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Part 4: Hate

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And things get faster...crazier...

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I turned. "What's up, Danny?"
"Can I walk with you?"
"You know you can."
He shrugged and started walking. We were halfway to his house when I finally gathered enough courage to ask him. "Are you okay, Danny?"
He smiled. "Have you ever been so mad, so full of blind hate, that you know you won't sleep till you've hurt someone? To the point it's just a matter of who? Me? Her? Him? My loved ones?"
"What do you mean by 'hurt'? Should I be worried, Danny?"
He laughed out loud. "Don't worry. It's nothing you can fix."
We were at his house then. He smirked at me before opening the gate and walking down the path and through the front door.
"JUST TALK TO ME!" I yelled in frustration and anxiety.
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