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Chapter Fifteen

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Chapter Fifteen


He carried her outside into the bitter cold, making sure his coat covered her completely. He could feel the burning of her skin through his shirt and his mind conjured up a million different horrible possibilities. Anything could happen to her and it would all be his fault. His fault that he hadn’t been able to provide for her in the way she deserved, the way he had always hoped he could. Everything around him had fallen apart. His wife had died from a passing illness, his father had fallen ill while at work and here he was alive with less than he had ever had. He couldn’t lose Miranda too, she was everything he lived for, she was his entire life.

He found the hospital and rushed inside, ignoring everyone around him.

“Sir? Might I help you?” The nurse who asked him was soft spoken and was almost drowned out by the commotion around them.

He turned to her and uncovered his baby girl who was crying. She perhaps could feel his panic, if only he could calm down.

“My daughter….She has a fever, a terrible fever! I need someone to help her!” He exclaimed it, afraid of being turned away. He didn’t have any money, after all.

She nodded and made to take the baby from him but he held fast to her. “Sir, you need to give her to me so that we can help, okay?” She cooed it, hoping she could convince him if only to help save his daughter.

Reluctantly he let her small body go and watched as the nurse walked away. Miranda’s cries echoed down the walls, sorrowing his ears, and constricting his mind. He was dying on the inside over the thought of what was happening. He didn’t want the nurse to come back out and tell him there was nothing they could do like they had done with his wife. He didn’t want to walk into the hospital room spend a brief moment with her and then she passes like what had happened with his father. No he wanted her to be alright,that was the only thing he could want now. What else made any sense? What else would propel him onwards with this life? Without her he had nothing.

He couldn’t sit, not only was his worry forcing him to his feet but the sounds around him sounded like screeching infections cutting through him. He wanted to tell everyone to shut up but refrained, maybe it was better that he didn’t think.

He heard the nurse come down the hall to him and smile softly, comfortingly. “Sir, you have to go home….we don’t allow visitors after a certain hour.”

“But my daughter, I can’t leave her.” He stuttered out, his worry taking hold of every part of his being.

“You have to….come back in the morning…She’s going to be okay…That’s exactly what the doctor said.” She smiled and bit back her lie. She just didn’t want this man to have to be wrestled out of here and thrown into jail for the night while his daughter was in the hospital. She felt an enormous compassion for him. She just wanted to take away all the worry from his blue eyes.

He looked down, let out a sigh and pushed his hand back through his hair. Was that relief that shocked through him? Was that worry flitting away?

“Can’t I see her?” He asked, his voice broken, his hope being restored.

“Tomorrow…”She whispered. She felt terrible seeing such relief fill his eyes but what else was she supposed to do?

He nodded and forced himself out of the hospital. He couldn’t go home though, he watched from across the street as all the other people left the building. He couldn’t bother to wonder about what any of those people were going through, all he wanted was to know that his daughter was going to be okay.

“Jared.” It was a man’s voice that called out to him from behind.

Jared was startled from hearing his name. No one had even uttered it since the night his father had died and hearing it now brought back too many memories. He wasn’t sure who it could be though, he didn’t know anybody but he turned around anyways.

He was tall, not in anyway stocky. His long black hair was pulled back and his dark eyes held Jared’s without any sign of straying. He wore the most expensive clothes Jared had seen in a while and in his hands he held a pocket watch of pure gold.

“How do you know my name?” Jared questioned, his breath creating shadows of smoke in the air.

The man smiled slightly and made his way to him. He extended his hand. Jared looked down at it before grasping it respectfully.

“My name is Tomislav….and I think I can help you.”
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