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The Unthinkables.

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Deathida Quentin lives in the age of the Unthinkables, a group of masked criminals feared by all. But one day, she's summoned by her leader, Raspulata, and everything changes.

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I'm running. Running away, away from imprisonment and sadness.
I can feel my feet attack the ground with each step yet I take no notice of where I'm heading, winding almost gracefully through the trees. My heart rate increases with every pound of my worn feet against the ground, every sharp intake of the bitter night air.
I continue deeper into the forest, the trees completely sheltering me within their eerie darkness, hiding.
I stop abruptly and lean against a tree, throwing my head back, my blood red hair flowing outward slightly. The moon shines through a gap in the trees and illuminates the ground beside me, a shimmering, silver light.
I stay there for a little while, sinking to the base of the tree, thinking. My thoughts wander towards many things: consequences, home, family. I could die for this. If I'm caught, I will die for this. No, what they can do to me is worse than death. But they need me; they always have.
I could be at home with my family, living like everyone else. In fear. But no, I'm more than that, better than that. That's what they say.
My heart rate speeds up again. Muffled footsteps. I can hear muffled footsteps, lots of them, getting closer. The blood is pounding in my ears as I weightlessly rise from where I had sat.
"Romernia!" Shit. I need to get away but if I run, they'll hear me. My vision is blurring, my mind foggy, hearing muffled as my subconscious seems to take over, guiding my body through the forest.
I can still hear them chasing me and calling my name as I wind my way further into the forest. My arms and face are scratched by branches, my lungs aching, but I don't stop running. I can't ever stop.
It seems like an age has passed when I finally deem it safe enough to rest. I'm on the edge of a meadow. I lie down against the wall and stare into the changing night sky. It's tinted orange and pink around the edges, daylight slowly consuming it. 
I feel a heaviness inside me, as if it's running through my veins, so I let my eyelids close and sleep consume me.
I scream. I'm awoken by a strong arm wrapping round my waist and dragging me from the floor. I try to wrestle free from their grip but the arms contain me like metal chains. I try screaming but another's hand is over my mouth. More gather around and restrain me, before one of them pierces my skin with a needle and pushes it into my vein, releasing the liquid into my blood stream.
Then it all goes black.
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