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Happy Birthday, Ben

by NateTheGreat 4 reviews

Ben's birthday is in two days! Help me spam him with lots of messages.

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Some of you may know Ben_Is_Alive_Again, or MCRmy_Chick's replacement. His birthday is on the 30th, and he'd rather die than tell you, so I'm being awesome and rounding up some messages. He'll kill me for it later, but it's worth it. All you need to do is click on this link, leave a comment, and wait for the epic freak-out that is sure to follow.

And now a little fun-fact about Benjamin.

He's shy. Like, REALLY shy. He might not seem like it on this site, but in reality he absolutely refuses to speak to anyone he doesn't know. But don't worry; his attitude on this site is pretty accurate when it comes to people he DOES know.

And now the link:

Have fun. Be mushy.

Nate out.
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