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Leafless summers.

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Gerard finally tells Frank.

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A/N: S'up guiz? Yup, new chapter, as ChemicalKilljoy (Jem) requested i write so urgently, thanks bbz, dont have to revise for Francais now :P You do though, sucks for you. So yeah, there's only two more chapters after this one?! or maybe one? i dunno, depends how lazy i am, the answer - very. teehee. Anyway, R&R and stuff y'know like in every story, BUT PLEASE RATE?! thanks you :3 Love you all.

-LatherTheBlood xo


Time lapse, 3 months


I was smiling again.

I’ve been smiling for the past three month’s non-stop.

Noting can bring me down.


Because exactly three months ago today, I met my best friends Gerard, Mikey, Jem, Bob and Ray. They make me so happy but I have a confession that none of them know. It’s not right, it’s sick. However, I can’t help it. I’ve tried to shake it out but it just crawls back in. It’s about as right as leafless summers, or sun at Christmas.

I Frank Iero am in love with Gerard Way, I have been since I first laid eyes on him. The way his pearly white smile can brighten up the darkest of rooms, or the way his eyes sparkle under the bright yellow sun.

Right now I’m in Biology, staring into his beautiful hazel orbs of amazingness.. amazingness is a word right?

“Hey, Frank, what’cha looking at?” he questioned, meeting my gaze.

“oh uhm.. there’s a cool car outside y’know..” I said, moving my gaze to the table on which a worksheet was placed.

“Sweet, where?” he asked, looking out the window.

At that moment, the bell rang, signalling the start of lunch. Thank you Jesus.

“Gee, it doesn’t matter come on. We have to meet the guys’” I replied, pulling at his arm and dragging him out of the room.

The corridor was long and badly decorated, seriously, orange and blue? Never the less, we continued down it, passing masses of people who were happily chatting away with their fellow peers.

“Don’t you wish you could be someone else sometimes?” Gerard asked, directing the question towards me as we passed a group of jocks.

“Sometimes, but then I remember that if I was popular or something, I wouldn’t be friends with you and that would crush me..aswell as not being friends with the others of course” I added at the end, to not sound suspicious, I swear I was going to blow this.

“Aw, Frankie, that’s sweet. Speaking of all of them, where are they?” Gerard asked, looking around the fields in which our school seemed to be built upon.

“Hmm, two guesses where Jem and Mikey are, getting it on behind the bike sheds most likely, Ray’s probably been held back. Again. And Bobert will be out by our usual spot, behind the garden area and next to the tree, but that’s only my guess” I replied, instantly walking towards the secluded tree. We turned the corner to find Bob, smoking a cigarette.

“Hey bud, thought you were quitting?” Gerard asked as I put my bag down and started to climb the tree, it was quite low down so I could manage it.

I reached the top branch. It was high, I could see right over the whole building. Hey look, there’s Jem and Mikey.

Behind the bike shed.


Frank was up in the tree, high up. He wouldn’t be able to hear me.

“Hey, Bob..” I whispered, checking to see if Frank heard.

“Yes?” he replied, keeping a hushed tone.

“You know Frank?” I extended, still whispering, I couldn’t risk him hearing what I was about to say.

“I do know him, quite well actually, why?” he replied, looking me in the eyes.

“I think I uh..i think he.. he’s cool huh?”

Gerard Way, world’s biggest coward.

Shut up, how about you try to confess your love about your bestfriend to another bestfriend.

Don’t tempt me, I can make you do it, Way.


“Yeah, he’s pretty cool” Bob smirked.

“Hey guys!” Frank shouted from atop the tree.

“What?” we both replied simultaneously.

“I found Mikey and Jem, wanna go ruin their fun?” He asked, leaping from one of the low branches, he was only like 5’2.

We all rushed over to the bike sheds, Bob and Frank infront and me tagging behind, looking at the floor.

“HEY GUYS!” Frank shouted, oh Frank.

“Yay.. our friends are here Mikey..” Jem replied, pulling away from Mikey’s embrace.

I kept my head down, still looking at the uneven surface of the floor.

An arm swung around my neck, Frank.

“What’s wrong buddy?” He asked, pulling my head up to face him.

“Nothing” I replied, shrugging his arm off and walking towards my class. I missed his arm already, it felt so perfect sitting on my neck, on my waist, anywhere really, as long as it was HIS arm. The bell rang through the busy hall, calling everybody to their class, unfortunately for me. I had French, the worst subject in the world. Bob was in my class, he’s gonna ask whats wrong.

I took my seat in the now full classroom, the one which I despised with every inch of my being. The smell of fresh, new textbooks mixed in with the horrible smell of used chewing gum was disgusting, the tables were covered in the stuff.

“What the hell is wrong with you?” Bob questioned as he walked into the room, taking the empty seat next to me.

“What? I haven’t done anything?” I replied, getting some of that chewing-gum textbook smell.

“You ran off in a mood? Don’t say you didn’t because you did” He stated, opening the
textbook angrily.

“Fuck off, I just didn’t want to be late, like we always are”

“Yeah, okay then”

“Don’t start Bob, you know I hate that”

“Okay then.”

“Bob fuck off.”

“Not until you tell me what’s wrong?” he asked again, I was going to have to tell him.

“You wanna know? Okay, I think I uh.. Frank, a lot, but I can’t tell him. Neither can you.” I stated, hiding my face in shame.

“Seriously? That’s it?” he replied.

“Yup, when I’m near him, it’s just so, awkward now. I mean, he doesn’t see it obviously, but when we talk, I always have to keep in mind that he would never me back because it’s wrong. Why am I telling all this to you?” I said, raising my voice at the end.

“I dunno dude, but uhm.. I’m happy for you,honest, I am. And I hope it all works out in the end because you guys are my bestfriends” Hell yeah, even Bobert can be sweet.

“Thanks man”I replied, staying quiet for the rest of the period.


A week has passed, Jem and Bob know about my liking for Frank

More like fuck-me-now-love for Frank.

Okay, that too.

Today was going to be the day. The day I finally confessed my adoration and love for Frank.

What? Are we in one of those cheesy disgusting romance films now?

Be quiet.

I made sure I left for school extra early today, to avoid seeing Frank for only two minutes. I need more than two minutes for the speech I’ve prepared.

Dear Frank, you’re probably reading this now because me being the courage less freak I am do not have the guts to say to you in person. So, uhm.. I guess I should start huh? Okay..
Frank; Frank with the pretty eyes, amazing smile and breath taking voice. The one with the calloused fingers of a guitar player, an excellent one at that. You always make me laugh with your immaturity and silliness. Your cute little pout sends electricity up my spine and the shimmer in your eyes brightens my day up. You have the most amazing sense of humour and I can tell you literally anything, even though I ramble on about pointless shit you still listen. I guess what I’m trying to say is that, Frank,I love you. I have for a while now, but like I said, I’m gutless. I know, it’s sick right? Falling in love with the one person who won’t love you back, so go ahead, punch me then move on, just don’t make it hurt too much, please. When I give you this note, I’ll run away, come catch me and keep me safe. From, Gee xo.

I sighed, this is stupid. Fuck, there he is, deep breaths Gerard, deep breaths.

“Hey Gee, what are you doing here so early?” he asked, holding his arm up for a high-five.

“Hey, just got up early I suppose” I slapped his hand, leaving the note behind as I pulled my hand away from his, what have I just done?

I turned around, running towards my own little safe haven, the place nobody knew about, except Frank.
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