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Frikey. Mikey and Frank have been best friends since, well, ever. But then something happens to Mikey, something bad. So bad, he can't even tell Frank. But is their Friendship strong enough to face...

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okay, so I had this idea a while ago and I finally got round to writing it but I'm not so sure about it anymore so if you guys want me to continue then please R&R and I will and if not, no hard feelings, yeah? wizzer.

The bell radiated through the school grounds, signalling the beginning of the day. I turned to Frank, who was stood next to me in the bitter November air.
'Well Mikes,' he said, looking at me, 'its that time again. I guess we'd better face our demons like the courageous young men we are.' He smirked up at me and I scoffed at his comment.
'Young men, yes, courageous, very fucking doubtful.' He shot me a look that clearly said 'what the fuck?'
'We are obviously courageous Mikey, unless you're fucking delirious.'
'Yeah yeah, we're so courageous Frank! I'm so bloody courageous I'm jealous of myself.' I rolled my eyes at him and started walking towards the doors. He walked alongside me.
'Well, if you're jealous of your own courage then I can't even imagine how jealous you are of me.' He winked at me and kept walking. I felt a twinge in my stomach at his words. I was jealous of him. How could I not be? He was funny, hot, amazing at the guitar and he wasnt afraid of anything. Well, accept spiders, and admittedly, he could be a complete dick sometimes but who isn't? Other than that, he was perfect. Frank Iero is utterly perfect.
'Who would be jealous of you?' I asked, smirking at him slightly. He put on a shocked look.
'Michael James Way! I'll have you know that just about every man, woman and child in New Jersey is fucking jealous of me, okay?'
'In your dreams, Frank, in your dreams,' I muttered.
'Oh, you'll pay for that,' he said. I carried on walking, knowing what was coming as Frank hung back and then ran forward and jumped onto my back, wrapping his legs tightly round my waist and hugging my shoulders.
'Ride on, my noble steed!' he yelled. 
I walked all the way to home room with him on my back and as I opened the door, our teacher Mrs. Finnigan shot us her death glare before turning away and sighing.
'Mr. Way, would you mind putting Mr. Iero back down please, this is a high school, not a nursery.' Frank jumped off my back and began walking to our seats at the back of the class. I followed him and as I got closer, whispered 
'You're getting fat Iero.' Frank turned and glared at me before whacking my left arm really fucking hard and taking his seat.
It took nearly five minutes of Mrs. Finnigan's ramblings and Frank ignoring me until he turned to face me.
'You don't really think I'm getting fat, do you?' he asked in a fake carefree tone, façade dropping slightly. I smirked at him.
'Of course not Frankie, I was joking. How could you think I would ever say something so hurtful to you?' Frank glared again and I laughed slightly.
'Prick,' he muttered. 
'Well now, that was uncalled for,' I say, mocking pain. Frank stuck his tongue out at me.
'Well, you are a prick. And dude, you wanna come to mine and have a horrorthon after school?' I smiled.
'You really think I'd turn down such an offer?' Frank high-fived me as the bell went.
'Dude, what have do we got now?' I asked, blanking my timetable yet again.
'Well Michael, I believe we have double potions then charms and then defence against the darks arts,' Frank replied, smirking. I hit him on the back of the head as we stood up.
'We'd better hurry then or Snape will be pissed,' I say, smirking back at him and making him laugh, his high pitched giggles invading my eardrums and causing my stomach to churn slightly. I love his laugh. His fucking stupid, girly, high pitched, chipmunk-on-crack on laugh. I sigh as I follow him from the room.

The day went by as usual; the teachers droned on, me and Frank talked at the back of the class, Ray was a teachers pet, lunch was too short and Frank got detention, again.
I walked out of Biology and waved at Frank, smirking as he flipped me off, causing Mr. Taylor to yell at him as I walked down the corridor, laughing. 
I turned around and corner and turned my iPod on, Smashing Pumpkins blasting into my ears. I smiled slightly as I walked along the corridor, until I felt someone grab me from behind and put their hand over my mouth. 
I panicked and tried to wriggle free but they kept me in an iron grip, arms wrapped around my waist so hard it was sure to leave bruises. I tried to call out but my voice was muffled and not distinguishable. As they began to drag me towards the janitors closet, I could hear my heart pounding in my ears as I continued to struggle, desperate to get away. Adrenaline was pumping through my veins, the metallic taste of fear creeping into my mouth and throughout my body. They were a solid, warm barrier behind me, keeping locked in position, I couldn't move, although I kept trying. They wrenched the door open and shoved me inside. I was so shocked, my breath was coming out in short sharp wisps and they'd shut and locked the door before I even thought and about calling out or trying to escape.
The room was dark, pitch black in fact. I couldn't see anything and could only feel the slightly cool wall I was leaning against and the floor I was slumped on mixed with the slight ache of my body from the struggle.
I sat there, waiting for my heart rate to slow down when I remembered there was someone else in here.
'H-Hello?' I choked out. They laughed. But the laugh wasn't happy. It was cruel, sadistic, evil, mocking almost. I heard a light switch flick and the single bulb hanging in the centre of the room flickered into life, obscuring my vision for a second. When it focused I could see someone towering over me, another student. A jock and-fuck. 
They grinned down at me, huge and sneering, eyes lifeless. It made my skin crawl.
'Boy am I going to have fun with you.'
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