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Just a part of an upcoming mini-series. Just names and stories of their lives are going. COMPLETLY FAKE. Enjoy. (:

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Driving seemed to be the only thing I could do to quit feeling suffocated. What good is crying? I turned off my phone and threw it out the window a couple miles back. I don't care if they find it.

Why did this happen to the one I loved most? He risked everything for me- even going to jail for the four-year age difference. I begged him to stay, but he felt the need to go. Look how he ended up.

When we met a few years back, it took us a long time to actually speak. When we finally did, we set off quite nicely. He wasn't doing well, so he decided to go into that damned Army of ours. We didn't need to be in that country- they didn't do anything to us. But that's okay, right? Taking taxpayers money and just shooting at those civilians. When I got that letter...

Just thinking about it made me speed even more. The weather is like how I feel - empty and sad. All I know is that I left in no certain direction from my home in Wyoming. I just turn where my gut tells me too. After a while, I began to realize, "what's going to happen when I get to the I wanna go? But does that really matter? They'll find me eventually. I could change my name, dump my car, and everything. Why won't they realize I can't take this?

I've been hurt all of my life - exes, not eligable for scholarship help, and all the usual tenn crap. This just shot me in the heart. I can still feel him when I think about our trip to the park. Beautiful day, laying in the grass, snuggling. It was great. He even helped me get out of the tree I was stuck in.

He didn't deserve what he got. The torture, the brutality of it all. I wouldn't wish this upon someone else, but why him? He told me that all he was doing was commanding a center- did he lie? There's just so much a person can take.. I think i've hit that point.

I finally pulled over somewhere in Idaho at a little motel. It's cozy and wonderful. Maybe I could live here for a while..
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