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That Cool

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"Yes, My family is THAT cool." Told from Billie's pov.

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It was 2005, I was home on a short break from the American Idiot tour, and happy to spend time with my family. Joey and Jake were sitting with me at the table doing homework, and I was helping them with whatever they needed. Jakob looked up at me through innocent brown eyes and sighed.

“What’s wrong, Jakey?” I ask gently and the boy furrows his eyebrows before replying. I take a sip of my coffee as he figures out how to pose his question.

“What does faggot mean?” He asks quietly, and I’m suddenly choking on my drink, surprised at my young son’s question.

“Jake! You said you wouldn’t say anything!” Joey shouts, angry at his younger brother and
confusing me.

“Wait, guys, what are you talking about? Did someone call you guys that?” Both kids shake their head and I’m slightly relieved.

“They called you that, Daddy.” Jakob says quietly, not meeting my gaze. I take a deep breath and try to stay calm.

“You know how boys and girls love each other?” Jake nods, “well, sometimes boys and boys love each other and girls and girls love each other.” I begin, seeing the boy nod.

“I know that.”

“…that word, faggot, is a mean name for boys who love boys or girls who love girls.” Both kids frown and Joey shakes his head, confusion shining in his chocolate orbs.

“But why would anyone be mean to another person because of who they love? It shouldn’t matter…” The 9 year old replies, voice concerned, almost. “And why did they call you a faggot? Is it because you wear makeup sometimes? And you love a girl, not another boy.”

“That’s right, J, it shouldn’t matter. And it’s just a mean word, like calling someone a meanieface or poopyhead or whatever.” This causes my kids to laugh and I smile, ruffling Jake’s hair. “Ignore those kids okay? And never call someone a faggot, understand?” I tried to stay calm, but I was pissed off someone would say that to a six year old. Doesn’t their school do anything about it? Anyways, both boys nodded and returned to their homework, letting our conversation slip their minds. Eventually, Adie sends them off to bathe before dinner and they nod, running off and leaving us alone in the dining room.

Everytime I see her I can’t help but think how incredibly lucky I am to have her as my wife, yet sometimes, I think she married the end of the world. Her hair was tied back in a ponytail, letting her beautiful brown eyes stand out against her pale skin and her soft pink lips looked so kissable. I stood up and pulled her close, kissing her gently. She smiled and kissed me back, letting me wrap my arms around her waist. We pulled away after a few seconds and I tucked a piece of hair behind her ear, causing that adorable blush of hers.

“You’re so beautiful, Adrienne…how did a guy like me end up with such an amazing woman and
mother as you?” She smiles and pecks me on the lips again.

“How did I get a guy like you is the real question? Handsome, intelligent, loving…you’re great with the kids, B. I heard you talking to them tonight about being called a faggot. You handled it really well.” This causes me to blush and her to giggle. It still made my heart skip a beat and butterflies fill my stomach.

“I try…” She puts her hand on my cheek and uses her thumb to stroke lightly, then rests her head on my shoulder, causing me to smile. We sway lightly and I hum quietly, feeling her smile into my neck. It’s moments like these that I wish would last forever and feeling our hearts beat as one, is a feeling I never want to forget.

The next day we were out shopping at some mall in the area. Adie’s hand was in mine and the kids were walking slightly in front of us. The older was walking on the curb with his arms spread like an airplane for balance and Jake was watching his brother with amusement, causing both my beautiful wife and I to smile. We had just eaten lunch and were just meandering around, no particular thing we needed. I was perfectly content, and nothing could ruin this moment.

“Hey, faggots, go burn in hell!” My two sons looked up and Jake looked angry. We all looked over and saw a man yelling at two women who had apparently been kissing, screaming insults at them. Suddenly, Jakob took off running towards him and I made to chase him, but Adie stopped me.

“Billie, watch.” Jakob was standing next to the man, looking up at him, eyes dark with anger.

“Hey, Mister.” The man looked down at Jake and I made my way over slowly, fatherly instincts taking over. “Just ‘cause they’re two girls who love each o’ver, doesn’t mean you can be mean to them. Love is love, that’s what my daddy says, and they can love whoever they want. You’re just yellin’ at them ‘cause you’re not happy with yourself. Say sorry to them.” I was in shock. Did those words really just leave Jake’s mouth? I turn back to Adrienne who looks just as shocked, but, like me, a smile spreads across her face. I turn back to Jake, who had his hands on his hips, was looking up at the guy expectantly. “I said, say. Sorry. To. them.” He enunciates, mimicking his mother.

After a few more seconds, the man looked up at the women and apologized, but the women didn’t seem to care. They were smiling widely at my son who nodded at the man.

“Good. Now, have a good day.” With that, he turned and walked back to me, looking as if nothing had just transpired.

“Holy shit, Jake, I’m so proud of you!” I pick the boy up and hug him, holding him on my hip.

“Really?” I nod as Adie and Jake walk over.

“Jake that was so cool!” Joey says happily, looking up at his brother. Adie puts her hand on
Jake’s head, kissing his forehead.

“We’re all proud of you, Jakey.” She replies, smiling gently. In that moment, I couldn’t have been more proud of my family. I had a beautiful wife, two incredible sons, and I couldn’t believe that they were actually mine.

“Ya wanna go get ice cream?” I ask and Jake’s eyes go wide and he nods vigorously. I look down at Joey and he’s nodding too. “Alright, go over there with your brother, Mommy and I will meet you guys there in a few, alright?” Both boys nod again, so I set Jake down and they run off to the ice cream shop a few doors down. I lean over and give Adie a kiss, intertwining our fingers again.

“You know he wouldn’t have said that without that little discussion you guys had last night, right?” I smile and shake my head.

“Nah, I think our kid is just that cool.” She giggles and nods, looking up when the two lesbians appear next to us.

“Excuse me?” We both look at them. They were both pretty, I guess. The traditional lesbian couple, a butch, and a femme. “We just wanted to thank you, what your son did was incredible. There’s not many people out there who will stand up to a guy like that…let alone how young he is!” The femme says happily and I nod proudly.

“That’s our boy!” We exchange a few more words and they walk off, leaving Adie and I alone once again. “Yeah, our kid is that cool.” On that note, we walk into the store, seeing Joey and Jake ordering happily. My family is amazing.
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