply, the man in the doorway repeated his question, but with more detail
'My boxers Paddy. Ya seen 'em? Bright pink, purple rim? Not hard to miss...' He edged away from the entrance he was blocking and Patrick rushed past, shouting out a a quick 'No!' before he dissapeared
'Im Jon by the way!'
Jon walked around the house slowly, scowering the room for his mislaid underwear. No sign of it any where. He wrinkled his nose in confusion. 
He was strolling aimlessly for a while until he bumped into man, stood at the foot of the stairs, tying his touseled ginger hair into a pony tail. Jon waited for a while, then lunged and grabbed the other mans shoulders. Pony tail boy  jumped right out of skin and turned around, fuming. 
'What the hell is your problem?'
Jon laughed nervously, not expecting such a reaction. 'Can I get up the stairs?'
'You couldve asked...' Andy pouted slightly and tightned his hair up. He looked Jon up and down. 'But yeah, you need the bathroom to get that bit of jam off your face' 
He laughed at his own joke and pratically glided over to the living room, ponytail swinging

Spencer Smith, a complete perfectionist, was straightening his shiny hair. He pressed the flat iron down hard on his long fringe. A waft of smoke appeared. 
'Your burning your hair' Ryan, who had finally started writing something (The words 'Shopping List' curved delicatley on the paper), looked up from studying his own shoes. Spencer suddenly noticed the horrible smell and dropped the straightners. This was just as Jon walked in. He was barefoot and he stepped on the scolding hair utensil. 
'Fucking SHIT!' He clenched his foot and hopped around the room manically prior to collapsing on Ryans bed. This made Ryan literally jump up in the air. He was pretty lightweight and Jon, well, wasnt so much.
'You have jam on your face' He said blankly. Jon didnt care
Spencer sat at the dressing table silently for a moment, then innocently turned of the straightners at the plug.

Due to all the hoo-ha upstairs, the rest of the wannabe apprentices rushed up to the bedroom to see what was going on. This was Brendon, Andy, Patrick, Pete and John Trohman a hyperactive man with a touseled quiff.
Gesturing towards Jon, who was now sat up on the bed, Ryan spoke 'He stepped on live hair straightners and he has jam on his face'
Andy sniggered slightly, half-proud that his jam observation hadnt gone unnoticed
'Well somebody get the first aid kit or something' Pete wandered over to his suitcase and kicked it under his bed
'But what about the jam?' Andy and Ryan both laughed too hard at this
The men shook hands, still chuckling
Jon stared out in to nothing and slowly wiped the jam off with his finger. He left his finger hanging in mid air, tears forming in his eyes from the agony of burning his foot
'Ill get the first aid kit then' Brendon sighed. He swivelled round to go out and in to the kitchen where to first aid box was, but he rushed back and licked the jam off Jons finger before skipping out to do his job. Everyone fell about laughing, even Jon giggled slightly

Half an hour later the taxis arrived. Spencer swaggered out first, looking perfect as always. He was closley followed by Andy and Ryan, who were still tittering about the the jam
'It was so obvious!'
'And then Brendon...!'
The rest of the boys all walked in a group, Brendon a little ahead, looking at Ryan. He scanned him up and down, staring at his ass a little too long. But nobody noticed
Jon was last out, limping. Suddenly, he raised his head and opened his mouth. He wanted to know what happened to his boxers, but with all the drama of him burning his foot, it had been dismissed. He decided to wait until they got the first task out of the way before he brought it up again.

'Lord Sugar is ready to see you now'
There were exactly enough chairs for the eight of them. Ryan and Andy sat next to eachother. Brendon rushed to get the seat on the other side of Ryan and Patrick sat beside Andy. John and Pete sat down together and Jon reluctantly slipped in at the edge next to Spencer.
'Welcome to The Apprentice chaps' Lord Sugar appeared from the translucent door opposite from the boys. 'First prize, you'll be my business apprentice. We'll work in harmony to create something that sells. Second prize...' He scanned the room. 'There is none.
'So, lets get you in to teams then'
He shuffled his papers
'Er Ryan, Brendon, Spencer and er, Jon W. Youll be a team. The rest of ya will be the other
'Obviously, the first thing you'll be doing is sorting out team names. But the first task of the series is to design greetings cards and sell them to retailers. You have today to design and go to the designers to create them, and tomorrow to sell. Obviously, they wont just be free to make so Im giving each team a budget of 200 pounds. 
'Nick will follow Brendons team, Karen will follow Patricks. Now off ya go to pick PM and get started'
The boys exited quitely. Greetings cards eh, thought Brendon. He glanced over at Ryan again. Congrats...congrats on having a nice ass. Would that sell?

They got back to the house pretty quickly, and sat down in their designated rooms
'So, team name' Spencer brushed a strand of hair away from his face. 'I say Spencer'
The others laughed, but he was serious
'How about...' Jon twiddled his thumbs 
'PANIC!' Brendon jumped from his chair. Nick, who sat patiently in the corner, tutted. The others were confused
'Thats our team name! It caught your attention didnt it? And its all like, Panic! Other team, cause your going down' And on that note, he sat down again. The others looked at eachother and nodded. It was settled

The other team took longer to decide. 
'What about...Believe?'
'No, thats totally wack' Pete stared up at John, who had suggested the idea. 
'We need something strong..and manly' Patrick pounded the table with his fist. But he had thrown it down a little too hard, and grasped his hand in pain
'Yeah, manly' 
'Says you with your ponytail'
Andy harumphed and edged his chair slightly away from Patrick.
They all sat looking at the table for a moment. 
'I dont know guys, but I think Believe is good. Like, believers never die, so we wont either. Well, we will, but not in this competion' 
Andy, Pete and Patrick all glanced over at John. Nothing was said
'Team Believe?'
A few neutral grunts
'Team Believe it is'

Team Panic against Team Believe. The challenge is on.  
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