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Under These Stars

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Frerard One Shot. Gerard wants Frank at the beach. But for what reason?

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When you dont have your laptop, you get bored and i came up with about 5 one shots and chose this one to post :)

Never let your parents take you to visit family without your laptop for the weekend EVER.


Frank :

"Where are you going?" My mum asked as I struggled to get my leather jacket on. Gerard told me he had to see me as soon as I can. He had to tell me something important and he had to tell me in person not over the phone. He didn't tell me wheather it is a good thing or a bad thing all i know is that it was important. When i was speaking to him just a half hour ago on the phone his tone was blank, empty, emotionless but steady and serious on the phone. We agreed to meet at the beach, the same beach where he had asked me out about 5 years ago. I was only 15 when he asked me out and we were planning to move in together when we gather enough money up. I had taken a job and so had he. My mum had not judged me when i told her that i was dating Gerard. Infact she welcomed him with open arms and said that it was okay to fall in love with the same sex. After all love is based on who you want to be with not on age or gender. Gerard was 3 years older than me and it had just passed his 23rd birthday.
"I'm going out to meet Gerard" I said turning away from her and putting my phone into my pocket.
"Honey, it is late, you know what the streets are like at this time of night, you could get hurt" My mum said, her tone concerned.
"I'm aware that it is 9 at night, but this is important" I said not turning around.
"Be careful then okay?" My mum put her hand on my shoulder. She didn't like em being out so late evn though im 20 because my brother had been shot late at night on the streets of Belleville but i was going to the beach and i was taking the car.
"I will" I smiled turning around and kissing her cheek. She smiled and i opened the doort and walked out. I opened the car door and drove off to the beach. I was unsure what to feel. 2 emotion's took over me Happiness and fear. After driving for around 10 minutes i arrived at the beach and stepped out of the car. The saltiness tingled on my tounge and the smell of the ocean hugged my nose. I ran onto the sand and waited for Gerard who clearly had not arrived yet. An elderly couple walked past me, hand in hand smiling, enjoying eachother's company. Happilly married. I smiled and lit a cigarette. I looked over my left shoulder and the boy with black raven hair, pale skin and sparkling hazel eyes who had stolen my heart and was as perfect as could be walked towards me. I began to make my way towards him and we met he pulled me in close, his arms snaking their way around my waist, my arms going around his neck. He didn't say a word.
"What is it that you need to tell me?" I whispered softly into Gerard's ear. I could feel his breath on my neck, he was taking in my scent.
"Frank, i dont know wheather this is a good idea or not to tell you" Gerard said, his voice honest and his thumb caressing the back of my neck.
"You can tell me anything you want to, you can tell me things you are scared to tell yourself, it wouldn't make me love you any less than what i already do" I said soothingly and lovingly. He broke away from me and took both my hands. The wind was blowing in both our faces. His black hair was being whisped around his face making him even more beautiful. Both us expresionless but looking into each other's eyes as the night sky encompassed us.
"Frank" Gerard began.
"Yes?" I said looking at him hopefully in the eye. Desperatly showing him how much i cared and wanted to be with him for the resst of my life and maybe be like the elderly couple i seen a half hour ago. Gerard looked down at the twinkling, seas shelled sand and back up.
"Don't think i have gone insane" He said seriously and quietly.
"I won't and beside's i'm the insane one" I laughed. A small smile played on his lips and won him over. I laughed again.
"Frank, i'm a vampire" Gerard said plain and straight. My eyes grew wide as my mind processed the information. A small silence fell once more.
"Are you afraid" Gerard asked letting go of my hands.
"What?" I asked snapping out of shock.
"Are you afraid" He repeated more as a statement and not a question.
"Of course not" I said stern.
"You should" He said
"Are you evil?" I asked
"Then there is no reason for me to be afraid and nothing can prevent us being together" I said stepping closer to him.
"The fact that i am a vampire is preventing us being together" Gerard said. I knew it was hard for him, tha pain in his voice was far to noticable. I'm sure the sadness was noted on my face. My heart stopped realizing what he was saying.
"Your breaking up with me then?" I asked, refusing to let my tears fall, this exact spot on the beach held so much memories between me and Gerard. Suddently it is falling down to nothing, basically it was being burned to ashes.
"I don't want to Frank, i love you with as much love as my heart contains, but i'm drawn to you Frank" Gerard said.
"I'm drawn to you too Gerard" I argued back
"I'm drawn to your blood, the reason i'm doing this is to protect you from myself Frank" Gerard explained.
"I will never hurt you if you keep away from me" Gerard interrupted stepping further away from me.
"I would put myself at risk if it means keeping me with the person i want to spend my life with" I said.
"It has already been decided, my mother has put me with someone else to distract my mind from you, you shall find another" He said turning away from me.
"No more question's or statements" Gerard then walked towards me again and kissed me once more and broke away, his eyes were blood red, his nails were longer. He walked away and walked around the corner.
"Gee" I croaked. I ran after him but he was already so far and he was holding hands with another. Another i knew far too well. But why him.

Why Mikey.

My heart stopped and i fell to the sand in tears. Mikey got to hold hands with Gerard. MY Gerard. They then suddently disappeared and i knew that i wouldn't see him again. I looked up at the stars they were twinkling brightly, not a care in the world. My mind fell blank and imagined the life we could have had. After all.

I was going to propose to him.
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