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Just Kill Me.

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The rantings of a frustrated author with the worst case of writer's block in the history of fanfiction.

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Hello, Ficwadians. We meet again. This message is brought to you by Insanity, because there is no fucking way that my mind is whole after this weekend.

First of all, I'm supposed to be writing a sequel. Why? Because somehow I managed to spit out a decent piece of writing at 4 am, and I thought I could continue it.
My Mind: Bitch, please.
I have started this second instalment about 10 TIMES, and not ONCE have I been able to finish it. I'm about to toss my laptop into a pond and leave it for the fish to devour like some sort of half-assed version of Jaws. Children will cry. Adults will be reduced into quivering blobs of paranoid flesh.
For those of you who haven't read the story that refuses to be continued, it can be found here: .

Second, my step-father is driving me up the goddamned wall with his homophobic comments. It's all 'I can't believe they're allowed in public', or 'you'll never catch my kids doing that'. Well tough shit, old man. I'm gay. See that boy over there? The half-Japanese one? TAPPED THAT. Now excuse me whilst I dance with ribbons and watch Rocky Horror. And while I'm doing that, I think I'll remind you that you put me through 4 years of shooting lessons. FUCKING RUN.

Third and finally, I'm surrounded by brain-dead step-sisters. One of them, the oldest, decided she'd be a nun. SHE'S THIRTEEN AND SHE'S BEEN WITH MORE GUYS THAN I HAVE. Anyway, Mom told her that it was a great idea because nuns couldn't have sex. Genius of the Year then asks: "Then... how do they make more of them?"


So, there's my rant. Writer's block, homophobes, and idiots. I hope you'll forgive me if I end up postponing the Fer Sure sequel.

Any ideas? My hotmail is . Message me. We'll do lunch.

Yours bizarrely,

P.S. The step-father's in the living room, watching Swamp People. It's not a bad show, but every time they catch an alligator I hear: "HOLY JESUS! DIDJA SEE THAT ONE, BENNY?!"
Yes, I saw it. I'm going to use its teeth to cut out your eyes and feed them to the cat. Then I'm going to call Nathan, and we're going to have wild-animal sex in your bedroom.
Oh God, I need some Advil...
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