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Tale of Vegeance

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Blank comes up with a play. -- "This seems to be reminiscent of ‘I Want to be Your Canary’."

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Act I - Limited Time

“My love, ‘tis I, Noah,” Blank said softly, walking on stage. Ruby did as well, from the other side, dressed in a beautiful short blue dress. “Noah, my darling! How I have awaited thee, moon raising and setting as days passed! Now, I am able to look upon thy sweet, loving face,” Ruby said dramatically. She intertwined her arms with his, and he gently stroked her face with his face. “Aye, ‘tis special. Long hath it been since I hast seen your beautiful eyes,” Blank said. “Mythril, Prithee, never leave my side again.”

“Ne’er would I do such a thing! Too long hast we been apart--ne’er again shall we part!”

“They words lay my mind and heart to rest…but we have little time left--come, let us hurry and leave this place, before my brother appears!”

Act II - My Love Gone

As Blank and Ruby slipped through the alleyways of the street set, holding each other’s hands, a movement above caught Blank’s attention, and he quickly pulled Ruby back as a shape, shadowed by the darkness, landed infront of them.

“Brother, I have found thee!”

“Fool! Marcus, thou dare to interfere with my affairs?”

“Wretch!” Marcus said, pointing towards Ruby. “Thee betray’d me, accused me of crimes that I did not commit! Crimes that thee, Noah, committed!”

Blank stood infront of Ruby best he could, but it wasn’t enough. With his sword pointed forward, Marcus charged, his blade slipping past Blank and straight near Ruby, where she grabbed it and fell to her knees, acting as if she had been stabbed. “M-my love, Noah. Prithee, forgive the fool that is I…Fair thee well…” She collapsed and Marcus picked up his sword as Blank dashed down an alley before being seen, gripping his fists in anger.

Act III - Living by the Sword

“Thou shalln’t escape thy death! By my hand, thou shall perish!” Blank yelled, spiky red hair flowing in the wind as he tell tight to his shortsword. “Thou hast taken my love, my land, and my country from me! Thou is deserving of Hell, and to be thrown into the River Styx!”

“Nay, brother, ‘tis thee that deserve death! Thou has committed horrible crimes!” Marcus yelled, arms twitching as he raised his sword.

“Aye, ‘tis may be true, but I have given up my old ways--now thou shall pay! Cometh, if thee dare!”

Swords clashed as the crowd watched with partial amusement, and partial sadness.

“Who created this play?” The Queen asked, glancing at General Beatrix, long black hair flowing as a breeze blew past.

“…I do believe Blank did.”

“Blank! Of all people!” Steiner said, walking over to stand by his Queen. “I must say, impressive,” he added.

“Quite so. He did an excellent job. This seems to be reminiscent of ‘I Want to be Your Canary’, yet quite original,” Beatrix mused.

“Two brothers, fighting over a lost life and love,” Garnet said, leaning forward. “The idea is simply amazing and wonderful. I’ve seen some fights over such things, but never this…dramatic.”

Marcus collapsed, falling backwards as his sword fell and skittered across the stage. “My brother, thou time has cometh to an end--what say thee, for thy final words?”

“My final words be this--Thy own blade shall pierce thy heart, and thou shall fall into the an endless night!”

“Nay, it shalln’t! Now, I shall silence thee!” Blank exclaimed. He drove his sword downwards, close enough to Marcus to make it appear that he had stabbed the larger of the two. He pulled up his blade, swinging it ‘round. “My love, thou hast been aveng’d! Now thee can rest at last, knowing that thy killer has been slain by my blade!”

The curtain slowly closed as Blank bowed.

Zidane strode through the doors just then, leaning against the side of Garnet’s chair after having pushed Steiner out of the way.

“How’s the play?” He asked.

“Quite good,” Garnet said. “The final act is will begin after this intermission.”

“Yeah. Blank said it was so that the others could get ready,” Zidane said, yawning.

“Are you uninterested in this play?” She asked, smiling.

“Eh, more fighting would be nice between the two ‘brothers’…”

“No sense of taste for good plays,” Steiner muttered.

Act IV - Life is Gone

“…Aye, ‘tis be him, that traitorous beast,” Cinna said. Beside him was clearly Zidane, black wig hiding his blonde hair. “Shall be dispose of him now?” Zidane asked.

“Nay, Nicholas,” Cinna said. “We shall wait, and when the moon has fully risen, we shall strike Noah down, for Marcus!”


“…’Tis near the mid of night,” Blank muttered, looking down. Behind him, Zidane and Cinna slowly moved through the shadows, stalking towards Blank.

“My love, Mythril! Though thou may be gone, I know that thou can still hear me! Forgive me for ever allowing thy death! I am deserving of not…”

“Thou life shall end!” Zidane hissed, jumping from the shadows and stabbing towards Blank with a sword. Spotting this, Blank spun around and parried the blow.

“Thou art a fool, Nicholas!” Blank shouted, and seemingly cut Zidane down, the latter of the two falling to the floor.

“Vengeance for Marcus and Nicholas shall be mine!” Cinna yelled out, charging forward. Blank parried every blow that Cinna tried to deliver. Blank and Cinna readied their swords and dash towards each other. Both swords hit each other, sliding against one another, before seeming to stab the two men. Blank and Cinna drop their swords, and the latter of the two fell beside Zidane.

It looked as if Blank pulled the sword from his body and dropped it, falling to his knees as he held his side.

“Mythril…It seems that I will be joining you…”

His eyes closed as he took on last breath.

The curtains closed, and everybody, including Garnet, stood up to applaud the wonderful performance. The curtains opened, and there was Blank, Marcus, Ruby, Cinna, and Zidane, standing there. They bowed, and the curtains closed yet again.

In a few minutes Zidane was out of costume and standing beside Garnet, watching as she stood up. “It was a hit,” Zidane said, mildly surprised. “Blank is impressive,” Beatrix said, walking away with Steiner.

“…I do believe a celebration is due for this.”

“If that’s what you want, ‘Your Highness’,” Zidane joked.
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