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Candied Lips and Teasing Tips

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There's nothing more distracting than a candy cane in the hands of a tease. Warnings: Slash, teasing, misuse of candy canes?

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A/N: Honestly, I have no idea where this idea came from. It was 3:30 in the morning and I was getting ready for bed when I got this idea so I just started texting it to myself because my computer had long since been shut off and I didn't have a pen at hand.

This is actually my first time writing in this fandom, I'm a big fan of this pairing, this and Destiel (who am I kidding I ship like everything on this show), but this idea seemed more fitting of Calthazar.

He's doing it on purpose, Castiel is sure of it.

The way his tongue darts out from between pink lips and teasingly laps at the pinstriped candied concoction is completely unnecessary, and yet Castiel can't tear his eyes away from the sight.

It's sinful, the way he licks the candy in his hand. How he swirls his tongue along the stick as he draws the treat in his mouth letting out a soft moan of delight. The treat bobs between lips, slick with saliva as eyelids flutter shut another soft gasp escapes.

Castiel sits transfixed on the sight of the stripped treat disappearing between those saliva slicked lips. He's staring rather hard; completely absorbed that he doesn't register the whimper that passes through his lips until grey eyes are suddenly looking at him, twinkling mischievously.

Cheeks hollow as the candy is pulled in further before being drawn out slowly from that mouth with a resounding 'Pop'. That tongue swipes across now red stained lips, as a grin falls into place.

Waving the candy about offhandedly, there's a head tilt and a cheeky response of "see something you like?"

Castiel growls softly as he watches the treat move back to those lips; watches as they part in invitation for the candy, and something inside snaps.

He's across the room in mere seconds ripping that blasted treat away from that mouth and surging forward to cover said mouth with his own.

The taste of peppermint floods his senses and he feels light headed when that tongue he'd been focused on the last half hour thrusts into his mouth. This time he's aware of the moan that bursts past his lips, the one that is swallowed greedily by the mouth moving urgently against his.

"Stop teasing and put that thing away unless you intend to use it, Balthazar," Castiel growls when he pulls back panting.

A wicked grin pulls across the older angel's face, "oh but i do intend to Cassie."

Long fingers wrap around that ridiculous blue tie and Castiel allows himself to be pulled downward, hands bracing on the armrests as Balthazar seals their mouths together.

The candy cane lay forgotten to the side as Castiel ponders the more serious question of whether or not the chair will hold their combined weight as he moves to straddle Balthazar's lap.
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