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Come one, come all and we shall rediscover the lost city of Atlantis...

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I know, I know more auditions, another new story. I have a short attention span, I know. So this will be based loosely around the legend of Atlantis. The main romantic paring will be Gerard and Lynz because I love them together and the last time I tried to write one I got fed up with it really quick. The parts I need are some Atlantians- the people who live in the Lost City, including a Queen and a few of the explorer type people. So like doctors, mechanics, a cook, people who can operate submarines and shit like that.
if auditioning for the part of an Atlantian please chose a bit more of an exotic name than say Sarah for example. Something pronounceable, but a bit different. Oh and for ages you have to be a few centuries old at least but will not look it. so if you would be so kind as to tell me your full age and how old you actually look it would be great. Oh and also when describing looks I am afraid you can`t have band tees and skinnies because they just kinda don`t exist in your lost civilisation. You can still have tattoos and piercings ect just not band tees and stuff. And for those who want to be part of Gerard`s crew please specify what role you play in it. if auditioning for the role of the Atlantian Queen you will be Lynz`s guardian.
Age: (remember if an Atlantian what I said in the note above)
A few interesting facts:
Any piercings/tattoos:
Brief description of body type, skin tone, height ect:
Anything else:
For the Atlantians
How do you react when the explorers find the city?
Do you remember anything from the day Atlantis was lost beneath the waves?
Did you think that anyone would ever find the city?
For the Atlantian Queen(please fill in the above as well)
How do you rule the city?
Are you well liked?
Is lynz an actual relation to you or did you just take her in?
For the explorers
Why do you want to find the lost city?
What will you do with the wealth you will undoubtedly come back with?
Thoughts on the Atlantians?
What do you expect to find at Atlantis?
Why do you believe it is real?
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