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The back streets of New Jersey

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Gangsters, family feuds and gun fights... The back streets of New Jersey are a dangerous place to be.

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It's either kill or be killed.

That was the first thing Gerard had told Mikey when he pushed the gun into his hand. Mikey had looked at it, the black metal cold and heavy in his palm before looking up at his brother. Gerard's face was serious, his mouth set in a hard line and his eyes dark. The scar on his forehead glinted, the silver scar tissue glimmering in the flourescent lighting of the warehouse. His cropped black hair was smart, his fringe slicked back behind one ear and his crisp white shirt spattered with tiny red dots, "Make me proud." He whispered, his gaze locked on Mikey's.

Despite the fear gnawing inside, Mikey gripped the gun and turned to face the small crowd that had gathered. The men all looked at him expectantly, waiting with an annoyingly large amount of patience. The silence was deafening and the blood rushed in his ears. He swallowed dryly, his palms slick with sweat and the gun slipped in and out of his grasp, "C'mon, Mikey," Gerard urged. But Mikey stayed where he was; rooted to the spot. "Mikey..." His brother growled and Mikey winced. He didn't want to let Gerard down, to be a burden on his brother's notorious reputation, but this wasn't right, he couldn't do this.

There was shove from behind and he gasped, staggering forwards and almost dropping the weapon, "Don't be afraid," He heard Gerard whisper in his ear, "I'm here."
Mikey nodded briskly and, despite his sense of right and wrong, moved forward into the circle of men who studied him with bated breath and intense gazes. Mikey's heart leaped into his mouth but didn't falter.
It's for Gerard, he thought, All for Gerard...
Thought it brought no comfort to him whatsoever.

He jumped as the slam of a door jolted him out of his thoughts. There were a few grunts, sobs, and the sound of something dragging on the floor. The ring of men stepped back slightly as two burly guys tossed someone carelessly into the centre. Mikey stared at the broken figure on the floor and his heart twisted. The person tried to shove themself up into a sitting position as best as he could. Mikey went to help but pulled back, No signs of weakness, he reminded himself. He stood back and watched as the man coughed, spitting out a dark string of blood as he got onto his knees. He was looking down at the floor defiantly, his wrists and ankles bound with tough rope. He said nothing, a rich silence eminating off him. Mikey saw the tattoo riddled hands, some of the images blurred by either blood or swellings and his black hair was stuck to his neck with sweat.

"Gentlemen," Gerard smiled, stepping forward and gesturing around with his hands to the attendents of this scene, "Today I bring before you Frank Iero or more commonly known as 'Dogtooth'." There was a faint rumble as the men muttered their agreements. Mikey swore that from under his black fringe Frank Iero was smiling. "But, some of you may not be aware that this," Gerard said, waving a hand at Frank, "Is the ringleader of the 'Wolf' gang!" There were a few gasps of surprise, and some growls of anguish. One man even spat at Frank, "But today my brother, Michael James Way, will be doing us the honours of killing him as part of his initiation. But first... any last words Dogtooth?"

There was a breathless, gasping sound emitting from Frank and it took a moment for Mikey to realise that the gangleader was in fact laughing, "I have no words to say," He chuckled, "That would mean anything to you."
Mikey looked down at him with deepest respect for Frank's bravery. Gerard kicked the gangleader harshly, but Frank only responded with a sharp intake of breath. Then the eldest Way brother turned to Mikey, "He's your's now."

Mikey's heart thudded against his ribcage until he was sure it would launch itself out of his chest. Time stood still for a moment, the small fibres of dust dancing through the shafts of sunlight that poured in from holes in the roof. He gripped the gun with shaking hands, sliding a trembling finger into the trigger loop. He had never fired a gun before, let alone fired one at a person. Gerard had described it as 'The ultimate feeling of true power', so surely it couldn't be all that bad. Could it?
He raised the pistol, squinting slightly, not wanting to know what would happen when the bullet left the chamber. He faltered when he heard a low laugh, he looked down slightly and Frank snapped his head up, "Do it, Mikey," He growled, "Do it." Frank's eyes were hot and dangerous, and a look of melancholy plastered his face. Mikey noticed the four short, thick, scarlet scars on the gangleaders collarbone- the insignia of the Wolf gang. Mikey swallowed and tried to stay calm, tried to collect his racing thoughts, "Do it," Frank purred, flashing his teeth upon where one sharp canine stood out from the rest, "I'm begging you."
Mikey's finger twitched on the bar of the trigger.
He couldn't do it.

Slowly, the gun fell to his side, slipping from his clutches and clattering to the floor loudly. Simultaneously, all the men's heads turned.

Turned to look at Gerard.

Mikey's head dropped, he'd failed him.

Frank laughed again, darkly, "I knew he didn't have it in him, Raven," He sniggered, smirking wickedly at Gerard, "You're brother's nothing like you; he's a fucking pussy."
Gerard growled and grabbed Frank's neck roughly, forcing his face up, "I'm going to let you live, Dogtooth, but don't get too comfortable my brother will kill you. He just needs a bit of toughening up to do is all. Until then, you are his to kill." And with that he pulled out a switchblade from his pocket and grabbed Frank's arm.

Mikey paled as the blade pierced Frank's skin, tearing through his flesh with four brutal cuts. The only hint Frank gave of being in pain was how he had bit his lip tightly, accepting his branding. Gerard pulled away, wipping the blood forcefully with his sleeve. Frank whimpered and blood pooled from his lip as the eldest Way brother admired his handywork.
Mikey gagged as his brother stood back to reveal a brutally slashed 'M' carved into Frank's arm. Gerard spat on him then turned to the two men who had dragged Dogtooth in in the first place, "Dump him in the street. Someone in his gang should find him."
The two men nodded and hauled Frank to his feet, pulling him out of the building, and carting him off to a nearby gutter.

Mikey turned to Gerard, "I'm sorry, I-I couldn't-"

"Don't talk to me," His brother snapped and Mikey flinched as Gerard's eyes hit him like a ton of bricks, smacking him with a force of shame and embarrassment, "You have let me down, Mikey. I'm dissappointed in you."

"Gerard, please..." Mikey started, but it was no use. Gerard had stormed out of the warehouse, slamming the door behind him. Leaving Mikey alone with the heaviest amount of shame and guilt pressing down on his shoulders.

Hey, hey, hey :) hoped you liked it. This is a bit different to what I usually write because it's all about gangs, gangsters and family feuds etc. but I hope you enjoy it all the same :)

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