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Drum roll, please...

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I was going to post the results sometime last night, but it was so hard to choose. So, my apologies for the delay. You guys' auditions were all really great, and even if you didn't get in as a main character, I still plan on using you in the story, probably as some other bands in the competition. Also, thanks to everyone who gave me ideas for names. So, without further adieu, here are our results!
Band one: Sass Attack! (Natalia's band, name is from Heymimusic)
Vocals- Anna Carlisle (Mikeys Glasses)
Rhythm guitar- Sarah (dobbysock123)
Lead guitar- Jasmine Price (Gerardwayiscute)
Bass- Matthew Whitman (thegirlwhowasonfire)
Drums- Natalia, who I have yet to think of a last name for.

Band two: My Asymmetrical Garbage (Bandit's band, name is from lefoutre)
Vocals- Bandit Way
Lead guitar- Apollonia Corleone
Drums- Allie O'Connor (detonationmouse)
Rhythm guitar- Dani California (ElectricBlackOut)
Bass- Sam Alexis Mitchells (XEvil AngelX)

Thanks again for auditioning, and I'll try to have the story up soon.

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