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The Best Friend's Blessing

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Lily Luna walked in between Scorpius and Cassiopeiae excitedly. It was the two third year girls first time going to Hogsmede and they were going to check out the spookiest place in the town right on time for All Hallows Eve which was coming up within the following week. Cassiopeiae looked over at her 'cousin' (though a very much removed cousin, her cousin none-the-less) and her best friend. The fifth year boy was staring at Lily Luna and blushed and quickly looked away and blushed when she looked at him and smiled. Cassiopeiae smirked and decided that as Ravenclaw was probably the only semi-acceptable house other than Slytherin for a Slytherin to find a date in and as Scorpius was a Malfoy, pureblood, rich, and related in a small way to herself, Cassiopeiae Burke was willing to give him and Lily Luna her best friend blessing. She only needed to speak to her cousin alone. Cassiopeiae got her chance when a radiant white-blond haired girl in a blue uniform and a gorgeous boy with the same white-blond hair and uniform as his sister waved furiously at Lily Luna and yelled her name with strange mixed accents of French and British-English. "Cassiopeiae," Lily Luna said, “Would you keep your cousin company as I visit with my two favourite Weasleys?" "Of course Lily Luna!" the raven-haired snake replied, “go along and speak with Dominique and..." "Louis, her brother. They both go to Boabatons." "Why did your cousin Victoire go to Hogwarts when she lives all the way in Montpelier, France?" asked Scorpius "To be around Theodore Lupin, no doubt!" Cassiopeiae Burke squealed. "Hey Lily Luna..." Scorpius started, but the red haired girl was already running towards the two of her three French, quarter-Veela cousins waving to her from the jumped in leaf pile.
"So..." Cassiopeiae urged her cousin, “the Eagle likes the Snake!" his cousin teased whilst nudging the boy in the shoulder.
"Shut up Cassiopeiae!" Scorpius mumbled
"Come on Scorpius," Cassiopeiae teased, “You know you like the littlest of the Potter/Weasley Clan!"
"But, she will never like me!" Scorpius growled, “I really like her Cassie! Have you ever really liked anyone before?"
"Yes, I have ‘really liked’, Scorpius. Do not be so naive."
"I NEED your help...I need you to help me show her how good for her I can be."
"You needn't even ask Scorpius, I've already begun the quest you have just asked me to embark on."
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