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Symphony Vol.I

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Ever wonder what would happen if God gave everyone that believed in his name unsurpassed powers? Good...or bad? Well, I can tell you this, if you were bad, you would want to abuse that huge piece o...

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Fourteen years ago:

Remanance Wind Zodiac was his name. He got out of what was called the fourth plane, the dimension between our world and the world devils and memories resided. No one has ever been to that plane and lived, until now. He found himself in a desolate, rocky planet with his head throbbing worse than the imagination could tell you. His body was crouched close to the ground. His brown eyes flashed red constantly; a sneaky voice kept creeping in.
"What is this?" Remanance screamed out. The voice in his head only snickered and mocked him.
"You caught something! The name's Spirus, and what I want is possession over that body!" His headache just tripled as two men ran by with guns pointed directly at him.
"How'd you get here? This planet's off limits to all!" One of the men barked.
"Are you two the only ones on this planet?" Remanance asked, suffering to breath.
"Yeah, patrol officers!" The other one bragged. Remanance's eyes shifted color again as he looked directly at them, creeping them out.
"Then get out of here! I can't control my energy!" The guards knew what that meant and immediately scattered away, but before they even had the remote chance of escaping, a huge chunk of Remanance's energy busted out of him and destroyed that whole universe. Now, as unusual as that may seem, all three of them made it out okay! Remanance couldn't keep his balance for a couple hours after that, but hey, it's better than death right? Fourteen years ago, he attempted to regain his lost memory, and he's still in search of it now.

This tale is a work of fiction. Anything that is similar to any other events in real life is strictly coincidental.


"Don't you dare screw the bounty up this time, Remanance!" Terra threatened as she jumped to another meteorite. Terra: Age sixteen, naturally had long blue hair, and wore blue denim jeans and a long jersey.
"Don't worry about me Mexican!" Remanance insulted. Remanance: Age: thirty-four, green spiked hair that went towards the back of his body, and was wearing baggy black pants, a long black unbuttoned shirt, a black t-shirt and a silver cross around his neck. Their opposition was a crazed looking man with short silver hair. They were fighting this out in space.
"I don't see how any of you could stand a chance with me!" The man exclaimed vividly as he formed a machine gun out of thin air and started shooting insanely at Remanance.
"Someone fell out of the crazy house too soon!" Remanance yelled as he charged straight at him by running from meteorite to meteorite. The bullets all converted to dust inches before making contact with Remanance. Remanance made it to the guy and gave him the old fashion punch in the face. The man flew a few miles as Remanance turned around at Terra and gave her thumbs up.
"And no planets destroyed this time!" Remanance praised himself. Remanance sensed something coming as he rolled off the floating rock and a purple orb, the size of the average hand flew right past him and headed for a red looking planet.
"Crap no!" Remanance shouted, really hoping that the orb would somehow miss. That little small orb destroyed that whole planet, and only left particles as remains.
"Remanance!" Terra scolded.
"Why me?" Remanance asked himself. "I should've taken that hit! Now my lunch money's gone!" He finished. He turned around with the best look of exasperation you could imagine as the man flew back from vast space and punched Remanance right in the cheek.
"Hey." Remanance said rather calmly, not being affected by the fist lounged in his face.
"I'm finding some way for you to pay for that! I hate paying for someone's damages!" Remanance punched the man rock hard in the face, making a little air ripple fly through the area and destroy every meteorite. Terra had to float in space at this point as Remanance grabbed the man's foot to keep him from sailing away from his earlier punch.
"He's out cold." Remanance called out to Terra.
"Yeah, and so is that planet, and our spending budget, buddy!" Terra said. Remanance only let out some nervous chuckles.
"So you found that little abomination?" A man with short brown hair asked while sitting in a huge comfortable business chair. Remanance and Terra stood in front of his desk in a blue air-conditioned room.
"He's with that must be it huh?" Remanance asked cockily.
"Oh Remanance" The man laughed. "Always as arrogant as ever!" he finished.
"Yeah, and you're still sitting in that chair...I never did see you get off that thing Nemus!" Remanance mentioned.
"That's all good Remanance, but now is the time to discuss your pay for the capture, hmm? Let's see now, a planet got you guys have a problem with conserving planets?"
"Get on with the pay man!"
"Ah yes! You bought him back alive, deduct the planet expenses and...that's forty thousand."
"Forty thousand? There better be something besides that!"
"Of course my primitive friend! A little note that could help you with your memories?" Nemus casually said. Remanance smashed his hand on Nemus' desk.
"What do you mean? Don't screw around with me!"
"Not on this. No goose chase, just part of the reward, if you accept the low pay of-."
"Tell me what you mean by my memories!"
"Thought so!" Nemus took a folded piece of paper and handed it to Remanance.
"Now, if you please?" Remanance and Terra made their leave out his office and looked inside the note inside the small orange hallway with a long red carpet laced with gold.

The letter:
The city of Aura. That is where the information on memories of your mother resides. Go to a boy named Stiex and you'll be lead into the right direction. You'll find this place back on Earth, in the continent of lost grounds.

"No signature." Remanance said.
"You going by that?" Terra asked.
"Best lead in years!"
"Calling anyone about it?"
"Yeah, Reive. She would be happy to tag along...and we need insurance money!"
"What about your father?"
"Funny one Terra!"
"You know he'd help too!"
"I'd get a ear full of stupid lectures! Not to mention we'd just get into fights and slow us down!"
"Rem?" Terra pressed on.
"We're not running a business mid trip!"
"Who knows where that boy is now!"
"All right. To Earth we go." Terra concluded. Remanance ordinary life from here would lead to truly unforeseen events.


Stepping out of the space station, the two greeted a sixteen-year-old girl near a red Eclipse sports car. She stood a little passed five feet tall, wore baggy black pants and shirt, with a long vest to go along with it.
"Wow. You two actually made it on time." The girl said plainly.
"How far are we to Aura?" Terra asked.
"A couple miles."
"Come on, lets go then Reive!" Remanance said as he lightly began pushing her towards her car. The ride was a pretty simple one as they entered the busy city of Aura. They parked near a lonely looking space of cement and began asking people for the local library.
"Just go right from here, take a left at the sign..." A kind young woman began.
"I'm sorry, I won't remember anything you say after the first set of directions!" Remanance interrupted. He thanked the woman as the three saw a crowd gathering being blocked by a spiky redheaded man.
"What do you mean we can't go any farther?" Someone from the crowd yelled.
"This area is off limits!" The young voice answered. "Boss' orders!"
"And why is that?"
"There is going to be an escalating fight soon, that's why!" The boy said. Reive pushed through the crowd and got the redhead's attention.
"Can I help you?"
"Yeah, your name and the directions to the library." Reive answered.
"Pyrols. And as for the, your brother, and your friend can go on forward.
"Really? Thanks!" Reive ran past him, but stopped just a few inches from him.
"How did you know about my brother and Terra?"
"That's the thing about us." Pyrols whispered cockily. "We have one incredible boss!" Terra and Remanance made their way to Reive.
"Ready?" Remanance asked as Reive slowly started walking again.
"Yeah..." She answered, taking one last look at Pyrols, wondering what he meant. Pyrols saw the crowd beginning to get greatly upset and tried to knock him down, but a wall of fire blocked their paths from progressing forward.
"Heh. Warned ya!" Pyrols sneered as his hands begin emitting light smoke. The three made their way to a mini-castle of a library. The outside looked like a brown church, without the steeple finishing the touch.
"How much books do they store here?" Remanance asked as Reive walked inside. Every inch of the corners was stacked with books and bookcases holding the books. It took great elaboration to organize all of the bookcases and books perfectly to where there be no feeling of crowdedness. Remanance and Terra came inside.
"Hey! Stiex!" Reive called out. "You here?" Remanance started snickering.
"Yeah Reive, he's really going to answer to a creepy voice like yours! He doesn't even know you...not that he ever will want to, considering that you like getting into fights like a mad woman." The library door opened from behind them, as another young man with short and spiked black hair walked in. Sixteen with glasses he was.
"I thought they closed off this section." The boy said. He walked passed them as took his glasses off and wiped them off with a cloth. He wore a unique uniform that looked pretty comfortable. It was black and had a certain sleek look to it. Custom made is what you would think if you saw it.
"Tell me, are you Stiex?" Terra asked.
"I am the librarian, yes. What of it?"
"Good! That means you have information about our mother then?" Reive shouted.
"Information? Why would I have that? Unless your name happens to be Reive."
"Reive Zodiac!" Reive said, getting highly hopeful. Stiex placed his glasses back on his face.
"I don't know who gave you the tip about this place...but I know this: There's no way I'll ever be giving you that piece of information." Stiex coldly rejected. Reive clenched her fist.
"You're joking!"
"I don't joke. Now leave." Now in the usual case when a librarian tells a party to leave, they would just leave all sad or angry...but in the case of a Symphony book...
Reive instantly jolted a punch right to Stiex's face. He flew right towards a bookcase where the books slowly began to fly out of their haven. Now that these two have entered into battle, their speeds are more than tripled and amplified. Stiex summoned a red staff (Which means it vaporized in front of him.) and got back up as the persistent Reive ran at him again. Stiex shifted out of harm's way between two other bookcases. Running backwards he picked out a random book and opened it up towards the middle and glanced inside as Reive ran on the side of the bookcase on her left as if it were just another floor and she was never running sideways and kicked Stiex right on the side of his head, just getting outside of the bookcases and knocked him near a window. He quickly got back up, stabbed his staff into the ground and plopped his book up into the air, just as Reive was above his head. The book hit her, as a result, caused her to flip into the air multiple times uncontrollably. Stiex grabbed her by the collar just in time, twirled around and threw her in the direction of a bookcase that was standing alone. She landed on her feet and her left hand, right on the side of the bookcase. She immediately leaped towards him, making herself twirl around in the air like a spinning top. Stiex picked up his staff and hurled it upwards so that Reive would hit the ceiling instead of him. Fortunately for her, she was pretty flexible. She grabbed the tip of the staff instead, making her directly above Stiex. When Stiex slashed his staff from Reive's hand, she came down right in front of him and placed both of her hands on the ground so she was doing a handstand. Before Stiex could reply, She broke into a break dance, with her feet constantly bashing Stiex on his sides. With her final kick, she kicked his neck. He flew through (Literally, through) half a dozen bookcases. Remanance and Terra moved out of Stiex's path as he crashed right near them.
"Had enough? My sister is like rubber, she doesn't know the meaning of stiff." Remanance warned. Stiex ignored his comment and got back up.
"This ends now." Stiex said rather calmly. Reive walked past all of the seemingly floating books in the air as she loosened her arms.
"I take it you still won't talk!" Reive said.
"This is nothing, compared to what she can do to me." Stiex said.
"Who's she?"
"My boss, but that's not what you should worry about." Stiex stated as he summoned the staff he dropped during his flight past the shelves. A wave like force emitted from Stiex's body and pushed Terra and Remanance a couple feet away from him. Reive again dashed towards him, this time, Stiex gathered some electricity in his hands and summoned a pistol. He shot five shots at her. All five shots however, were missed as Reive had just enough speed to see the bullets coming towards her, jump on top of the first one, boost herself ahead to the next bullet, grab the third, and dodge the last two in mid air. The bullet in her hand converted to an equivalent amount of force of energy as she again punched him square in the face. He flew through another set of cases, dropping his staff yet again.
"Behind you Reive." Remanance said boringly. Reive quickly turned around as the bullets she jumped over were turned around and ready to drill right through her. Three of the bullets disintegrated when they got too close to her (That's when you thank God There is spirit energy.), but the last one shot her right on her arm. She feel to the ground as her body instantly started extracting the led and repairing her injured arm at good speeds. The battle was over, which meant time was back to normal. The books instantly smacked down to the ground.
"All right Reive. You've had your fun. It's my turn now." Remanance said.
"And make it to where it wouldn't be a fair fight?" A woman's voice said from behind. The three turned their heads around and saw a pink-haired woman with her hair going every which way imaginable, it was bushy, and a little thick. Her eyes were like looking into a yellow moon. She wore your average blue jeans and a plain light green shirt.
"I'm sorry, we never met!" Remanance joked.
"Sure we have Remanance! We never did like each other." The woman said. Remanance couldn't help but to feel a little bit surprised.
"Who are you? And how is it that you know me?"
"You forgot about me too, just like you forgot about your mother! What kind of family forgets their own?" The woman mocked.
"You know something, don't you?" Remanance yelled.
"Everything you came here for!" She sang.
"Were you the one that gave us that note?" he asked. She gave him a confused look.
"Why would I do that? Keeping you, in particular, in the dark is hilariously fun!" The woman stated.
"You're pushing it!"
"Yeah." She said, looking the other way blowing him off, dragging and emphasizing the word "Yeah." Stiex came from behind Remanance and in front of Melodie and saluted.
"Melodie, what brings you here?" He asked.
"Just evening the odds. You can handle Reive right?"
"Good, I'll handle Terra and the buffoon." Melodie concluded. Stiex turned his body around and held his arm out.
"Shall we finish this little dual?"
"Anytime!" Reive said. "Remanance, you can take Melodie, right?"
"She's asking for it, don't worry!"
"So Remanance, are you still as dumb as usual?" Melodie asked.
"I don't know what your problem is, but I'll shut that mouth of yours right now!"
"An empty threat?"
"Just insurance!"
"You're a fraud then!" Melodie kindly said. "Tell me how it feels for you to have forgotten every speck of detail on your mother: Her family, all the things she has done for you, her kindness, if she was I mean, considering you don't remember crap!" She laughed. Remanance felt his hands tremble in aggravation.
"You must really want a beat down!"
"You? Beat me down? Better ask your mother to do that for you! Come on! Think you can really beat me, punk? Then hold up a second." Melodie said as she summoned an I-pod and placed the minute earphones in her ears.
"What are you doing?"
"Hold up, I like this song, even when I'm beating up my sparring partners such as you!" she answered as an instrumental, confrontational rock song came on just loud enough for that area of the library to hear it. The next thing heard were some drums accompanying it like a heart beat. Melodie began rocking her head to the song.
"You'll regret that!" Remanance said as he ran for her. She stuck her hands in her pockets, along with her I-pod, leaped and kicked Remanance right in his chin and made him slide across the floor. Remanance quickly got up while Melodie now had her eyes closed, infatuated with the song she was listening to. He again charged at her, but with her hands still in her pocket, she began dancing and dodging all of his punches. He tried to do a long horizontal kick, but she bent her back just to where his leg missed, and ironically matching the music she was listening to. She fixed her back and began dodging his assaults again, this time by quickly hopping around to the music. Sadly her eyes were still closed, and even sadder that she adjusted her right foot behind Remanance's legs and tripped him in his hind legs. His body did one back flip at the same time she moved her leg in a position to where she could kick his face once she had the chance. His face got into smacking distance, and in a flash, she kicked his face and made him go crashing into the wall. Terra summoned a sword and ran at Melodie. As one could expect, Terra dove the sword towards Melodie's head, but Melodie placed her hand out and let the sword shatter as the handle touched her hand, with her hand not having a single scratch. Melodie finally opened her eyes.
"Sorry, you're not fun!" Melodie punched Terra in the gut and knocked Terra uncautious immediately. Reive crashed into a wall, and Stiex's staff quickly jolted right inside her stomach. Before Reive could get the staff out, it filled up with electricity and gave her a room's worth of jolts. She passed out with her body still in the wall, until Stiex summoned his staff back and it disappeared and reappeared to him, letting Reive fall to the ground. Remanance angrily got back up and ran at Stiex, but Melodie appeared right in front of his face. (That's speed by the way.)
"We have to finish our little dance by the way!" Melodie said as the song on her I-pod ended. Remanance punched her right in the face as she flew through two bookcases, but landed easily on her feet as if she was only pushed. Remanance came around and tried to repeat his action. Melodie grabbed his fist and smiled.

"Yep, still as dumb!" She said as she broke every connecting bone in his hand. She didn't stop their though, she grabbed his arm with her other hand, and with her hand occupied with his fist, she forced his whole arm up, breaking the bone in his arm also. Remanance somehow withdrew from screaming out in pain, but he fell to his knees as Melodie bent down with him and looked directly into his eyes.
"Welcome to the world of Trainers. A life changing experience for you, I'm sure!" Melodie said right before she punched his gut and knocked him clean from the word cautious.
"It's only too sad that the fun didn't even pick up yet!" Melodie said.


Reive woke up in a dark orange room with one light hanging overhead.
"Where'd I go?" Reive asked herself, examining the room and taking notice that she was in a small cell. "Precious." Reive sighed to herself. Chains, along with footsteps were heard coming from the other room. Opening the door, a man with black hair touching the middle of his back came walking in with chains hooking with his black pants. A black T-shirt and vest accompanied it.
"So boss did take some people in!" The man said as he looked at Reive.
"She promised us we'd have some fun, right?" The red headed man said from the streets of Aura. He had walked in a couple seconds after saying that. "Her name is Reive!" The red headed man said.
"How is it you know my name?" Reive asked, standing near the bars of her cell.
"That library you went crazy in, hold personal information like that. By the way, the name's Pyrols!"
"Get me out of this cell." Reive replied coldly.
"That's why we're here!" Pyrols cheesed. "You see we're all about the game, Vaileice and I! All I care about is having a little fun, and fighting a fighter like Terra seems great!"
"What does she have to do with me?"
"Nothing really." The man standing next to Pyrols said. "I'm the one that wants to fight you."
"Reive, this is Vaileice, take him down!" Pyrols teased as he went to walk out.
"Whose side are you on?" Vaileice shouted at him.
"The chicks of course!" Pyrols left the room, and at that moment, Reive kicked the bars and made the whole thing smack Vaileice and flew him through the wall.
"Get stronger bars." Reive suggested. Remanance's bars were not so flimsy as he kicked and punched his containers and they would not budge.
"Can you not tell, those bars were meant for you!" Melodie said, staring at him in front of his cell. "Very strong spiritual barriers."
"The second I get out of here, I'm taking you down!" Remanance shouted.
"For what? So you can find out who your mommy is?" Melodie teased.
"How did we lose our memory? I know you know something!"
"You want to know how? I'll tell you. I am one of the many that have a say of what goes on in this organization; Memories, war plans, and my favorite, soul destination!"
"Soul destination? What do you mean by that?"
"No one told you that minor detail? Yeah, we kind of take the souls of the departed and distribute them in other dimensions created by human hands."
"Who's in charge of this absurdity?" Remanance questioned.
"Not telling you! I mean why should I?" Melodie's voice popped out with an Italian accent in the last part of her sentence.
"Italian?" Remanance asked. "Have we met somewhere before?"
"Come catch me, rest assured I'll tell you everything if you can!" Melodie offered as the bars to the cell lifted. Melodie ran to her left and Remanance quickly followed. Into another room, filled with tables, Melodie hopped over three that were in her way.
"Screw the jumping!" Remanance said as he stuck his hand out in front of him and destroyed the tables blocking the path of the one he was pursuing. He ran inside a room that she had just run into, but hit a wall that was an arm's length away from the door.
"How'd she cut that corner?" The frustrated hero asked as he continued his chase. Into a bigger room, filled with chandeliers and tables, Melodie was found sitting in a cushion chair, oddly in a skinny green dress, finishing a drink. Remanance stopped.
"What are you doing?"
"Finally caught up?" She asked. She placed her cup down as her clothing flashed bright white and changed into her clothing from earlier. "Lets go!" She stood up from her seat and placed her hand on the heavy wooden table.
"No more games!" Remanance warned.
"Your threats are intoxicating." Melodie smiled. She quickly lifted that table with her hand and threw it right towards Remanance and he was barely able to block it with a nearby table he held out in front of him. As the debris cleared, he noticed that the only thing left of his table was the leg he was holding.
"Your not too weak, I'll give you that!" Remanance said as he dropped that chunk of wood and ran straight for her. Melodie grabbed a nearby chair and effortlessly threw it at Remanance. Remanance summoned a medium-sized red sword sliced the chair away. He went for a swift horizontal slice, but Melodie horizontally flipped the opposite way and kicked her foe right in the face and sent him flying all the way into the far off wall
"Still as reckless as always!" Melodie said pitifully. He quickly pushed himself out that wall and grabbed a table.
"Revenge time!" Remanance said as he tossed the sword even faster than Melodie did. As the table came right towards her however, he could've swore that Melodie appeared close to the side of his face right after her threw it, close enough to touch the hair on his face. In that moment, Melodie was back where he knew he saw her and she ran right towards the round table, ran on the flying piece of wood, made her way to the eating part of the table and clung to it, like a spider looking at her next meal, and looked at Remanance with victory written all over her face. She summoned two small swords and jumped right at him like a tornado. Remanance blocked the first sword with his own, and the second one with his right foot. Now Melodie was locked in the air.
"That's called freelancing." Melodie said almost appraisingly. "Only I do crazier things!" She dropped her two swords, grabbed his leg with her right hand and complete rotation with her body, smacking Remanance head with both her feet. He dropped his sword, due to an explainable felling of faintness, Melodie spun down towards the ground, throwing his sword in the air, placed her hands on the two sword handles she dropped earlier, sprung back to her feet and sliced away burning flames Remanance tried to hit her with. The swords she had vanished at the same time Remanance red sword were close enough in the air for Melodie to grab, stabbed Remanance right in his chest, and jammed him right in the wall.
"Stick there for awhile." Melodie said as she walked out of the room.
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