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The Question

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Lily has to ask for her bestest friend's permission.

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"Hey Lily Luna..." Scorpius Malfoy said softly as he entered their compartment on the Hogwarts Express. She turned towards him and gave him a playful smirk, "Well, how do you do, Sir Malfoy?" Scorpius smiled and took a deep breath and asked "?" Lily, confused, asked him "What?" Scorpius began slowly this time around, "Would you like to come to Malfoy Manor for most of Christmas Holiday?" Lily Luna nodded and then reached for the long, coiled up, tube sock that she had with her at all times when not on Hogwarts property. "What are you doing?" she answered him as if it was the most obvious thing in the Universe, "Asking permission." she stared blankly. "From your parents? Here? Now? How do you contact them at this time?" Lily Luna laughed, “Not my parents...the opinions that my dearest mumsy and popsy hold are left uncared for by me…anyways they would be happy that I’m making more friends." she began to reach into the knee high and grabbed a hold of something and began to pull whatever it was out she said, "No...This one's opinion matters much more to me than theirs." and Lily Luna pulled out of the bag a brown coloured serpent with a diamond shaped head.
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